PP reflector by chrome LED module MD-01LED-30

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25000 watt/month

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Product Description:

Body:Die-casting aluminum body.

Optical system:PP reflector by chrome.

Finishing:Surface anti-ageing painting processing, super resistance to corrosion.


Die-casting aluminum body.
PP reflector by chrome.
Surface anti-ageing painting processing, super resistance to corrosion.  Supporting applicable lamp assembly













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Q:Instructions for use of the LED module
In the process of using LED light emitting module, the problem of voltage drop must be paid attention to. Do not just do a loop, from the first series tail. This will not only lead to inconsistent brightness between the head and the tail due to different voltage, but also cause the problem that the single circuit current is too large and the circuit board will be burned out. The correct approach is to shunt as many loops as possible to ensure a reasonable distribution of voltage and current.
Q:3 lights, LED module, each 15 series, a total of 6 parallel groups, the need for how much power, please expert advice
Standard voltage 3 lamp module is 12V your power supply is 12V and the power is enough light can only be connected to a power and you see is not a bad connection or if it still doesn't work, tell me the lamp is a beginning not bright or not bright for a few days and if it is a few day not bright is not bright or do most to find the light indicator
Q:Looking for LED module manufacturers.
Shenzhen nite lattice luminous characters of high quality LED module http://www.jgled.com/
Q:What's the difference between the LED module and the LED dot matrix? Is it the same?
Application of LED module in general refers to the two categories of products: one is to use the unit plate lamp or surface mount package made of, commonly used in outdoor door Dan Hongping, outdoor full color, indoor full color; in addition, for night decoration light string is also known as the LED module.
Q:LED module 5054, a single chip is 0.5 watts, but some people say that he is 0.3 watts, false? How to distinguish the three wafer chip?
According to the above specifications of voltage and current value, with DC power test to know
Q:How many watts does the LED module have?
What's your lamp? How many more are they? What color is it?
Q:What brands are there in the domestic LED module?
LED module? I haven't heard such a question for the time being.Because the LED module has several components, the most important, of course, is the chip, then the lens, reflector, and so on.The landlord should ask for the brand of the chip.
Q:How can the LED module cascade be obtained?
The screen using the module number: total area / length / height = using module module module numberSuch as: 10 square PH16 outdoor monochrome LED display, the number of modules used is equal to:10 square meters, 0.256 meters, 0.128 meters =305.17678 = 305More accurate calculations: length, number of modules, height, number of modules used, or number of modules usedSuch as: 5 meters long, 2 meters high PH16 monochrome LED display, the number of modules used:Long use module number =5 metres 83019 0.256 meters =19.53125 = 20The use of high module number =2 metres 83019 0.128 meters =15.625 = 16The total number of modules used is =20 x 16 =320
Q:When stitching the LED screen with the LED module, must the stitching be done in the same size as the LED module?
Simply, if you 1 of the size of the 100*100 module and 2 50*50 modules are the same interface, respectively with a control card, without changing the setup program can normally lighted, PCB line is the same, then you can mosaic.
Q:How can the quality of the LED module be resolved? How can we choose the right manufacturer?
Do you mean the module of LED luminous characters?Ha ha, this is also simple, lit after:Look at the brightnessSee the light angle sizeLook, there is no color difference between the lights (this is very important)

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