LED Module Light Engine IC On Board For Highbay Light

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$24.00 - 26.50 / watt
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China main port
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TT or LC
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100 watt
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50000 watt/month

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Item specifice:

IP Rating: IP20 Color Temperature: Warm White Size: ∅195mm * 2mm
Viewing angle: 180 Emitting color: white lighting Working lifetime(Hour): 50000
Power(W): 150 Luminous Flux(lm): 17000 Chip brand: Epistar
Certification: RoHS,UL,LVD,FCC,Energy Star,EMC,CQC,CE,CCC Input voltage(V): 220 Working Temperature(℃): 85
CRI (Ra>): >80 Warranty: three years

Product Description:


AC LED technology, driverless, widely used for Highbay light, flood light, tunnel lights,downlights and retrofits to traditional lighting source .


  •  High quality Aluminmu PCB 2mm.

  •  Using IC on board AC LED technology, AC power input directly, no need AC to DC tranformer..

  •  Using high quality electrical parts and SMD LED, high efficiency, and cost saving.

  •  Glaring free design.

  •  3 years warranty, extendted warranty 5 years.

  • Lifetime is more than 50000 hours

  • Replace Hallogen and CFS light source directly, energy saving up to 60% to 70%.

Basic Parameters:

Desc.: IC on board LED light engine(LED Module light source, AC INPUT)

Power: LED 150W/80W

Output lumen: 15000lm - 16000lm/8000lm-9000lm

Color tempt(K): 4000K/5000K/6000K 

Color rendering (Ra): >80Ra 100lm/W, >70Ra 110lm/W

Color Torlerance adjustment: SDCM 7

Power Factor :>0.9

Application:  Highbay light, flood light, tunnel lights,downlights and retrofits to traditional lighting source.

Highbay application example:

Highbay light

Highbay light

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Q:When the LED module heats up, to what extent does it affect the LED lamp, especially the life impact?
LED life is the thermostat, the accurate measurement of junction temperature need some professional test equipment for high power LED, generally light reached 30% the light end of life, if you use LED to purchase authentic production factory, can you recommend a method of estimation, namely according to the technical parameters of the given factory reckoning.
Q:What brands are there in the domestic LED module?
The best product is lattice optics. Lattice photoelectric LED module
Q:How many watts does the LED module have?
It depends on how many lights you have and how many strings you have. These are calculated according to the current and voltage
Q:Classification of LED modules
According to the tightness, and can be divided into two kinds of waterproof and waterproof. Waterproof and waterproof module is mainly used to distinguish between the general environment, waterproof LED module can be used in outdoor lighting and promote the use of it, the problem does not occur because the water, more suitable for harsh environment applications, and waterproof module is mainly used more indoor. Of course, waterproof modules are more expensive than non waterproof ones.
Q:What are the LED modules?
According to the variety of colors can be divided into monochrome, color, full-color single point of control of three, is a single monochromatic color module, there are red, green, yellow, white and so on is more commonly used; colorful LED module is module products transform from seven different colors, the color more and more changes; compared with colorful full-color LED module is more abundant, it can realize the true color changes, not only beautiful, but also dynamic, and can also attract people's attention, according to industry sources, the LED module Shenzhen Yun'ao lighting manufacturers sell well.
Q:What is LED modular design?
The main features should be simple, easy to operate greatly improved, the heat effects are obvious, the most commonly used, such as street lights, lights, etc., cob multi chip combination should also count
Q:What's the difference between the LED module and the case?
Refers to the DIP packaged lights will light foot through the PCB board, through welding tin filled in the lamp hole, the process made by the module is inserted lamp touch group, the advantages are: high brightness, good heat dissipation, the disadvantage is that the pixel density is small.
Q:What is the LED patch module?
As the name suggests is a chip module with patch LED table lamp posted on PCB and welding wire composed of components. There are 5050352830205630 main models. The LED patch module is one of the LED modules.
Q:3 lights, LED module, each 15 series, a total of 6 parallel groups, the need for how much power, please expert advice
May be the poor quality of power supply, power supply should be broken, with the best balance or a floating Mingwei, also want to use these year chenglian don't use name, there is the 6 best is to do with the 2 lamp module
Q:What is the pre maintenance LED module?
There's no such thing. It might be a private name. It should be the maintenance of the LED module suite before it comes together. Or you can go to the professional LED website - Huaqiang LED network to see, there should be something you want.

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