LED Module Light Engine IC On Board For Highbay Light

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$24.00 - 26.50 / watt
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China main port
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TT or LC
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100 watt
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50000 watt/month

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Item specifice:

IP Rating: IP20 Color Temperature: Warm White Size: ∅195mm * 2mm
Viewing angle: 180 Emitting color: white lighting Working lifetime(Hour): 50000
Power(W): 150 Luminous Flux(lm): 17000 Chip brand: Epistar
Certification: RoHS,UL,LVD,FCC,Energy Star,EMC,CQC,CE,CCC Input voltage(V): 220 Working Temperature(℃): 85
CRI (Ra>): >80 Warranty: three years

Product Description:


AC LED technology, driverless, widely used for Highbay light, flood light, tunnel lights,downlights and retrofits to traditional lighting source .


  •  High quality Aluminmu PCB 2mm.

  •  Using IC on board AC LED technology, AC power input directly, no need AC to DC tranformer..

  •  Using high quality electrical parts and SMD LED, high efficiency, and cost saving.

  •  Glaring free design.

  •  3 years warranty, extendted warranty 5 years.

  • Lifetime is more than 50000 hours

  • Replace Hallogen and CFS light source directly, energy saving up to 60% to 70%.

Basic Parameters:

Desc.: IC on board LED light engine(LED Module light source, AC INPUT)

Power: LED 150W/80W

Output lumen: 15000lm - 16000lm/8000lm-9000lm

Color tempt(K): 4000K/5000K/6000K 

Color rendering (Ra): >80Ra 100lm/W, >70Ra 110lm/W

Color Torlerance adjustment: SDCM 7

Power Factor :>0.9

Application:  Highbay light, flood light, tunnel lights,downlights and retrofits to traditional lighting source.

Highbay application example:

Highbay light

Highbay light

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Q:What are the main parts of the LED module?
How can the LED module cascade be obtained?
Q:What brands are there in the domestic LED module?
The best product is lattice optics. Lattice photoelectric LED module
Q:When the LED module heats up, to what extent does it affect the LED lamp, especially the life impact?
Generally speaking, LED modules are low voltage products. Unless you have a very tight number of lights, you have what you call modular heating. Now the LED module is more successful, it is difficult to appear dead light phenomenon. You can't buy cheap goods Usually power problems. I suggest you use a good point of power, it will not appear any problems
Q:How can the LED module cascade be obtained?
Regardless of the use of LED to make monochrome, two-color or tricolor screen, to display the image, each pixel of LED that needs to be composed of pixels must be adjustable, and the fine degree of adjustment is the gray scale of the display screen. The higher the gray scale is, the more delicate the image is displayed, the more colorful the color is, and the more complicated the display control system is. General 256 gray level images, color transition has been very soft, and 16 gray color images, color transition boundaries are very obvious. Therefore, the color LED screen is currently required to be made from 256 to 4096 gray levels.
Q:What is the LED patch module?
Application range: 1 advertising signs, signs, lighting (SLIM) light box, solid light, plastic characters, lighting and other advertising; 2 KTV, hotel, shopping malls, entertainment city (the dark trough), indoor wall lighting, landscape layout, stage decoration, city lighting etc.. 3. family shoes cabinet, wardrobe, ceiling, dark box, exhibition hall, art hall, museum, office, reading room and other local decorative lighting; automobile lighting; aquarium equipment (fish tank light source), bathroom (bathtub light source) and other applications.
Q:How many specifications are there in the patch LED module?
SMD patches are generally divided into:3020/3528/5050/3014 et al - these are positive glowing;0603/0805/1016/1024, etc. - these are side glowing light sources.The power has 0.06W, 0.2W, 0.3W, 0.5W, 1W and so on.
Q:When stitching the LED screen with the LED module, must the stitching be done in the same size as the LED module?
Simply, if you 1 of the size of the 100*100 module and 2 50*50 modules are the same interface, respectively with a control card, without changing the setup program can normally lighted, PCB line is the same, then you can mosaic.
Q:Instructions for use of the LED module
In the process of using LED light emitting module, the problem of voltage drop must be paid attention to. Do not just do a loop, from the first series tail. This will not only lead to inconsistent brightness between the head and the tail due to different voltage, but also cause the problem that the single circuit current is too large and the circuit board will be burned out. The correct approach is to shunt as many loops as possible to ensure a reasonable distribution of voltage and current.
Q:What is the pre maintenance LED module?
That is, the LED display module before the maintenance, that is, from the front of the module can be maintained from the front of the module, usually made with a magnet, you can take the previous surface down
Q:Looking for LED module manufacturers.
There is a module that does not need to be driven. It can be outdoors. It seems that there is a NPU in the ancient town of Ruifeng

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