PLASTIC GRANULE CUTTER FPB-140 applicable to composite plastic brace cutting

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1.It is fit for granule cutting of PC, PA, ABS, PP, PE, PVC, POM etc.
2. Long service life, economical and practical

cutters series main datas
ModelBlade type (teeth)Motor power(kw)Unit Weight(kg)Max.output(kg/h)Cut-barroot numberOutside dimension(mm)
FPB-7B(7 edges)326014012-16920×780×1300
FPB-100φ100×100 14 edges1.51701104-8850×710×1250
FPB-140φ140×140 18 edges2.21901308-12900×790×1300
FPB-160φ160×160 22 edges327017012-16920×780×1300
FPB-180φ180×180 26 edges329021016-22950×800×1350
FPB-200φ160×200 22 edges328021016-24950×800×1350

Use: This machine is applicable to composite plastic brace cutting. It is fit for granule cutting of PC, PA, ABS, PP, PE, PVC, POM etc. Frequency conversion speed control device can be adopted according to the user’s requirements.
Features: Long service life, economical and practical, equable granule cutting, easy operation and stable performance.




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Q:What can cut such a nice window in a plastic case?
Plastic mold is a tool for the production of plastic products, but also give plastic products complete structure and precise size tools. Injection molding is a processing method used in mass production of some complex shapes.
Q:Where should I pay attention to the gap compensation of the plastic mould in the wire cutting?
Fast wire cutting smoothness than wire walking, if you want to grind even considered together, at least to 0.6mm, also did not consider the grinding error
Q:Laser cut 5 cm long, thickness is 3 cm thick PVC plastic to take how long?
2-3 seconds, depending on the size of your power and speed. What's your CO2 laser tube? It's usually 1500 hours, and it will decay as time goes by, and it's also related to routine maintenance
Q:How about cutting the plastic block?
Direct grinding, re engraved, the general teacher Fu will not make mistakes, not to mention, now are electronic engraved chapter
Q:Can WEDM cut plastic sheets?
Yes, advertising is using a sub force plate, glue board.
Q:Is there any limit to the ability of wire cutting to cut plastic plates and then to process metals?
As long as it is not processed with special requirements, such as no heat, Phil will test for you.
Q:In the field how to make 100 meters long, 6 meters wide plastic film into 100 meters long and 0.8 meters wide method? And appliances?
The purchase of a plastic film cutting knife.The cut around 74 points.
Q:How does cnccut change the order of cutting after nesting?
Three, floor heating construction sequence and main practice1, clean up the scene, confirmed that the laying of floor heating system within the area of all hidden works completed and acceptance; leveling the ground to do leveling layer. Total plane with cement mortar, rugged and gravel fragments are not allowed. "Leveling floor" practice see "construction ground engineering construction and acceptance regulations". If on the ground, should add moistureproof layer;2, in the heating room wall, column and floor (land) plate intersection position, laying edge angle insulation belt. The laying of benzene board, the thickness is generally 2.5 - 3 cm;3, the laying of aluminum foil paper reflective film;4, the laying of barbed wire, spacing control at 20 cm;5, according to the design requirements of laying ground heating coil, with card nails every 30 to 50cm in the wire network;6, fine stone concrete pouring (fine particle size less than 1.5cm), for the protection of the coil, so as to avoid injury. Fine stone concrete expansive agent should be added to prevent cracking. For hydrostatic test before backfilling, the test pressure is 1.5 times of system work pressure, and not less than 0.6MPa. After 10 minutes, the pressure drop is not more than 0.02MPa, which is qualified. When the test is completed, the concrete shall be filled with pressure and the pipeline shall be removed when filling. Manual compaction, no vibrators. Concrete can be released after pressure;7, cement mortar leveling;8. After the pipe laying is completed, the hydrostatic test is performed again.The test pressure is 1.5 times of the work pressure and not less than 0.6MPa. Pressure should be manually pump, slow step-up, 1 hour voltage regulator, pressure drop is not greater than 0.05MPa qualified;9. After the pipe network is cleaned, the coil pipe is connected with the water collector;10, the upper part of the concrete approach or paving brick or wood flooring floor, specific requirements.
Q:Stainless steel tube laser cutting machine?
The characteristics of victory intelligent 3D fiber laser cutting system:1. adopting imported fiber laser, the efficiency of electro optical conversion is high, the operation cost is saved, and the production efficiency is high;2., the intelligent laser cutting machine control system is adopted, which has the function of on-line quality inspection and adaptive compensation;3., equipped with imported joint arm manipulator, can achieve three-dimensional arbitrary angle cutting;4., imported laser cutting head, sensitive and accurate response, adaptive compensation distance, anti-collision;5., seventh axis table can meet the large size workpiece cutting;6., independently developed the stamping parts cutting line optimization system, which can automatically optimize the cutting line according to the deformation of the workpiece, and improve the stamping precision of the off-line programming cutting.1, photoelectric conversion efficiency of 30%, CO2 is 2 times2, less power consumption, is CO2 20%~30%CO23 、 no laser working gas can save a great deal of laser maintenance cost4, fiber transmission, without reflecting the lens, no need to adjust the light path
Q:How about longitudinal cutting of big diameter plastic pipe?
Can also stand upright. Fix the sides with articles. Put the tool in the middle of the fixed object

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