PLASTIC GRANULE CUTTER FPB-250 applicable to composite plastic brace cutting

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$3,000.00 - 3,500.00 / set
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1 set
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500 set/month

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Product Description:


1.It is fit for granule cutting of PC, PA, ABS, PP, PE, PVC, POM etc.
2. Long service life, economical and practical

cutters series main datas
ModelBlade type (teeth)Motor power(kw)Unit Weight(kg)Max.output(kg/h)Cut-barroot numberOutside dimension(mm)
FPB-7B(7 edges)326014012-16920×780×1300
FPB-100φ100×100 14 edges1.51701104-8850×710×1250
FPB-140φ140×140 18 edges2.21901308-12900×790×1300
FPB-160φ160×160 22 edges327017012-16920×780×1300
FPB-180φ180×180 26 edges329021016-22950×800×1350
FPB-200φ160×200 22 edges328021016-24950×800×1350

Use: This machine is applicable to composite plastic brace cutting. It is fit for granule cutting of PC, PA, ABS, PP, PE, PVC, POM etc. Frequency conversion speed control device can be adopted according to the user’s requirements.
Features: Long service life, economical and practical, equable granule cutting, easy operation and stable performance.



 PLASTIC GRANULE CUTTER FPB-250 applicable to composite plastic brace cutting


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Q:How do you cut the plastic and use what tool to cut the shape you want?
If the temperature is not enough, continue to add batteries.This man's method is feasible, but not very reliable. It is better to use fine wire than steel wire, because wire resistance is big, easy to heat, and higher than steel wire resistance, and hardness and tensile strength are also relatively large;In addition, the battery power supply, the cost is very high and not good control, with an adjustable transformer power supply, the effect is better.We use the unit cutting foam resistance wire, and an adjustable transformer, with a kind of tools like bow tension, voltage regulating transformer of resistance heating wire, can be cut to any shape of plastic.
Q:What tools are used for cutting plastics?
The laser cutting machine is the best and the most widely used non metal cutting machine.
Q:How do you want to cut the plastic plate quickly?
Cut with high power laser, the edge is neat,
Q:What tools can be used to circle a plastic?
Make a round trimming model. Just leave the plastic on. I hope I can help you.
Q:What cutting machine can be used for cutting plastics? There is no burr after cutting.?? Urgent urgent. It's hollow, with only 1 thicknesses
It is called a pipe cutter. The tool has no burrs and the incision is smooth and round
Q:Why is there a lot of fuzz foam cutting
Foam is polystyrene, you can be understood as plastic, cutting is used in cutting machines, there is high temperature, plastic encountered high temperatures, will be drawn
Q:How do you cut a single axle plastic film into two sections?
I think the use of perm method is welded on the cutting at the same time, the plastic film and welded into the pockets of monolithic.A guillotine?
Q:Stainless steel tube laser cutting machine?
Go to Wuxi Xiang Xiang laser bar, buy it over there. It's very nice
Q:About plastic cutting problems
Thick wall products, hydraulic, mechanical, cutting, thin wall products, with a hot knife try
Q:What's the best way to cut hard plastic 10
1. small saw (but it's a bit rough, it's time to grind)2. knife (with a little effort on the OK)

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