PLASTIC GRANULE CUTTER FPB-250 applicable to composite plastic brace cutting

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$3,000.00 - 3,500.00 / set
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500 set/month

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1.It is fit for granule cutting of PC, PA, ABS, PP, PE, PVC, POM etc.
2. Long service life, economical and practical

cutters series main datas
ModelBlade type (teeth)Motor power(kw)Unit Weight(kg)Max.output(kg/h)Cut-barroot numberOutside dimension(mm)
FPB-7B(7 edges)326014012-16920×780×1300
FPB-100φ100×100 14 edges1.51701104-8850×710×1250
FPB-140φ140×140 18 edges2.21901308-12900×790×1300
FPB-160φ160×160 22 edges327017012-16920×780×1300
FPB-180φ180×180 26 edges329021016-22950×800×1350
FPB-200φ160×200 22 edges328021016-24950×800×1350

Use: This machine is applicable to composite plastic brace cutting. It is fit for granule cutting of PC, PA, ABS, PP, PE, PVC, POM etc. Frequency conversion speed control device can be adopted according to the user’s requirements.
Features: Long service life, economical and practical, equable granule cutting, easy operation and stable performance.



 PLASTIC GRANULE CUTTER FPB-250 applicable to composite plastic brace cutting


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Q:How do you cut the plastic and use what tool to cut the shape you want?
The electric heating cut uses the root to be thicker, the spot is fine, the copper wire looks for a root, the soft wooden rod makes the arch copper wire string, looks for two dry batteries to connect the copper wire, two copper wires to scald, the temperature continues enough to add the battery
Q:How do you want to cut the plastic plate quickly?
Cut with high power laser, the edge is neat,
Q:Can plastic products be cut by laser?
if more than 50%, that can be quite dangerous, it is easy to cause cancer! Time is usually around 3 years!
Q:Are there any cutting machines that can cut SBS waterproof rolls or plastic coils?
It's called a slitter. Special cut plastic film, paper, aluminum foil and other coil. The width of the product is adjusted freely after cutting, and the structure of the machine is very simple!
Q:Which department does the plastic product cutting tool and tool fail?
Electric knife is the use of electric heating to realize hand tools, cutting into a simple knife is in inside the electric wire, electricity heating, advantages of this electric knife is cheap, low cost, simple structure.
Q:How many watts do you need to use laser cutting foam?
After the experiment, the 50mW laser can easily leave a deep notch in the black foam in the 1.8 meters, if not black, black can also be manually.That is to say, to leave a mark on the foam, 50mW is more than enough. But cut it...... Suggest Louzhu choose more than 100mW.Namely: >0.1W(in fact, 50mW's engraving can be worn at once.)Don't forget to bring a dark foam when you buy it so that the merchant can try it on the spot.
Q:1 cm thick plastic plate, what is the rapid cutting method?
For such thickness products, the tools for cutting such plates are mostly mechanical engraving machines and laser cutting machines.
Q:The opposite sex plastic tube saw blade cutting machine has burr,
To be efficient, without burr, high-speed hacksaw blade try. Buy pipe cutting machine. Non toothed saw blade for saw blade
Q:What's the best way to cut hard plastic 10
Cutting is usually done using a cutting machine.Classification of cutting machinesCutting machine is divided from cutting material, divided into metal material cutting machine and non-metallic material cutting machine.Metal cutting machine for flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, cutting machine etc.;The non-metallic material cutting machine is mainly cutter cutting machine.Non-metallic material cutting machineIn general, non metal industry is meticulous, like a stone cutting stone cutting machine, water cutting machine, saw cutting machine; cutting cloth, chemical fiber and plastic products for laser cutting machines, blade type cutting machine.Household cutting machineThe majority of electric cutters used in the general family are called multi-functional hand cutters. For the cutting of different materials, only the corresponding blades of different materials can be used. For brands, the doctor's brand is very useful, of course, the price is slightly expensive.Be carefulPay attention to safety. Read the instructions carefully.
Q:Ladies and gentlemen, what tools are used for cutting plastic shells, such as round shaped ones?
The copper wire will burn. If the temperature is not enough, continue to add batteries.

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