Film Automatic Crushing&Loading Force Feeder Pelletizing Line LDA-SJP-90

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$17,500.00 - 35,000.00 / set
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TT or LC
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1 set
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500 set/month

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Product Description:

Features of Film Automatic Crushing&Loading Force Feeder Pelletizing Line LDA-SJP-90


Automatically crushing and baiting through the power of blower. It enables crushing, baiting and extruding all in one(Hydraulic screen changer and PLC control system are optional). Time and power saving, highly automatic and improve the work efficiency greatly. 

Different screw design can produce different plastics.
If matched with different die heads and auxiliary machines,it also can make plastic production.

Features: stable quality, high efficiency, high output, wide applicable range, long serving life.

Use:of Film Automatic Crushing&Loading Force Feeder Pelletizing Line LDA-SJP-90


This machine is suitable for recycling PE, PP, PA membranes and loose materials.motor:30kw output:100kg/h

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Packed in wooden case,side screw force feeder pelletizing line
Delivery Detail:Delivery Within 30-45 Working Days,side screw force feeder pelle

 Film Automatic Crushing&Loading Force Feeder Pelletizing Line LDA-SJP-90

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Thick wall products, hydraulic, mechanical, cutting, thin wall products, with a hot knife try
Q:What's the tool for cutting a plastic sheet with an electric wire?
This thing called electric bow, also called electric wire saw.General electric hardware stores sell, but small batch processing do it yourself
Q:The rigid plastic can not be cut with an engraving machine,
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But I don't know what that is. If it's just a rectangular geometric shape, you can use the hook knife directly.
Q:5mm thick ABS plastic board, with what knife can cut? Five
1, P oil painting line slot, then on the saw2, with a hook knife, no hook knife, knife general can, with proper length of the ruler, or other things can be crossed to assist in ABS, crossed plate surface intensity should be appropriate, otherwise easily offset plate blade, knife 3 mm below the plate can be. More than 3 mm, repeat row two knife, plate 3 mm below, along the line drawing direction gently ninety percent off neatly divided into two parts, plate 3 mm above the line along the direction of put out a little bit on the edge of a table, the edge of a hand on a sheet, another hand to there is a pressure plate to the other side of the line, it can be divided into two parts.
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Q:What are the disadvantages of the diamond blade for cutting plastic products?
It should be considered if the blade, blade toughness, high speed steel blades should be more ideal, but the poor wear resistance of many!

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