EPS Foam Recycling And Pelletizing Line LDG-SJP-160-90

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$11,416.00 - 35,000.00 / set
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TT or LC
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1 set
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50 set/month

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Product Description:

Use of  EPS Foam Recycling And Pelletizing Line  LDG-SJP-160-90



This machine is used for EPS ,XPS recycling and pelletizing, especially for sorting materials and transform rubbish into treasure. It is an ideal choice for environmental protection of the supermarket and the utility areas.

Features of  EPS Foam Recycling And Pelletizing Line  LDG-SJP-160-90


The machine adopt the fast compact , fast melting , extruding with filter , whole line design to recycling  the material into the granules.The hole diameter of stamped sieve plate can be custom-made according the user's requirements.motor:15kw output:60-90kg/h


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Packed in wooden case,side screw force feeder pelletizing line
Delivery Detail:Delivery Within 30-45 Working Days,side screw force feeder pelle

 EPS Foam Recycling And Pelletizing Line  LDG-SJP-160-90

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And if convenience for you,welcome to visit our factory to know more about our machine. 

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Q:How to cut plastic foam 5
you can find a more suitable resistance wire, with 3-24V/2A adjustable power supply, the foam block to be cut in the limited barrier plate positioning, you can cut according to the required size. Or you can use heating wire and waste electric stove wire.
Q:How do you cut the plastic plate neatly?
3 mm thick plexiglass plate, the need to neatly cut into blocks, with the saw too cumbersome, and can not cut with the blade, very distressed. Masters, help. But organic glass is different from ordinary glass. It has a certain toughness. There's nothing I can do about the glass cutter.
Q:How do I cut square holes on such a plastic board (acrylic plate)? Asking for cutting out the square.
The process hole can be opened and made with a milling machine
Q:Why is there a lot of fuzz foam cutting
Foam is polystyrene, you can be understood as plastic, cutting is used in cutting machines, there is high temperature, plastic encountered high temperatures, will be drawn
Q:How do you cut plastic thin tube 30
The kind of thing you say is called planetary cutting machine. It's more expensive. If you cut the amount is not a lot of words, you can hand cut, fine tube can be used in a blade pipe outer ring, then ninety percent off is broken. Coarse points can be cut with a cutting machine.
Q:What's the tool for cutting a plastic sheet with an electric wire?
This thing called electric bow, also called electric wire saw.General electric hardware stores sell, but small batch processing do it yourself
Q:What knife does hard plastic use?
I think we can saw themselves with simple hand sawAnd what else do you do with electric wire heating?
Q:Homemade simple plastic bag cutter
AC transformers should be selected according to the power of the heating wire you use.
Q:Can fiber lasers cut plastic membranes?
It's for spreading information. If you want to cut things, use a high power laser
Q:Can grooving machines cut steel plates, bullet proof clothing, or cut the same plastic as steel?
Water is actually let the water under high pressure to do cutting work. Foreign countries called it "high pressure water cutting tool", which first appeared in canada. I recently saw in cutting workshop, by special 3D numerical control machine, pump booster high pressure generation system, computer aided design system composed of high pressure water cutting machine can cut out the pattern of the narrowing of the motorcycle appearance model in a steel plate in a few minutes.

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