EPS Foam Recycling And Pelletizing Line LDG-SJP-160-90

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$11,416.00 - 35,000.00 / set
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TT or LC
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1 set
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50 set/month

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Product Description:

Use of  EPS Foam Recycling And Pelletizing Line  LDG-SJP-160-90



This machine is used for EPS ,XPS recycling and pelletizing, especially for sorting materials and transform rubbish into treasure. It is an ideal choice for environmental protection of the supermarket and the utility areas.

Features of  EPS Foam Recycling And Pelletizing Line  LDG-SJP-160-90


The machine adopt the fast compact , fast melting , extruding with filter , whole line design to recycling  the material into the granules.The hole diameter of stamped sieve plate can be custom-made according the user's requirements.motor:15kw output:60-90kg/h


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Packed in wooden case,side screw force feeder pelletizing line
Delivery Detail:Delivery Within 30-45 Working Days,side screw force feeder pelle

 EPS Foam Recycling And Pelletizing Line  LDG-SJP-160-90

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Q:How do you cut the plastic board and cut the 4 mm plastic hard board?
Transparent plastic sheet:The appearance is similar to that of organic glass. It has certain hardness and good light transmission, but has no attenuation to satellite signals, even though it is very thick. Instead of window glass, it is used to receive satellite signals indoors.Plastic board: plastic board is made of plastic, and plastic is synthetic macromolecule compound. It can change the shape of the body freely.
Q:Is there any automatic cutting machine in the plastic barrel?
Plastic laser cutting machine can be used. "Plastic laser cutting machine" is mainly used for cutting engineering plastics, foam plastics, general plastic and other polymer materials.
Q:Plastic tooth die insert, why should be worn after cutting the outer circle?
The reason for grinding the outer circle is to release the mould well in the injection process. The surface finish of the wire cutting is not high enough. If it is not polished, it will affect the demoulding.
Q:How to cut foam board?
As for the sponge, a little pressure on the deformation, and knives, cutting processing will inevitably put pressure on the material, deformation of the material, how much to cut, it is difficult to grasp.So use cutlery processing sponge to get good work is more difficult. But foam and sponge have a common characteristic, that is, the heat is easy to melt, and the heat is the bad conductor. If you use a hot wire to cut, can be an easy job to do to implement, just like a knife like tofu, if the speed master well will not affect other parts of the shape, therefore, with hot cutting processing method of foam and sponge is a kind of ideal method.
Q:The cutting machine is free of arcing and the stainless steel sheet has a plastic film
Should take off the plastic film, plasma is to use the current to cut, if the insulation, the current can not pass, can not work. You can test, with ordinary iron test, if the ordinary iron plate can be cut, that is plastic film needs to be taken down, if ordinary iron plate can not cut, indicating that the plasma has a problem
Q:What kind of tool is used to cut PPC plastic sheet?
Excuse me, do you have PPC film? Or is the manufacturer's contact information? As to what cutting, this little brother does not know. This I have not used
Q:The application of color masterbatch in PPR plastic water pipe will cause severe end face whitening and solution.
Plastic will generally have stress whitening phenomenon, according to the theory of crazing, pipe cutting face by shearing tool, there are many small crazes in the crystalline region of the cross section area, the macro performance is the phenomenon of white is white, if the pipe is less clear.
Q:Could you tell me what this tool is? Cut the plastic sheet.
But I don't know what that is. If it's just a rectangular geometric shape, you can use the hook knife directly.
Q:Plastic (PPS material) cutting, what method is better?
Water jet cutting, because mechanical cutting should take into account the chip, hot cutting and softening
Q:How about that kind of plastic bucket of barreled water?
The choice of this material to make bucket, because toughness is good, not afraid of throwing.Grinding machine can be used to cut. The bottom punch can be burned red with iron bars.

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