Optisolar Offline Bent Temperable Solar Control Low-E Glass and Double Silver Low-E Glass

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Abundant color choices, so as to provide diversified aesthetic appearance options for architecture.Excellent shading coefficient, hence more effectively decrease solar radiant heat in summer.Lowered U value, for further reducing heat dissipation in winter.Moderate visible light transmittance to satisfy architectural design requirements.

Applied : tropical & sub-tropical areas, public, commercial and residential buildings, public and commercial buildings


Optisolar S Series(Offline bent temperalbe solar control Low-E glass)

                              Product Configuration         Colour        Tvis%Visible Light
U-valueW/m2.K         SC         SHGC          LSG
Rvis%Solar EnergyAirArgon

Optisolar S Series(Offline bent temperable double silver Low-E glass)
6Optisolar S70+12A+6CBluish Grey62171238201.781.761.531.530.500.431.44
6Optisolar S70+16A+6CBluish Grey62171238201.801.571.581.360.500.431.44
6Optisolar S70 Ⅱ+12A+6C  Light    Bluish Grey
6Optisolar S70 Ⅱ+16A+6CLight Bluish Grey64131241181.871.621.641.390.540.471.36
6Optisolar S60+12A+6CGrey55181134211.781.781.531.520.450.391.41
6Optisolar S60+16A+6CGrey55181134211.801.571.581.350.450.391.41
6Optisolar S60 Ⅱ+12A+6CGrey55191134221.801.791.541.510.450.391.41
6Optisolar S60 Ⅱ+16A+6CGrey55191134221.841.561.591.320.450.391.41
6Optisolar S50+12A+6CLight Grey45221128231.771.751.511.510.380.331.36
6Optisolar S50+16A+6CLight Grey45221128231.791.551.561.330.380.331.36
6Optisolar S50 Ⅱ+12A+6CLight grey45281527291.771.761.511.470.380.331.36
6Optisolar S50 Ⅱ+16A+6CLight Grey45281527291.811.521.571.280.380.331.36
6Optisolar S40+12A+6CSilver Grey38351323331.731.701.471.440.320.281.36
6Optisolar S40+16A+6CSilver Grey38351323331.741.481.521.260.320.281.36

Optisolar D Series(Offline bent temperable double silver Low-E glass)

                              Product Configuration         Colour        Tvis%Visable lightSolar EnergyU-valueW/m2.K          SC          SHGC         LSG

Optisolar D series (Offline bent temperable double silver Low-E glass)
6Optisolar D80+12A+6CNeutral70131335311.691.651.421.340.430.371.89
6Optisolar D80+16A+6CNeutral70131335311.731.401.481.140.430.371.89
6Optisolar D70+12A+6CPowder Blue62151730261.691.651.421.340.400.351.77
6Optisolar D70+16A+6CPowder Blue62151730261.731.401.481.140.400.351.77
6Optisolar D60+12A+6CBluish Grey53131224301.681.641.411.320.330.291.83
6Optisolar D60+16A+6CBluish Grey53131224301.721.381.461.110.330.291.83
6Optisolar D50+12A+6CBluish Grey44111420271.701.661.431.350.280.241.83
6Optisolar D50+16A+6CBluish Grey44111420271.741.411.481.

Note:1.The performance data are calculated by LBNL WINDOW 6.3 according to ASHARE NFRC-2010 standard condition.

    2.The performance data are only for reference. Jinjing will hold the right of final interpretation.


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A world class manufacturer & supplier of Optilite Offline High Performance Bent Temperable Low-E glassis one of the large-scale professional investment mineral production bases in China. Annually more than 300000 m2.  Optilite Offline High Performance Bent Temperable Low-E glass are exported to markets in Asian, American, Middle East, African. OEM service available according to customer’s requirements.


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We have established the international advanced quality management systemevery link from raw material to final product we have strict quality testWe resolutely put an end to unqualified products flowing into the market. At the same time, we will provide necessary follow-up service assurance.


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In the purchase of product within two month days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible.

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Q:The world invented several kinds of glass
Laminated glass is usually made of two ordinary flat glass (also can be tempered glass or other special glass) and glass between the organic adhesive layer composition.When the damage, the debris is still attached to the adhesive layer, to avoid the debris Splash on the human body. Used for safety requirements of the renovation project.  Bulletproof glass. In fact, is a kind of laminated glass, but the composition of the glass used more high-strength tempered glass, and the number of sandwich is relatively more. Used in the bank or luxury and other security requirements of the very high decoration works in.  Roving glass. Made of flat glass heating softening in the mold forming, and then by the annealing of the curved glass. In some high-level decoration in the frequency of getting higher and higher, need to be scheduled, no cash. Glass tiles. The production process of glass tiles is basically the same as flat glass, the difference is the molding method. The middle of the dry air. Used for decorative items or insulation requirements of the light through the shape. Cellophane. Also known as glass film, with a variety of colors and colors. According to the performance of different paper, with different performance. Most of the insulation, anti-infrared, anti-ultraviolet, explosion and so on.
Q:Building decoration commonly used varieties of light and heat glass
Glass products are decorative mirror, glass brocade, glass tiles, glass hollow brick and so on.
Q:Standard Specification for Building Timber Glass 3C Marking
3C certification mark, is the safety glass certification mark. Only the safety glass can use this mark, usually this mark is marked in the lower right corner of the glass.
Q:Building glass curtain wall in the construction of what important provisions
Q:LOW-E Insulating Glass Price (6 + 6A + 6)?
Upstairs price a bit scary of the CSG hollow is indeed their own production of Yao leather are foreign companies of the process is the same, but their institutions are huge management costs so expensive.
Q:I want to build my own headlights, what glass/plastic do i need for the cover?
Since you're building your own, I'm assuming you don't have access to a glass manufacturing furnace, so I would suggest 22 gauge or thinner plexiglass, preferably high strength or high temperature. however plexiglass is easily scratched, and the best would be to just buy the headlights with glass. Unless you have a glass furnace there isn't really any glass out there that can be shaped, and glass only come flat.
Q:The basic characteristics of self cleaning glass
The main component is titanium dioxide (TiO2). After plating / coating a layer of titanium dioxide on the glass, titanium dioxide has a super-hydrophilicity due to the ability to produce good photocatalytic properties under the influence of (ultraviolet) light energy. With this super-hydrophilic nature (as opposed to the hydrophobic nature of the gold seal coating), it allows small droplets to converge into large water droplets and fall off under the action of gravity, making stains stained on them easy Washed away by water, so that the glass has a clean and easy to use, so particularly suitable for outdoor architectural glass. The advantage is that the price is cheap, the disadvantage is that there must be ultraviolet radiation, and the same poor adhesion.
Q:Glass quality standards
Glass sub-kiln and small kiln of the sub-kiln is the float glass. Float glass thickness uniformity, transparency is good, through the glass to see things will not be deformed, high quality. Small kiln glass: thin uneven, through the glass to see things deformation, the quality of the times. Glass thickness: from 2 mm to 2 to 20 mm.
Q:How will the glass color fade
If it fades, the color of the surface coating is generally faded, possibly due to aging or oxidation of the coating.
Q:New glass features
plate glass Flat glass is not processed by other flat glass products, also known as white glass or clean glass. According to the production method is different, can be divided into ordinary flat glass and float glass. Flat glass is the largest in the building glass, the most used one, mainly for doors and windows, from lighting, enclosure, insulation, sound insulation and other effects, but also further processed into other technical glass of the original film. Flat glass according to its use can be divided into window glass and decorative glass. According to the national standard "ordinary flat glass" and "float glass" provisions, the glass according to its thickness can be divided into the following specifications: In accordance with national standards, flat glass according to its appearance quality classification grading, ordinary flat glass is divided into superior products, first-class goods and second-class three grades. Float glass is divided into three grades: superior grade, first grade and qualified product. Flat glass use has two aspects: 3 ~ 5mm flat glass is generally used for doors and windows of the lighting, 8 ~ 12mm flat glass can be used to cut off. Another important use is as the original film of tempered, interlayer, coated, hollow and other glass.

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