Optisolar Offline Bent Temperable Solar Control Low-E Glass and Double Silver Low-E Glass

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Abundant color choices, so as to provide diversified aesthetic appearance options for architecture.Excellent shading coefficient, hence more effectively decrease solar radiant heat in summer.Lowered U value, for further reducing heat dissipation in winter.Moderate visible light transmittance to satisfy architectural design requirements.

Applied : tropical & sub-tropical areas, public, commercial and residential buildings, public and commercial buildings


Optisolar S Series(Offline bent temperalbe solar control Low-E glass)

                              Product Configuration         Colour        Tvis%Visible Light
U-valueW/m2.K         SC         SHGC          LSG
Rvis%Solar EnergyAirArgon

Optisolar S Series(Offline bent temperable double silver Low-E glass)
6Optisolar S70+12A+6CBluish Grey62171238201.781.761.531.530.500.431.44
6Optisolar S70+16A+6CBluish Grey62171238201.801.571.581.360.500.431.44
6Optisolar S70 Ⅱ+12A+6C  Light    Bluish Grey
6Optisolar S70 Ⅱ+16A+6CLight Bluish Grey64131241181.871.621.641.390.540.471.36
6Optisolar S60+12A+6CGrey55181134211.781.781.531.520.450.391.41
6Optisolar S60+16A+6CGrey55181134211.801.571.581.350.450.391.41
6Optisolar S60 Ⅱ+12A+6CGrey55191134221.801.791.541.510.450.391.41
6Optisolar S60 Ⅱ+16A+6CGrey55191134221.841.561.591.320.450.391.41
6Optisolar S50+12A+6CLight Grey45221128231.771.751.511.510.380.331.36
6Optisolar S50+16A+6CLight Grey45221128231.791.551.561.330.380.331.36
6Optisolar S50 Ⅱ+12A+6CLight grey45281527291.771.761.511.470.380.331.36
6Optisolar S50 Ⅱ+16A+6CLight Grey45281527291.811.521.571.280.380.331.36
6Optisolar S40+12A+6CSilver Grey38351323331.731.701.471.440.320.281.36
6Optisolar S40+16A+6CSilver Grey38351323331.741.481.521.260.320.281.36

Optisolar D Series(Offline bent temperable double silver Low-E glass)

                              Product Configuration         Colour        Tvis%Visable lightSolar EnergyU-valueW/m2.K          SC          SHGC         LSG

Optisolar D series (Offline bent temperable double silver Low-E glass)
6Optisolar D80+12A+6CNeutral70131335311.691.651.421.340.430.371.89
6Optisolar D80+16A+6CNeutral70131335311.731.401.481.140.430.371.89
6Optisolar D70+12A+6CPowder Blue62151730261.691.651.421.340.400.351.77
6Optisolar D70+16A+6CPowder Blue62151730261.731.401.481.140.400.351.77
6Optisolar D60+12A+6CBluish Grey53131224301.681.641.411.320.330.291.83
6Optisolar D60+16A+6CBluish Grey53131224301.721.381.461.110.330.291.83
6Optisolar D50+12A+6CBluish Grey44111420271.701.661.431.350.280.241.83
6Optisolar D50+16A+6CBluish Grey44111420271.741.411.481.

Note:1.The performance data are calculated by LBNL WINDOW 6.3 according to ASHARE NFRC-2010 standard condition.

    2.The performance data are only for reference. Jinjing will hold the right of final interpretation.


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A world class manufacturer & supplier of Optilite Offline High Performance Bent Temperable Low-E glassis one of the large-scale professional investment mineral production bases in China. Annually more than 300000 m2.  Optilite Offline High Performance Bent Temperable Low-E glass are exported to markets in Asian, American, Middle East, African. OEM service available according to customer’s requirements.


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We have established the international advanced quality management systemevery link from raw material to final product we have strict quality testWe resolutely put an end to unqualified products flowing into the market. At the same time, we will provide necessary follow-up service assurance.


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In the purchase of product within two month days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible.

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Q:China's well-known foreign glass factory which several
Glass is a big industry, there are many subdivisions, such as flat glass, architectural glass, medical glass, ultra-white glass, etc., China Southern Glass Group Co., Ltd The Group is headquartered in Shekou, OKorder, with subsidiaries in Australia, the Middle East and Hong Kong. The Group's top ten production and raw materials bases are located in OKorder, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Tianjin, Langfang, Wujiang, Yichang, Hainan Wenchang, Sichuan Jiangyou and other places
Q:Is there a special glass paint?
There is a special glass paint, it has a significant sense of transparency and brightness. Glass paint, also known as window stickers, crystal paint, is a transparent glass decorative paint pigments, its shade transparent, strong and solid film, can be used in glass, shade, architectural glass, handicrafts and so on.
Q:How can I build a glass "wall" using unframed panes?
The exact method I'd use to fabricate a wall to accept the glass panes would depend on the size of the panes. But in general, you have two basic choices on how you might cut the wood and mount the panes. One way would be to cut a groove in the center of the wood that would allow the panes to be slotted into the wood and the framework nailed together as the frames are made. You could do this and not use any putty or sealant, but the fit-up will be trickier then the next method I will suggest. What I think would be a better way is to cut a rabbit in the edges of your wood and build the wall. The rabbit should be 1/2" into the wood and at least as deep as the glass pane plus 1/8" if you want the panes to be flush with the outside edge of the wood. Your framed openings should be the same size as the glass plus 1/2" measured from the edge of the rabbit, both top to bottom and side to side. This should give you 1/4" landing of the glass to the wood with 1/4" play for any expansion/contraction. The glass can be set in putty or on a bead of sealant. Hope this helps
Q:Is the architectural glass look good?
Q:Can anybody suggest some artist who work relate to building, especially glass building?
Hunh? Repost this with more clarity. Are you talking about sculptors, painters, or something else? Are you talking about glass artists including sculptors or flat glass artists that do stained glass, fused, mosaic, or blasted/etched glass? Many artists do outside sculpture intended to work in relation with a building from landscape, roof, or courtyard.
Q:what would be the best lens to use photographing a very modern building with lots of glasses and steel?
Fundamental considerations which influence the answer to your question: How tall is the building? What is the building's footprint shape? What is the nature of its setting? (urban, rural, hemmed in by other buildings?) How far away can you get? Can you achieve a viewpoint above ground level? Do you want the whole building, details, or both? Exterior, interior, or both? Much more information required.
Q:Building glass foil company which is good?
The constant film industry's glass film products cover high and low grades, regardless of customer's unique needs for insulation, safety, light transmission, privacy, price, etc., which can be met in the constant megasonic industry Architectural glass foil: thermal sunscreen, energy saving, safe explosion-proof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-glare glare, easy to create a private space, enhance visual effects. Our company also has a strict training by the manufacturers of professional paste team, can be attached to the plane, surface and spherical glass, glass doors and windows can be contracted, glass curtain wall, glass roof and other structures of the glass insulation energy-saving projects.
Q:Building glass film master film how ah, would like to see the specific construction examples?
I have seen the master of the building film and insulation film case, our department's leadership and several colleagues at home are posted, and recently still in construction, listen to our leadership that the effect is very good, and those who hot good service, so Also introduced a few colleagues posted, you can consider to contact them, people have a direct service to the door.
Q:Building An Aviary - Tinted Glass?
why would an aviary have glass if its abig aviary like a small shed try making one out of flat tin and paint it pretty so it looks cool then make a door out of stuff like chicken wire and shade cloth.(material thats tightly bound so nothing can get out) or if its just two birds just get a large metal cagey thingy
Q:China's glass in the international are not more popular, the quality of the price is very good?
Building glass production technology is the technical content is not very high mature technology, coupled with China's raw materials, relatively low wages of raw materials in recent years, China's curtain wall and construction contractors in foreign countries more and more so China's glass is really out of China Into the world!

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