Optisolar Offline Bent Temperable Solar Control Low-E Glass and Double Silver Low-E Glass

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Abundant color choices, so as to provide diversified aesthetic appearance options for architecture.Excellent shading coefficient, hence more effectively decrease solar radiant heat in summer.Lowered U value, for further reducing heat dissipation in winter.Moderate visible light transmittance to satisfy architectural design requirements.

Applied : tropical & sub-tropical areas, public, commercial and residential buildings, public and commercial buildings


Optisolar S Series(Offline bent temperalbe solar control Low-E glass)

                              Product Configuration         Colour        Tvis%Visible Light
U-valueW/m2.K         SC         SHGC          LSG
Rvis%Solar EnergyAirArgon

Optisolar S Series(Offline bent temperable double silver Low-E glass)
6Optisolar S70+12A+6CBluish Grey62171238201.781.761.531.530.500.431.44
6Optisolar S70+16A+6CBluish Grey62171238201.801.571.581.360.500.431.44
6Optisolar S70 Ⅱ+12A+6C  Light    Bluish Grey
6Optisolar S70 Ⅱ+16A+6CLight Bluish Grey64131241181.871.621.641.390.540.471.36
6Optisolar S60+12A+6CGrey55181134211.781.781.531.520.450.391.41
6Optisolar S60+16A+6CGrey55181134211.801.571.581.350.450.391.41
6Optisolar S60 Ⅱ+12A+6CGrey55191134221.801.791.541.510.450.391.41
6Optisolar S60 Ⅱ+16A+6CGrey55191134221.841.561.591.320.450.391.41
6Optisolar S50+12A+6CLight Grey45221128231.771.751.511.510.380.331.36
6Optisolar S50+16A+6CLight Grey45221128231.791.551.561.330.380.331.36
6Optisolar S50 Ⅱ+12A+6CLight grey45281527291.771.761.511.470.380.331.36
6Optisolar S50 Ⅱ+16A+6CLight Grey45281527291.811.521.571.280.380.331.36
6Optisolar S40+12A+6CSilver Grey38351323331.731.701.471.440.320.281.36
6Optisolar S40+16A+6CSilver Grey38351323331.741.481.521.260.320.281.36

Optisolar D Series(Offline bent temperable double silver Low-E glass)

                              Product Configuration         Colour        Tvis%Visable lightSolar EnergyU-valueW/m2.K          SC          SHGC         LSG

Optisolar D series (Offline bent temperable double silver Low-E glass)
6Optisolar D80+12A+6CNeutral70131335311.691.651.421.340.430.371.89
6Optisolar D80+16A+6CNeutral70131335311.731.401.481.140.430.371.89
6Optisolar D70+12A+6CPowder Blue62151730261.691.651.421.340.400.351.77
6Optisolar D70+16A+6CPowder Blue62151730261.731.401.481.140.400.351.77
6Optisolar D60+12A+6CBluish Grey53131224301.681.641.411.320.330.291.83
6Optisolar D60+16A+6CBluish Grey53131224301.721.381.461.110.330.291.83
6Optisolar D50+12A+6CBluish Grey44111420271.701.661.431.350.280.241.83
6Optisolar D50+16A+6CBluish Grey44111420271.741.411.481.

Note:1.The performance data are calculated by LBNL WINDOW 6.3 according to ASHARE NFRC-2010 standard condition.

    2.The performance data are only for reference. Jinjing will hold the right of final interpretation.


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A world class manufacturer & supplier of Optilite Offline High Performance Bent Temperable Low-E glassis one of the large-scale professional investment mineral production bases in China. Annually more than 300000 m2.  Optilite Offline High Performance Bent Temperable Low-E glass are exported to markets in Asian, American, Middle East, African. OEM service available according to customer’s requirements.


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We have established the international advanced quality management systemevery link from raw material to final product we have strict quality testWe resolutely put an end to unqualified products flowing into the market. At the same time, we will provide necessary follow-up service assurance.


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In the purchase of product within two month days, We will arrange the factory delivery as soon as possible.

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Q:is it posibble to build a fiber glass body over an MGB car.?
Why would you want to mess up an MGB? I think they are much better then a Ferrari.
Q:LOW-E Insulating Glass Price (6 + 6A + 6)?
LOW-E insulating glass prices (6 + 6A +6), online 6LOW-E + 6A +6 doors and windows with Nanchang and Hunan Zhuzhou ex-factory price 165 yuan / square meter curtain with 170 yuan /
Q:What is the difference between one-way perspective glass and one-way perspective film?
Hello, you said that the one-way perspective glass is not the original coated glass? Coated glass is sprayed on a layer of ordinary glass, the effect can only block the dazzling light. No other function, and architectural glass membrane can have a Hot / cold, isolated UV, explosion-proof, bulletproof and other functions, the price may be no new products can replace the glass because of the sake of it? Single perspective function is to rely on light adjustment to achieve the external light from the outside to see the Mirror effect. If the indoor light strong effect on the contrary. On the glass function film in detail some of the introduction, you can come to our space to understand what ~
Q:Korea architectural glass film brand
Now a lot of Korean film is actually domestic to do, but South Korea's raw materials, the specific brand about to know
Q:Does drop damage build up? (Glass)?
You should investigate what the amount of energy is required to cause a defect either in manufacturing or physical damage to initiate and propagate a crack. The defect may be improper heat treatment, a foreign inclusion, a void in the glass matrix, a nick or scratch in the casting process or in handling in the production line, for example. Each cycle of dropping could potentially have enough energy to further propagate the crack until full fracture is achieved, You may want to investigate fracture mechanics. .
Q:What gap do I need when building my glass Block windows?
Glass masonry units are typically square, and are available in nominal 6, 8, and 12 in. sizes. Rectangular units are also available. Actual sizes are 1/4 in. less to allow for the typical 1/4 in. mortar joints. Unit thicknesses are either "standard" 3-7/8 in. or "thin" 3-1/8 in. or 3 in. for hollow units and for solid units respectively. Thin unit panels are typically used in residential and light commercial applications. For exterior applications you will want to add integral water repellents to the mortar to prevent water penetration. If you are talking about what size of an opening to use for your windows. That will depend on what the "rough opening" dimension is based on the window manufacturer. Typically is is 1 in. larger than the window size. This gives you 1/2 in. space all around the window for shims and alignment.
Q:How does the glass film quantify energy savings?
Coated glass: coated glass is the surface of the glass coated with one or more layers of metal, alloy or metal compounds to change the performance of the glass. According to the different characteristics can be divided into heat reflective glass and low radiation glass. Thermal reflection (sunlight control) glass, usually in the glass surface coated with one or more layers such as chromium, titanium or stainless steel and other metal or its composition of the film, the product was rich in color, visible light with the appropriate transmittance, Infrared has a high reflectivity, the UV has a very low transmittance, therefore, also known as sunlight control glass. Compared with ordinary glass, reducing the shading coefficient, that is, to improve the shading performance, but little change in the heat transfer coefficient. Low-emission (LOW-E) glass, is the surface of the glass plating multi-layer silver, copper or tin and other metals or other compounds composed of thin film, the product has a higher transmittance of visible light, infrared has a high reflectivity, with Good thermal insulation properties, due to poor film strength, are generally made of hollow glass instead of using alone.
Q:How to adjust the glass parameters
Aluminum alloy: diffuse 124 reflection 86 high light 0.7 gloss 0.75 reflection subdivision 25 BRDF [anisotropy]
Q:Domestic architectural glass list?
Domestic first-line brand: 1, Taiwan Glass Group (the world's fifth largest glass company, the largest domestic glass company) 2, CSG Group (domestic first-line brand) 3, Yaohua Pilkington (domestic first-line brand)
Q:Architectural glass companies need to apply for which qualification documents
The material of the glass consists of three parts: basic raw materials, flux and colorant, as well as decolorizing agent, clarifying agent and emulsifier.

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