LOW-E Glass Sheet with 3-8mm

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LOW-E Glass Sheet with 3-8mm

Size:3300x1900mm 3300x2134mm
    3300x2440mm 3660x2250mm
    3660x2134mm 3300x2250mm
    660x1900mm 660x2550mm

    1.Low-e glass is glazed with an ultra-thin metallic coating. The manufacturing process
    applies this with either a hard coat or soft coat process.
    2.This glass is an energy efficient way to control the heat being allowed in and out of
    a home or environment.
    3.Low-e glass allows visible light to pass through it but blocks heat-generating ultravio-
    let light, requiring less artificial heating or cooling to keep a room at the desired temp-
    4.The coating used to make low-e glass works to transmit short wave energy,allowing  
    light in, while reflecting long wave energy to keep heat in the desired location.
    5.Low-e glass comes in high, moderate and low gain panels. In especially cold climnates,
    heat is preserved and reflected back into a house to keep it warm. This is accomplished
    with high solar gain panels.In especially hot climates, low solar gain panels work to
    reject excess heat by reflecting it back outside the space.
    6.Soft coated low-e glass is more delicate and easily damaged so it is used in insulated
    windows where it can be in between two other pieces of glass.
    7.Hard coated versions are more durable and can be used in single paned window.They    
    can be used in retrofit projects.

    Low-E insulating glass unit
    building facades
    Interior glass screen

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Q:Building glass paste insulation film easy to use? Who used?
You want to paste what kind of each brand are divided into several kinds of insulation film, heat insulation and light transmittance are not the same, the price is different, and now a better brand 3M insulation film, Johnson & Johnson, Wei solid, etc., are made in the United States, the price from more than 100 to more than 700 square meters range, the domestic brands of tens of dollars a square meter also, insulation film is mainly insulated and blocking ultraviolet light, extended furniture and fabrics Life, but also to prevent the glass splash wounding, you can visit my space to look at the introduction.
Q:build glass block wall?
Place okorder.com/
Q:Insulation paint, I want to do insulation paint, the home is too hot, smart glass insulation coating how?
Adhesive insulation insulation film is the disadvantage of poor durability, low transmittance, the advantage is simple construction. Nano insulation coating is the disadvantage of the construction of a little trouble point (need to spray, professional operation), the advantage is good durability, high transmittance. This kind of paint I was some time ago to transform my store when used, the effect is surprisingly good. Nano-thermal insulation coating using advanced nano-technology, research and development production of high transparency, super insulation, high hardness, anti-glare of the "nano-level" functional oxide powder can be evenly dispersed in high weather resistance of the transparent resin base material, Synthesis of "nano-high permeability paint." And the glass surface is cured to a thickness of only 7-8um nano-film, taking into account the glass insulation performance and lighting performance, so that the whole glass truly become "nano-high permeability heat-saving glass." Energy-saving effect of architectural glass nano-modified energy-saving film made of architectural glass, compared with ordinary glass, about 40 ℃ in the sunlight, the enclosed space temperature difference of 5 ~ 11 ℃. Surely it is good to use nano thermal insulation coating.
Q:Plane picture glass screen illustration
If it is 1: 100 of the map, then draw the same line with the window on the line.
Q:I want to build a glass furnace, how do I proceed?
You will need Kiln brick and kiln brick mortar, you will need a gas burner with jets, a gas hook up, the bricks will have to have a suitable size hole in them to insert blown glass (whatever size you work with), a plug of some size, and a pot large enough for the glass mix, with high enough melt temp that glass will melt at a considerably lower temp...glass can be fluxed to melt at , say cone 04 or so, therefore the oven must withstand cone 10 for safety. This is an intensive project to undertake! You may want to take some courses in glass and glass blowing at a college before deciding to jump into this...for it will be very expensive for the tools (tungsten) the kiln parts (even the kiln brick is very expensive, and is very delicate...then the cost of running a gas line, etc! You do NOT want to set this up in a house without a serious hood that vents to the outside. CO emissions from open flame gas burners can be very dangerous. Happy holidays and good luck
Q:Is there a good way to remove the heated glass cover from the furnace?
Features and functions:         1) run the game can be configured to run smoothly to avoid mechanical resonance. 2) accurate positioning, running a continuous impact of small mechanical. 3) Simple and reliable operation, maintenance-free. 4) During the transit process, there is a 180 degree flip process action to facilitate the next step to work. 5) The transit time is maintained for 3 to 6 seconds, which is conducive to improving product quality. 6) on the edge of the glass cover to protect, to avoid the defective.
Q:Tough glass film is good or matte film good?
Matte film is to make the glass opaque, enhance privacy. Its advantages are: 1. frosted glass film for the architectural glass wall add luster, so that the appearance of the building more beautiful. 2. Scrub glass film auxiliary interior design, beautify the office partition. 3. Scrub glass film to provide special labeling services, custom customer icon / mark. 4. Matte glass film to create a private, free private space. 5. Matte glass film rich color, style transformation flexibility, creative simple to achieve, compared to the traditional carved pattern glass, more beautiful, more clear. 6. Frosted glass film to reduce visual interference, but also make full use of light, for the office partition, restaurants and stores an excellent choice. 7. frosted glass film to reduce glare glare, frosted film to reduce visual fatigue, protect eyesight, improve the work environment of the building. 8. frosted glass film safety and environmental protection, glass matte film with enhanced glass strength function, is against earthquakes, hurricanes and outdoor explosion of reliable weapons, but also to prevent criminals easily broken window into the room, to prevent the glass fragmentation splash wounding, effective protection Personal safety.
Q:What is the difference between home insulation film and car insulation film?
Home reflective film point, good heat insulation, automotive reflective film can not be too much, otherwise the traffic police will let the tear
Q:How to show that a glass building is cylindrical from its elevation?
Shade that section as if it WERE a cylindar. Even glass panes look different in the shade than those sections that are in full sunlight. If your elevation is rendered in color, you can add gradiated touches of light blue to darker blue to indicate the curvature of the section. If it's black and white, then use greys. It it is strictly a line drawing then darker and more numerous streaks of black lines can create the shaded effect.
Q:Is the laminated glass the same as the glass?
In the middle of the glass, the PVB or other film is fused with high temperature. Plus glass is generally called foil, monolithic can be posted, the common is the explosion-proof membrane and the like, explosion-proof film cheap 10 / flat. It is more expensive but more secure.

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