A variety of colors Glaze Reinforced Glass

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Glazed toughened glass glaze glass is through the special process printing on the glass surface,and then drying, tempering treatment and. Color glaze permanent sintered on the surface of glass, with good resistance to acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, high strength and security will never fade, and has characteristics such as reflection and not perspective.

1 more than the other materials such as brick, stone or wood, cheap and easy to install.

2 colors, various patterns (in general can be customized according to customer requirements), a wide range of choice. In the curtain wall combination it can foil glass or other color matching.

3 color glazed glass can be installed on a support structure.

4 has no characteristic absorption, no penetration and easy to clean.

5 colored glaze for inorganic materials with glass glaze, do not fade, do not peel off, so the original color and building life consistent.

6 colored glaze is easy to be accepted and used to separate arch shoulder non rigid viscose.

7 glaze can absorb and reflect a portion of solar thermal energy, having the effect of energy-saving.

8 can be coated, laminated, synthesis of hollow compound machining, special performance obtained for other purposes.

9 through tempered, the final product has good mechanical properties, anti strike impactproperties and thermal performance, higher safety performance.

10 shading effect is obvious.

Product main purposes: widely used in building decoration industry; furniture glass, electronic glass also frequently used color glazing process.

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Q:Thickness and specification of glass curtain wall in architectural drawings
The third layer is 8mm thick glass
Q:In Megamind when Titan takes off the building glass shatters, what does that mean scientifically ?
It means that fantasy and reality are not one and the same thing. In a fantasy people can imagine what they want to. So for this fantasy you can picture a shock wave. Titan takes off by providing a very sudden very high force. Which radiates through the building shattering glass. Just like high explosive would. But this is only a background to a plausible fiction.
Q:How to identify the glass film is good or bad? Identify glass sheets should pay attention to those matters?
There is a special instrument for testing the membrane. The If you have questions about the membrane. You call the business directly on the spot test film. The Under normal circumstances. Businesses will have a special test film equipment.
Q:What is the better material to build an aquarium (8feet by 3feet with 5feet height) with (Glass or Acrylic)?
I have 2 rats. Had 3, notwithstanding the third grow to be born a runt and had many wellbeing themes lack of life about 2 weeks in the past (RIP Kev). you may't placed them in an aquarium. they opt for the air a cord cage promises them. I mean sure, you should use an aquarium (puppy shops do), notwithstanding the rats will be a lot happier with extra air. And extra room for that count number! Rats opt for homes with a minimum of two levels. (Mine has 4). they are truly intelligent, on a thanks to lose interest really!! maximum shops, even Walmart sells rat grain/pellets. also provide them treats often times. healthful snacks too! they could drink from a bowl, notwithstanding the water stay a lot purifier in a bottle. My rats do acceptable using "corn cob horse pellets bedding" from TSC. It help the cage no longer scent. And this is not any longer dusty; dusty bedding makes rats sneeze or doubtlessly inhale too a lot airborne dirt and dirt. also, it really is a foul theory to get a rat till you've various time. A healthful rat is a social rat. They love human interest and play time in a rat proofed room! So till you've about a million hour in holding with day to spend including your new friends, this is not any longer a sturdy theory. Rats are the acceptable
Q:Is the price of insulated glass foil?
The front wind film slightly better about 1,000 yuan, mainly to prevent ultraviolet and heat, four doors down also have 1,000 yuan, mainly explosion-proof.
Q:What is the tempered glass? What is the difference with ordinary glass?
Tempered glass is actually a kind of prestressed glass, in order to improve the strength of the glass, usually using chemical or physical methods (physical means that the wind quenching, the current building glass are used in this method) in the glass surface to form compressive stress, glass bear external force When the first to offset the surface stress, thereby enhancing the carrying capacity, improve the glass tensile strength. The main advantages of tempered glass are two, the first is the strength of several times higher than the ordinary glass, bending strength is 3 to 5 times the ordinary glass, the impact strength is 5 to 10 times the normal glass to improve the strength at the same time also increased The security. The use of safety is the second major advantage of tempered glass, its increased carrying capacity to improve the fragile nature, even if the destruction of tempered glass was no small angle of the small pieces of damage to the human body greatly reduced. Tempered quenching and cooling properties of tempered glass than ordinary glass has 2 to 3 times the increase, generally can withstand more than 150 ℃ temperature difference, to prevent the thermal cracking has a significant effect. From the appearance of the general do not see how much different with ordinary glass, but through the polarized sunglasses can be seen on the tempered glass with rainbow plaque - some of the old micro-van front can also be seen, this is tempered glass The unique phenomenon.
Q:How to show that a glass building is cylindrical from its elevation?
Shade that section as if it WERE a cylindar. Even glass panes look different in the shade than those sections that are in full sunlight. If your elevation is rendered in color, you can add gradiated touches of light blue to darker blue to indicate the curvature of the section. If it's black and white, then use greys. It it is strictly a line drawing then darker and more numerous streaks of black lines can create the shaded effect.
Q:Tempered glass and ordinary glass technology and raw materials What is the difference in detail Thank you
The production process of the glass is: raw material crushing, sieving, weighing, mixing, high temperature (1600 degrees) melting into glass liquid, glass liquid homogenization cooling forming, cutting, annealing, cooling, inspection, packaging. The main raw materials are: quartz sand or sandstone, feldspar, soda ash, limestone, dolomite, in addition to soda ash are ore raw materials, need to break into the appropriate size. Tempered glass is a reusable product of ordinary glass. The main components of its glass is silica, calcium oxide and sodium oxide, so called sodium silicate glass. There are two ways to temper glass, physical steel (air-cooled steel) and chemical steel. Tempered glass is used in the chemical steel method. The principle is to use the "head" of the larger potassium ions to replace the glass surface "head" smaller sodium ions, making the glass surface was tensioned, that is, the formation of compressive stress, so that the glass has a very high impact resistance Increased by 5 times). Physical tempered architectural glass also makes the glass surface compressive.
Q:What is the principle of self-cleaning of self-cleaning glass? Why is it called self-cleaning glass?
Broadly speaking, self-cleaning glass is the ordinary glass in a special physical or chemical treatment, so that the surface of the unique physical properties, so that the glass is no longer through the traditional manual scrubbing method to achieve the effect of cleaning glass. The surface of the glass like a lotus leaf, the water on its surface will form a drop of water down, so dirty is not easy to attach up to achieve self-cleaning function of the glass. This type of cleaning nano-technology self-cleaning agent is a typical representative: ECOFRIEND-ING4 nano glass self-cleaning products! Glass self-cleaning technology in the developed countries has been very popular in Europe and the United States on the market almost all of the glass must be self-cleaning type.Therefore, with the development of cleaning technology wave, ECOFRIEND-ING4 nano glass self-cleaning agent this cleaning revolution "leader "Came to China, to the Chinese bath room to bring environmental protection, health and safety of the new concept of scientific development!
Q:Construction of the provisions of double glass
Building doors and windows Double glass generally refers to the insulating glass. The minimum configuration is 5mm + 6A +5mm hollow glass.

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