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Q:What are the figures above the car tires?
Specifications, pressure values, production date. factory
Q:Do tires have to black?
production-wise, I would assume that there are less chemicals, dyes and expense involved when keeping vehicle tires black. I HAVE, however seen bicycle tires that are green, orange and blue... this might have something to do with the hardness of the rubber and the process of producing that hardness. Blue and orange were on competitive mountain bike wheels that were on fairly loose soil and a softer rubber allowed a better "bite" on the surface. Just an educated guess, hope it helps a little.
Q:sOoOo tired!!?
not long after i found out i was pregnant. but then again, i get sleepy easily. i will fall asleep just on a 15 min. car ride.....when im without my kids, but usually, my hyper kids keep me up
Q:How do car tires stop using scrapped?
When the tire can no longer be used to see the actual use of tires to use the number of kilometers or years to determine directly is not accurate
Q:Why does Nascar only have one tire manufacturer?
Q:Car tire size 185 / 65R15 what does it mean ah
185 - tread width (mm) 65 - flatness of the tire, ie the ratio of the unilateral height of the tire to the tread width of the tire. R - represents the radial tire 15 - tire inner diameter (inches). Use a 15 inch steel ring.
Q:Toyota Prius tires?
The Prius' owner's manual and the driver's door jamb plate both state 35psi (240 kPa) front, 33psi (230 kPa) rear. (In the newer UK Prius' owners' manual, it states when driving over 100mph the pressures should be set to 38psi front, 36psi rear.) Dealers are notorious for incorrectly inflating the typre pressures too low, to make for a cushy ride. (It also means faster tyre sales for them as you wear them out faster!) Toyota Prius tyres (particularly with the US suspension) are notorious for rapid outer edge wear even at the factory recommended pressures of 35psi front, 33psi rear. Outer edge wear is indicative of underinflated tyres, so you will find that many US owners suggest inflating to higher than factory specs (often in the 40psi range, which is below the max. cold pressure on the original equipment tyre, which is usually 44psi or 50psi depending on fitment), to prolong tyre life and for better MPG. (All that outer edge scrubbing of an underinflated tyre is just eating up MPG...) However, I am informed by many UK owners that if you have an auto accident, the auto insurance people do check tyre pressure, and will fault you (give them reason to not pay out) if you have too high or too low tyre pressure... So keep that in mind. I would highly suggest that you follow the owner's manual (handbook) recommendation of 240kPa front and 230kPa rear. Low tyre pressure is the leading cause of tyre failure (which is not only a nuissance, leaving you stranded somewhere with a flat, but also a serious safety concern if a blowout occurs while you are driving!). If not for safety, do it for the better fuel economy that comes with properly inflated tyres.
Q:Modified car tires to change what is good
The wheel is a cylindrical metal part with a shaft as the center for supporting the tire. In layman's terms, the position of the axle in which the axle is installed is the important zero point of the brake drum (brake disc), the wheel and the axle part.
Q:What does twi mean on car tires?
Tire wear Indicator Tire wear indicator. The tires of the car tires to the mark. According to the wear of the tire to choose the time to change the tire, all tires in the pattern depth of 1.6 mm there are wear marks, where there are wear marks have a small bump, the boss called "tread wear mark" Boss next to the "tread wear mark" abbreviation "TWI", in the normal use of the premise, the tire wear to reach this raised place, it means the need to replace the tires.
Q:Car tires in front of the plastic baffle
Fender is also called the wheel lining, X treasure a lot.

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