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Q:Will there be any harm in car tires in the open space?
From the beginning of the use, after 5-7 years still continue to use the case, you must experience in the tire dealer. ※ When equipped with new tires, if the tire with the inner tube, need to replace the new tube, if with tubeless tires, you need to use the new tubeless valve. Tire storage method: storage of tires should be strictly abide by the custody method, because the main component of the tire is rubber, it should avoid direct sunlight, avoid flooding, oil pollution, away from heat, do not place in the luminous heat, but also try not to put In the vicinity of an electric spark and other devices. ★ If you use tires, rim assembly for tire custody, if it is a domestic car tires, it is recommended to tire pressure down to 100KPa flat storage. ★ If the indoor custody, because the tire rubber drugs may be seepage and deface the ground, please lay the thick cardboard under the tires and so on.
Q:Will you master, car tires to add a few pressure is generally the best pressure
Standard tire pressure 2.5
Q:I need to replace the tires on my 97 Porsche 911 C4S; What tire would you recommend?
I personally lean toward the tires with the N0, N1, N2, N3 ratings because these tire were designed with the help of Porsche in that they react in a positive manner with the suspension. I know there are newer designed tires out there, but I don't worry about the reactions with my "N" tires at 180mph either. At that speed I worry about the ditch at the side of the road ;)
Q:How do car tires break?
First, the tires must be removed from the rim, the professional tire dealer after the inspection and then decide whether to repair.
Q:Tires size?
Wider tires handle differently. The difference between 205 and 215 is negligible - it's only 10 millimeters.
Q:Car tires have anyway, what are the patterns and how should they be installed?
For a single-oriented tire, consider the combination of the tire and the rim to be mounted on the vehicle (for example, the left front wheel and the right rear wheel), and then apply the tire to the rim according to the arrow of the sidewall indicating the rotation of the tire, After the tire and rim assembly is mounted on the vehicle, it is necessary to check to determine that the rotation arrow of the sidewall is consistent with the vehicle's advancing direction.
Q:Audi q5 start moment there is a common earthquake is what the problem
Throttle valve too much dirty fuel burner too much will shake the car after driving a mileage, the throttle because the dirty will lead to throttle closed lax or idle stepping motor stuck, can cause the engine idling too high, and the engine Coke produced during the work will also cause the vehicle to shake, especially when starting the vehicle, the engine will be more powerful than normal jitter, and sometimes there can not be a start phenomenon. When the vehicle jitter occurs, first check the throttle and the nozzle. If you find the throttle too dirty or too much fuel injector, should be promptly cleaned.
Q:Car tires installed 215/60/16 and installed 215/55/16 What is the difference
The smaller the aspect ratio of the tires (the more flat tires), the better the handling of the vehicle, but the comfort may be reduced and the chances of the drums when the tires impact the foreign body may increase.
Q:Will the car tires go to the safety line?
In addition, the damaged tires should also pay attention to whether the need for replacement, such as the lack of rolling tires can still run in the inflatable state, but because the tire internal structure may have been damaged, it is recommended to replace the new tire The In particular, it should be reminded that drum tires can not continue to use.
Q:Car tires installed when anyway
Tires are divided into symmetrical tires Tire single guide tires Asymmetric treads Tire symmetrical treads Tire and front and back are guided by the direction of the tire rolling direction to carefully distinguish between asymmetrical pattern points positive and negative

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