OEM 3000mah Polymer Ultra Slim Power Bank

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10000 pc/month

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Color: Black/White Battery: Li-Polymer Material: IMD
Certificate: CE/ROHS

Product Description:

Product Description






The product can be charged by computer USB port or by   mobile phone's charger.

Rated capacity


Operating display

Blue indicator lights flashs in turn when it is   charging, and keep blue when fully charged.


Over-current; Over-charge; Over-discharge;   Short-circuit, Over-temperature.

On-off mode

Connect the power bank with the mobile phone with the   cable, the power bank will charge the phone automatically

Housing type

Aluminum housing in optional color




Micro USB (5Pin MicroUSB)


USB (4Pin USB-A Port)



Input voltage


Input current

800-1100mA (Max)


No load voltage


Load voltage


Output current


Output power


Other parameter

Load check

Connect the power bank output with the load, the output   will automatically
   charge load.

Quiescent current

<100ua< strong="">

Built-in battery capacity


Average operating efficency


Charge time

3-5 hours

Cycle time

>500 times


Over charge voltage


Over current

3A (typical)

Under voltage


Short circuit

<200μs shut down output

LED display

Indicator light flashs from 25% to 100% in turn when it   is charging, and keep white when fully charged.

Other functions

Output can recover automatically after short-circuit   protecion, over load protection or over discharge protection.


The product support most mobile phone for IPHONE, for   SAMSUNG,for HTC, for NOKIA, for HUAWEI, for ZTE etc.,digital product like   MP3,MP4, for ipad etc.,as well as many mobile equipment powered by 5V power   supply for PSP, GPS etc.

OEM 3000mah Polymer Ultra Slim Power Bank

OEM 3000mah Polymer Ultra Slim Power Bank

OEM 3000mah Polymer Ultra Slim Power Bank

OEM 3000mah Polymer Ultra Slim Power Bank

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Q:Good quality mobile power which brand?
2, from a security point of view, try to buy metal shell mobile power. Because the metal shell in the mobile power product structure to play the role of radiator, lithium battery heat can be distributed through the metal shell, thereby reducing the risk of fire and explosion.
Q:What is the definition of mobile power?
Mobile power, also known as "external battery", "external battery", "backup battery", "digital charging partner", "charge treasure" "mobile power" concept is with the popularity of digital products and rapid growth and development
Q:Mobile power how to see the size of the capacity
if the conversion rate of the power supply is still normal, then it is almost the same.
Q:How to maintain mobile power?
(2) When charging the battery, try to use a special outlet, do not share the charger and TV and other household appliances sharing socket, especially small capacity socket. This is not very important, because the current charger can tolerate voltage fluctuations and
Q:What does the mobile power rating mean?
So if there is 6000 only 1w then there is a virtual suspects.
Q:How to use mobile power
4. Power display: short press the power display button after 1 second shows the current power.
Q:Mobile power purchase notes?
4, mobile phone power supply practicality: the power of mobile power products from thousands to tens of thousands of milliamperes very much, how do we choose to want their own? It needs to be clear how much of their own needs,
Q:How does the mobile power work?
When charging the mobile power, the maximum charge voltage of the lithium battery set controlled by the protective plate is limited to 4.2V;
Q:What are the main factors in the mobile power time?
1, the battery capacity (usually refers to the mobile power products on the nominal capacity): because the market mobile power capacity there are many, such as 2600mAh / 5000mAh / 5600mAh / 8000mAh / 10000mAh / 200mAhh and so on, of course, 2600mAh and 20000mAh
Q:What is the capacity of the mobile power?
So if you just give the smart phone backup power supply, it is recommended that you buy a capacity of 4000-5000 mA mobile power can be, those in the capacity of 8000 mA above the mobile power is actually more suitable for tablet PCs and other large battery equipment.

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