New Design Hot Selling Dark Colour High Quality Office Chair

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$72.04 / pc
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200Pcs pc
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1500 Pcs Per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

Product Name: High Back Manager's Chair
Full brown half PU
Power coating armrest with soft pads
Simple tilt mechanism
100mm stoke gaslift
350mm power coating base
Nylon casters
Product Overall Size:W65*D75*H116-126CM

Selling points:
1.Wonderful design office chair with very competitive price
2.Padded arms, with adjustable function
3.Pneumatic seat height adjustment
4.Massage function available

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Q:What's a good man chair?
Yes, I think a chair is a pretty nice thought. Lay-Z-Boys are the best chairs... I would though, if he already has chair measure the depth of the seat. My sister got a love seat and your feet dangle because the seat is soooo deep... and it isn't very comfortable... So I'd measure that.. And also measure the width, because if there are any large people you don't want a chair that is only 30 inches wide, they won't fit in it... Probably look for around 35 inches wide. The depth you'll have to determine on your own, but ask the sales person if they recommend an average depth size... Happy shopping!! :-) and Merry Christmas...
Q:How much fabric would u need for a wedding chair cover?
Well, download some pictures of the chair and repost it back here and then we can help you. I would say for a folding type chair, metal, you would need about 3 yards per chair, if that is the type of chair you are talking about. :-)
Q:My cats obsessed with this chair?
Every cat has it's own unique personality. Your kitty just happens to be plain obsessed with the chair and likes to sit straight, is it in sunlight? Because cats will often sit in the same spot and sit up straight if there is sunlight gleaming in the spot. The creepy grin is showing he is loving sitting there and enjoying it. He may also like sitting there because it's your chair or he thinks it comfy.
Q:How do i calculate the Normal Force of this chair?
Weight of chair = mg = 10.5 x 9.81 = 103.0N Vertical component of 40.0N force = 40.0sin(39.0) = 25.17N upwards Resultant vertical force on chair = 0 (as there is no acceleration in vertical direction), therefore: total downwards force = total upwards force The total downwards force is just the weight. The total upwards force is 25.17N + the normal force. 103.0 = 25.17 + N where N is normal force N = 103.0 - 25.17 = 77.8N (to 3 sig. figs., same as data supplied)
what do you want to know. I'm in Charlotte and I recently relocated so I know you probably have many questions. If you want email me and I'll answer whatever I can for you
Q:What is the most comfortable xbox gaming chair?
You can check for comfortable and affordable chairs at shoplet online store.
Q:I need help with an office chair?
I think really good office chairs are pretty expensive. Have you thought about getting a cushion or a back support piece from a chiropractor? That way you can use it for other chairs too and it's mobile so when you're back in the office, you can use it there too. If you're experiencing back problems and discomfort from it, try some natural methods to ease the pain before resorting to medical procedures or medicine first. Refer to source for more details. Hope that helps!
Q:Power Cord For Gaming Chair?
You mean you brought a gaming chair WITHOUT the Power cord? There should be a label on the chair (probably under the seat) that tells you what make it is - if its a older model, they may not make power cords for it any more - especially if its a discontinued model and there is two, three or more models that have come after it. A quick look around Ebay shows that there is nothing there - so you're best bet would probably be to go to an indepent game store (NOT A CHAIN). Independent Game stores are a great source of information (as well as deals) and whilst they may not be able to source you one directly, they may have a regular customer, who has a friend who has a spare one. Certainly my experiences in my local independent game store - is that information is traded freely between owner and regular customers - if the shop itself can't help you directly - they ask their regular customers if they have/can source a certain item and if they'd be willing to sell it to them for resell.
Q:Does my new accent chair match the rest of the room?
There are options for refinishing chairs. You can strip down the wood and restain and finish it yourself. You can enlist the help of a professional, or do a Google search for DIY. I, personally, love an eclectic look. But, the chair actually clashes just a bit with the rest of the color scheme. Refinishing it would probably be a good idea.
Q:Are yoga balls better than office chairs?
i got a ball threw my chair's made my back feel better because my posture instantly approved (which has to be good for the abs, too)...also, my tushie never goes to sleep while sitting at my desk anymore, i guess because the ball is softer than my chair was...i recommend it!
We are a sourcing office of a broad range of products including furniture, housewars and office supplies. Our main markets are USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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Location Shenzhen,China
Year Established 2012
Annual Output Value Above US$2 Million
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Mid East;Western Europe;North America;Africa
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Nearest Port Shanghai
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Factory Size: 200,000 square meters
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