Natural White Bamboo Cane Natural While Bamboo

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Natural White Bamboo Cane Natural While Bamboo

 Home goods spend 2. Harrow pin water

We plant specializing in the production of 2 for a long time, a large number of domestic and foreign agricultural natural bamboo, bamboo, bamboo building, decorated with bamboo.

2. Main Features of Natural White Bamboo Cane Natural While Bamboo

Bamboo pole,bamboo fence,  Tonkin Drilled Bamboo Fence,  bamboo flower sticks, Copper wire birch pole, split bamboo screen, PVC bamboo cane,   U bamboo , Barbecue bamboo, Bamboo Slat Fence, etc, are widely used in gardening

3. Natural White Bamboo Cane Natural While Bamboo Images



Natural White Bamboo Cane Natural While Bamboo

Natural White Bamboo Cane Natural While Bamboo

Natural White Bamboo Cane Natural While Bamboo


4.Natural White Bamboo Cane Natural While Bamboo Specification


Products Name

bamboo poles, bamboo sticks, bamboo canes


A lot of, can be customized


Natural and color bamboo


Tonkin bamboo

Use of places

Plant support , gardening, farm ,home   decrotion


wash clean, high temperature, high temperature   drying, roasted straight, mothproof mold processing, sorting, cutting,   packing, fumigation, container

Payment Terms

TT,30%deposit,70%balance against B/L


FOBxiamen or guangzhou


1x40’HQ   10-20days after get the deposit

Place of origin



woven bag or   carton


Invoice, Packing, Form A, CO,   BILL,         Fumigation/Disinfection Certificate,           Phytosanitary   Certificate

5.FAQ of Natural White Bamboo Cane Natural While Bamboo

How to do daily cleaning?

Only use the brush to clean dust from the gap, and then use a clean wet cloth wipe, if relatively dirty also available water directly wash, wash after timely to dry in the air.

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