Reed Screen Decoration Product Fence Garden

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Hai Kou
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30000 m²/month

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1.       Structure of Reed Screen Decoration Product Fence Garden Description

The attractive and practilcal natural reed screening will enhance all gardens, patios and decking’s. Reed fence screening can be used as boundary fencing or as screening to create separate areas within your garden. Natural reed screening can be used over arbours and pergolas it creates a soft shaded area beneath for those hot summer days. Garden reed fencing simply attach to fence uprights with ties or staples. Reed fence roll is ideal cover to chain link fencing. Natural reed fencing can be used to screen unsightly areas such as compost heaps, rubbish bins, gas and oil tanks. 

2.  Main Features of the Reed Screen Decoration Product Fence Garden


reed fence is made of natural reed with fine crafts man ship, used for adorning 

3. Reed Screen Decoration Product Fence Garden Images

Reed Screen Decoration Product Fence Garden

Reed Screen Decoration Product Fence Garden

Reed Screen Decoration Product Fence Garden

4.Reed Screen Decoration Product Fence Garden Specification

5.FAQ of Reed Screen Decoration Product Fence Garden

How to do daily cleaning?

Only use the brush to clean dust from the gap, and then use a clean wet cloth wipe, if relatively dirty also available water directly wash, wash after timely to dry in the air.

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Q:How to winterize my vegetable garden?
We live in central Indiana so we are pretty close to your climate and soil types. Congrats on your garden. It is a healthy size. Ours is a 36 x 65. We will pull every thing out and compost it. Now at this time of year we will till it twice in the next week and then as the leaves start to fall, we will cut them up with the lawn mower and spread them out over the garden and till them in. We will usually till in around five 8 x 10 tarps of leaves. If you don't have this many leaves just ask your neighbors. These break down over the winter and help to build up the soil. If you want you can plant a cover crop of annual rye. Don't use the winter rye because it is hard to till and get rid of the next spring. I don't fertilize until planting time in spring and then only the rows planted, not the whole garden. Good luck.
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Yellow some crops really enjoy cool weather; just some do not. stuff like this does really well>broccolli, lettuce, spinach, brussel sprouts, cabbage, sweet green peas. also some herbs but not all.

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