Natural Flake Graphite for Refractory Raw Materials Made in China

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Product Description:

Natural Flake Graphite :

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Product Description of Natural Flake Graphite :

Natural flake graphite crystal scaly ; this is in high pressure metamorphism, there are large and fine points. Flake crystalline integrity, thin film and toughness, floatability, lubricity, plasticity than other graphite is superior, and thermal shock resistance, conductivity, thermal conductivity, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance and high temperature (in the isolated oxygen under conditions of melting point at 3000 degrees centigrade ) and other advantages.

Used in machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry, national defense, electronics, batteries, educational and refractory industry

Product Name of Natural Flake Graphite :

High purity graphite, High carbon graphite, Medium carbon graphite

Size of Natural Flake Graphite :


Regular Specification of Natural Flake Graphite :











Granularitydistribution 90%































Natural Flake Graphite for Refractory Raw Materials Made in China

Natural Flake Graphite for Refractory Raw Materials Made in China

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Q:Use of carburizing agents
In the smelting process, due to improper ingredients or improper loading and excessive decarburization, the carbon content in the steel sometimes does not meet the requirements of the top stage. The commonly used carburizing agents include carburized pig iron, electrode powder, petroleum coke powder, charcoal powder and coke powder. When smelting medium and high carbon steel in converter, the oil containing little impurity is used, and Jiaozuo is used as carburizing agent. For BOF steelmaking using recarburizer requirement is high to low fixed carbon, ash, volatile matter and sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen and other impurities, and dry, clean, moderate size.
Q:How to deal with graphite powder? Anyone recycle it?
The use is so great that every friend who does plastic business needs it
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Characteristics of silica gel:Silica gel is a one component, room temperature vulcanized liquid rubber. Once exposed to air, the silane monomer condensed, forming a network structure, crosslinked, unable to melt and dissolve, elastic, rubbery, and adhesive. The thermal conductivity is slightly higher than the general rubber, but compared with the thermal grease is much lower, and once cured, it is difficult to separate the adhesive objects, generally can only be used in graphics cards, memory radiator. Mainly used in silicone adhesive low-end card heat sink and the main chip, bonding and particles, particles of the memory memory and radiator. The high-end products are generally used to dissipate heat with grease, and then use the clip fins fixed on the substrate, but it will increase the cost of. The radiating fins are fixed in the low-end graphics chip and good memory particles, and the heat sink in the low-end graphics cards generally are relatively small, so the use of silicone adhesive is common; and high-end graphics and the CPU heat is far greater than the general low-end graphics chip and memory particle heat generation, and the head is relatively CPU so, the grease with radiator and clip form. If used on the CPU will cause overheating, and it is difficult to remove the heat sink, pull down, it may directly damage the CPU or CPU socket. And if you pull down the silicone adhesive cards, heat sink, it is possible to display the chip from the PCB pull down. From this point, we can see who has a better heat conduction effect.
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Q:The graphite powder production process and the graphite production process are introduced briefly Graphite powder production process, graphite production process, detailed technical parameters where?
According to the size of the crushed or broken material, the mill can be divided into coarse crusher, middle crusher, fine mill and superfine mill.
Q:How to measure the iron content in graphite powder?
Excessive amounts of dilute sulphuric acid can be used to measure the amount of gas produced, and then the amount of iron is calculated according to the amount of gas.
Q:Crystal graphite of graphite powder
The crystal structure of highly structured pyrolytic graphite, La above 2000Nm, from low temperature to high temperature, the thermal conductivity changes with the temperature is bell shaped, see Figure 1, figure 2.
Q:Two simple physical methods are used to identify iron powder and graphite powderHurry up, you need it urgently! Thank you
First, with a magnet, you can use a magnet, can be sucked into the iron powder.Two, put in the water, floating above the sink in the bottom of the graphite powder, iron powder
Q:Does the graphite powder cause explosion? If so, how to prevent the production of graphite products in the workshop?
The graphite powder will cause an explosion. The production of graphite products in the workshop by means of centralized collection and fire protection to avoid explosion.The combustible dust explosion, dust explosion limits in encountered heat (fire or high temperature), flame spread instantly throughout the mixing space dust, fast chemical reactions, while releasing large amounts of heat, resulting in high temperature and high pressure, the system of energy into mechanical energy and light and heat radiation, has a strong destructive power. In the dust explosion with aluminum powder, zinc powder, aluminum powder, grinding a variety of plastic powder, organic synthesis of drug intermediates, wheat flour, sugar, wood, dyes, bakelite ash, milk powder, tea powder, tobacco powder, coal dust, dust and other plant fibers to produce production and processing places.
Q:Can you tin to latex paint
Yes, it's better to paint with antirust paint and putty,

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