MZ-002-F liquid pump with smooth collar

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100000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Product description



1.Item: MZ-002-F
2.Size: Φ18/410 20/410  24/410 
3.Material: aluminium
4.Output: 0.2~0.28CC

5.MOQ: 10, 000pcs 

6.Packing:inner+outer package
7.Carton Size: 57*33*39cm Pcs/Ctn: 1800pcs
8.Delivery date: 20-30days 
9.Payment Term: T/T by 30% deposit and balance before shipment or against by B/L copy.


Product show

MZ-002-F  liquid pump with smooth collar





The  Advantage of our lotion pump:
1) For the first using 2.5-3 times of pushing will workable
2) Many improving leakproof design for guarantee
3) Glass ball which resistant to acid and alkali
4) Non-Toxic pump meeting international standard requirements
5) Accept small order
6) High quality, nice price.

7).Colour depend on customer's request
8).Using innocuity imported raw material, high stability
9).High quality,  Best service,  Low price
10).Lotion pump is applied on the bottles of facial cleanser, hand cream,lotion and so on.



  More than 12 years of experience in the R&D and production of bathroom and kitchen accessories. We are proud to be one of the very few manufacturers that can provide unique coating products and stainless steel pump.


*    Innovative and fresh ideas are always welcomed by our design team. We strongly believe that the constant innovation is the key to the success and long-term development for our customers and us.


*   A seasoned production team ensures us to provide our customers with high-quality products. Most of supervisors in our factory have more than 10 years of experience in the workshop management and plastic production.


*   Equipped with the modernized production facilities, quality stability and reliability of products are effectively guaranteed.



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MZ-002-F  liquid pump with smooth collar

MZ-002-F  liquid pump with smooth collar


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Q:What are the types of wine stopper?
Overall atmosphere cork and synthetic plug (plastic plug, high polymer plug).
Q:The bottle open how to do three let you skillfully unscrew the cap
There is a condiment bottle in the kitchen, a beverage bottle in the refrigerator and a pickle bottle on the table. Especially those glass bottles, coupled with metal caps, hand slip, bottle cap is also slippery, light see rivalry, that is, life or death can not open. The following tips let you clever twist the cap. 1., capping device method: according to the size of the bottle cap, select the appropriate type of capping device, the serrated part of the cap on the bottle. Turn with your hands.
Q:There's no trick about the bottle top
Besides, the food inside it is cold, so it can't reach the bottle cap at the rate of expansion.In this way, a gap is created between them and they can be opened.Well, it's time, take it out and see, it's easy enough to open.With this method, the bottle cap will no longer be strenuous. It's hot water. Just soak it. It's easy.With this method of opening the bottle cap, you do not need to pry, and do not need to bake, do not worry about broken bottles, hurt hands, and do not worry about baking hands, not to worry about the bottle burst, it is safe!
Q:Want to use bottled beer brewed Wine, can not choose who can give good cap to think of a way?
The cork Wine sharpened with plastic film layers when the cap with wai! Good sealing effect!
Q:Why do some red wine have iron lids?
Of course, no good wine cork sealed with iron cover, usually covered with iron is 1 liter capacity, in a restaurant or bar a cup to sell, with a cork 0.75 liter capacity is sold by the bottle, because the bulk selling reason, so the iron cover is convenient
Q:When the liquid has been emptied, why should the stopper be pressed immediately and the reagent bottle can be put back?
To prevent impurities in the air from falling into the liquid and to evaporate the liquid, put the bottle back where it is to prevent confusion
Q:What is the stopper (soft) made of wine?
Because the soft protective layer of bark and especially of fire insulation, oak was able to continue to grow. Many trees died because of the loss of the bark bark, because the whole tree sap, conveying the necessary energy. This soft oak has two layers of bark. The bark of the inner layer is vital, which is the basis for the growth of new bark every year. When the old bark barks at the foreign minister and dies, the new bark takes on the task of continuing to grow. The outer dead bark can be stripped away so that it does not hurt the trees, but be careful not to pierce the inner bark with vitality.
Q:The lid of the refrigerator in the mini - fridge is gone. Is that ok?
Yes, if the stability does not maintain the set temperature, the compressor will continue to refrigeration, affecting the life expectancy, and cold air and external air contact, will be large area of ice.
Q:The bottle stopper is sucked to pull it out, how to do?
The hot water in the thermos bottle for a long time, it will reduce the temperature of the water, hot gas in the space also will be cool. In the cooling water and heat, will shrink, while the outside air is not added, the bottle pressure gradually decreased, which resulted in the bottle pressure is greater than the air pressure in the bottle cork situation, was outside pressure, tightly pressed on the bottle, also pulled to pull out.
Q:Why should wine be bottle stopper instead of bottle cap?
Traditional wine packaging used cork, first oak plug, and then gradually developed into synthetic plug, 1 + 1 plug, and then there was a screw plug. At the end of 2003, Wine Internatinal held a wine tasting conference, requiring wine experts to choose the best way to seal wine. It was found that the wine sealed with a screw cap is better than a cork stopper. The magazine invited a number of wine critics to test the taste of 40 wines, each of which is sealed in 40 forms: natural cork, synthetic cork, screw cap and ordinary bottle cap. Sealing, anti bottle mouth rupture, corrosion resistance, open bottle can drill into, no peculiar smell, high voltage explosion.

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