Aluminum Foil lid for K-Cup Coffee Container

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1000000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:K-Cup Aluminum Foil Lids: 10 pcs/sheet 10 sheets/bag or cut to small pcs ,then 100pcs/bag
Delivery Detail:14 days after order confirmed


K-Cup Aluminum Foil Lids:
1) size:3.7cm
2) strong adhesive on the edge,not for heat seal
3)embossed silver materials



Product Description


k-cup coffee aluminium foil lids   

Product name

Colored aluminum foil lids for K-cup sealing


AL+PP film for PP container 

AL+PS lacquer for PS container 

AL+PE film for PE container

AL+PET lacquer for PET container

AL+PP lacquer for all the plastic containers


Good heat sealing effect
Wide heat sealing temperature range
Preserve fragrant
High barrier of air and moisture
Long shelf life

- Customized order available


Yogurt, milk, ice cream, butter, jelly,Juice, Water,

dry food, Jam,  dessert, coffee etc






1.What is the material of the bottle& cups ? Such as:PP/PE/PET,etc.

2.What is the diameter of the aluminum foil lids?

3.What is the thickness of the aluminum foil lids?

4.Whether easy to tear up?

5.Whether your product need to be printed?

6.The quantity you need? 

7.What is our payment ways?

  51.7mm aluminum foil lids for k-cup sealing

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Q:The bottle cap is too tight to unscrew and open the bottle.
This is the bottle, who is still hot, you screw the lid too tightly, the water in the bottle is cool, the pressure in the bottle is reduced, and the bottle cap is sucked tightly.
Q:How did the cork fall into the thermos?
Teach you a feasible method to get an airtight plastic bags into the thermos (outside the bag, then left) into the bag wrapped with a mouth blowing, finished, bottle down, pull the plug out of the plastic bag.
Q:Are wine made from plastic corks all bad wines?
Natural cork project has always been a traditional material, but now, more and more wine in other materials and other ways to replace the bottle cork, such as rubber plug and a metal screw cap bottle, can effectively avoid the cork pollution TCA.
Q:How do I open the wine stopper without a bottle opener?
With a towel pad wall, the bottom of the red wine slowly to the wall pad towel smashed, and more than a few smashed on the OK
Q:How many milliliter is Compound Glycyrrhiza Oral Solution bottle cap?
Generally, the bottle cap is 10 milliliter. You need to use proper warm water to relax and clean the vulva. It is advisable to use it according to instruction. Avoid taking spicy food is appropriate
Q:What about opening tool without red wine caps?
It's the synthetic metal lid out there, cut it with scissors, and then turn the bottle. It breaks the bottle cap so that it can take off the bottle cap.
Q:How do new corks remove odors?
Soak with vinegar, then remove the odor with boiling water, hold you satisfiedVery convenient, common sense
Q:The glass lunch box is covered with a lid. Let the microwave oven be heated for five minutes. Now the lid can not be opened. What shall I do?
The easiest way is to take the spoon (not too soft) and then pry it off the rubber ring. Remember to put it in the rubber ring or it will not open properly
Q:What kind of wooden bottle cap does the wine use? I can't open it
Good sealing, will not destroy the taste of the wine itself.There's a special opening tool for that bottle. No, I suggest using the chopsticks to get the cork into the bottle.
Q:What about opening the bottle without tools?
Sharp teethMany people usually choose to bite with their teeth when they don't have a baby at hand. Remember, when you bite, do not have the front incisors, try to put the bottle back teeth there, so that it will not hurt the teeth. Don't bite hard when you bite. When you can't bite, you can change the bottle to another angle.

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