Aluminum Foil lid for K-Cup Coffee Container

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Product Description:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:K-Cup Aluminum Foil Lids: 10 pcs/sheet 10 sheets/bag or cut to small pcs ,then 100pcs/bag
Delivery Detail:14 days after order confirmed


K-Cup Aluminum Foil Lids:
1) size:3.7cm
2) strong adhesive on the edge,not for heat seal
3)embossed silver materials



Product Description


k-cup coffee aluminium foil lids   

Product name

Colored aluminum foil lids for K-cup sealing


AL+PP film for PP container 

AL+PS lacquer for PS container 

AL+PE film for PE container

AL+PET lacquer for PET container

AL+PP lacquer for all the plastic containers


Good heat sealing effect
Wide heat sealing temperature range
Preserve fragrant
High barrier of air and moisture
Long shelf life

- Customized order available


Yogurt, milk, ice cream, butter, jelly,Juice, Water,

dry food, Jam,  dessert, coffee etc






1.What is the material of the bottle& cups ? Such as:PP/PE/PET,etc.

2.What is the diameter of the aluminum foil lids?

3.What is the thickness of the aluminum foil lids?

4.Whether easy to tear up?

5.Whether your product need to be printed?

6.The quantity you need? 

7.What is our payment ways?

  51.7mm aluminum foil lids for k-cup sealing

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Q:To cover the cooking time?
Indeed, some people refuse to cover the cooking pot, even more than the pot (YU word is not the word did not do research, but does not cover the pot) time, fee and heat, the boiled noodles through, often cooked!
Q:Which one of the common wine corks is made of oak bark?
The cork just known as saying, Wine cork is made from a general called oak tree bark, a piece of cut, this is the most expensive, and debris stuck together, cheaper
Q:How do you open the bottle stopper of the wine bottle?
With a towel bottom, cross bottle, with a bottle bottom gently knock on the wall, you can make a little bit of cork outIt's OK to push the cork down
Q:The lunch box into the microwave oven heated lid was do suck
The lunch box into the microwave oven heated lid is usually sucked solution is then microwave heating time, and drum up the lid after the stop heating, keep out buckled when the lid belongs to the normal state again open, can achieve the purpose of repairing the lid deformation.
Q:Why should corks be used for wine caps?
Cork represents a traditional world style and heritage. In combination with the above points, corks become the ideal bottle stopper for wine. One thing to add is that wax was used to seal the bottle at first, which made it easy to contaminate wine, and then to cork. In addition, other types of plugs are good. Many new world countries are now using new materials. They can't carry colored glasses. They simply consider other plugs as "bargains"". If you are interested in cork, please ask further questions and be ready to answer for you.
Q:Is the wine with a screw iron lid good or a stopper?
At the beginning I just in this industry, I was working in Hongkong, a large chain store Wine at that time, I often find that relatively rotating bottle cork guests more advanced, rich flavor Wine. In fact both good or bad, I will explain for everybody with a easy to understand and simple text:
Q:Why is the lid of Avene's spray so loose?
You can go look at the counters, all of the lids are like this, I own a bottle lid is easily opened this is every brand design problems you see is full of La tight, but Avene is full to send
Q:How do you prevent the 502 glue from sticking to the lid?
When you use glue, the bottle will leave a glue. You don't have to. Just clean the bottle before you put it on the lid. Just put it away. Be careful not to pour the glue, or the glue will come out and stick to the lid. You can also plug the bottle directly before you use it.
Q:Do you need to open the lid if you heat the microwave?
Avoid using ordinary plastic containers: use special microwave ovens, containers, food, microwave oven heating, one is hot food will make plastic containers deformation, and two is ordinary plastic will putProduce poisonous substances, contaminate food, and endanger human health.
Q:After using the concentrated sulfuric acid, immediately plug the bottle stopper, because?
Concentrated sulfuric acid has a strong water absorption, to prevent excessive absorption of water in the air become thin, affecting the use of.

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