Aluminum Foil Lid Coated With PP For Food

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Aluminum Foil Lid
Embossed aluminum foil lids
Die cut piece
Used for sealing PP, PS,PE cups.
Packing for yogurt, milk etc.


Aluminum Foil Lid For Food Container


Die cut sizes: as client's request

Printed: 1-10 colors

Foil thickness: 30-50 micron

Embossed aluminum foil lids are used for sealing PP, PS,PE cups.
Aluminium lidding foil for yogurt,cheese,juice,beverage cups

Properties:Peelable.Meet with FDA or SGS requirments


Lid structure


1, aluminum foil /PP lacquer   (common)

2, aluminum foil /PS lacquer   (common)

3, Al/Heat seal layer

4, PET/AL/Heat seal lacquer


Worm embossing

Pin dot embossing

Thickness of Aluminum foil

From 30 micron to 50 micron

Heat Seals:

PP and PS tubs

PE, PVC, PET also

Paper cups

Lid Diameters (mm)


37, 48, 59, 60, 61, 62, 65,68, 72, 73.5,74, 75.5, 76, 79,81,88,89,

90, 91,95.3, 98, 108,118,121 etc

We also make square lids:

63*63, 75*150, 90*130, 61*141, 93.5*93.5,120*120, etc




1-10 colors


Yogurt, milk, ice cream; butter; jelly

Juice, Water, Jam,

Dry food, dessert, coffee etc


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Q:An empty bottle with a bottle stopper. Is the pressure inside the bottle equal to the atmospheric pressure outside the bottle? Why?Is the pressure of gas not different from that of atmospheric pressure?
Because the bottle does not inhale and does not deflate until it is in equilibrium, the internal and external pressures are equal. When the lid is applied, the temperature remains the same, the pressure remains constant, or the atmosphere is equal to the pressure
Q:Is easy opening bottle cap sterilized after opening?
To obtain the pharmaceutical production quality management standards, good production practice (GMP) qualification of regular large pharmaceutical production of drugs, the bottle cap opens without disinfection.
Q:What is the bottle stopper of red wine?
Polymerization plug: it is a cork made of cork particles and adhesives. According to the different processing technology, can be divided into plate polymerization plug and bar polymerization plug.
Q:After the lid of the toilet tank is covered, the water flows automatically
Toilet water tank lid lid after the automatic water flow, probably because the water tank lid on the button is too long, leading to the button has been in the open state, so the flow. The water storage tank of the toilet has a floating ball which automatically closes the water source. When the water level of the water tank reaches a certain height, the ball will automatically cut off the water source.
Q:How do I open the wine bottle stopper?
First use a knife along the circle of the bottle, the bottle opening cut rubber cap, watch hands, don't turn the bottle, if it is old wine, the bottle will have normal precipitation, precipitation will let float to spin the bottle. Be careful when handling tin caps. They often leave a razor sharp edge, and your hands don't touch them. It's very inconvenient. In some countries, the opening of a wine bottle can be made with an open band.
Q:Tips for opening the lid of a glass jar
The pot upside down, with the palm of the hand beat down to note, see bubbles rushing down, come out, the cans are coming, canning cover, slippery with towels and the like pad, in playing well, opened ~!
Q:I accidentally dropped the color cover on the Rubik's cube, and then I found the wrong button on my own and solved it
Is the six cover each side center or all out ah, if there are six center cover words, first whether they are imaginary, did not fall, the surface is free to define the bottom surface, but should pay attention to the principle, generally are yellow white cube (or black) before the blue green orange red right left, then the cube reduction, reduction of all edges, each face center is what color at a glance, then put on the lid six. If all of them fall off, they will be assembled as they were in the beginning or after the restoration
Q:When you make tea, pour in boiling water. Do you want a lid on the cup?
Green tea and white tea don't have lids, and if you cover them, they tend to yellow. Black tea can be, look at their habits. Tieguanyin, tea, and like to use Pu'er bubble method to cover the Kung Fu Tea
Q:Why is it that a magnet is applied to the lid of the thermos cup to keep warm?
So, put a magnet, not in fact to play a thermal insulation, but in order to make the water magnetization.
Q:How many kinds of sealing ways are there in aluminum lid?
Pressed into the bottle stopper, by its own elastic deformation method composed of bottle tightly sealed, known as pressure sealing plug (Fig. 11-1c) made of cork. Cork, commonly used rubber and plastic material that has certain elasticity, its structure and shapes, figure 11-2 shows the common shape.The sealing of the bottle stopper can be used as a direct seal or a combined sealing with the bottle cap. In order to improve product sealing and prolong shelf life. Direct sealing is used for sealing liquid foods such as bottled soy sauce, vinegar and so on. Combination sealing is often used in sealing bottled high grade wine, medicine and poisonous products.

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