Aluminum Foil Lid Coated With PP For Food

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Aluminum Foil Lid
Embossed aluminum foil lids
Die cut piece
Used for sealing PP, PS,PE cups.
Packing for yogurt, milk etc.


Aluminum Foil Lid For Food Container


Die cut sizes: as client's request

Printed: 1-10 colors

Foil thickness: 30-50 micron

Embossed aluminum foil lids are used for sealing PP, PS,PE cups.
Aluminium lidding foil for yogurt,cheese,juice,beverage cups

Properties:Peelable.Meet with FDA or SGS requirments


Lid structure


1, aluminum foil /PP lacquer   (common)

2, aluminum foil /PS lacquer   (common)

3, Al/Heat seal layer

4, PET/AL/Heat seal lacquer


Worm embossing

Pin dot embossing

Thickness of Aluminum foil

From 30 micron to 50 micron

Heat Seals:

PP and PS tubs

PE, PVC, PET also

Paper cups

Lid Diameters (mm)


37, 48, 59, 60, 61, 62, 65,68, 72, 73.5,74, 75.5, 76, 79,81,88,89,

90, 91,95.3, 98, 108,118,121 etc

We also make square lids:

63*63, 75*150, 90*130, 61*141, 93.5*93.5,120*120, etc




1-10 colors


Yogurt, milk, ice cream; butter; jelly

Juice, Water, Jam,

Dry food, dessert, coffee etc


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Q:The lid of the new thermos bottle is plastic. It has been used for a month. It always has a plastic flavor. Is it toxic? How can I get rid of it?
In fact, now the home does not recommend the use of water storage equipment such as thermos bottle, now the water pollution is very serious, including such as bleach in the water, when you burn boiling water, the water is clean, when poured into the thermos bottle, the equivalent of two pollution, less health, my home is the 3M net water heater, water can immediately drink, clean and convenient!
Q:Why wood stopper for wine
Wine with metal caps is generally very cheap, and good quality wines are mostly cork. Cork is a natural product made from the bark of oak trees. It has excellent elasticity and resilience and can be completely sealed after being compressed into a bottle. However, dry stretch will decline due to reduced, which is why Wine must use across the way, to let the cork wet newspaper to preserve Wine. Today, there are also artificial compression pieces of cork instead of natural corks, but in general, most expensive wines are made of natural corks. Since the cork has a lifespan of about 30 years, it is possible to preserve longer vintages.
Q:The lid of the refrigerator in the mini - fridge is gone. Is that ok?
The refrigerator in your house has no cover, so it will affect the refrigerator!1, this compressor does not stop, it is very expensive.Cut 2, refrigerator, the performance is more and more bad.
Q:Is there a lid in a fish tank?
General tank with a lid, a lot of the finished cylinder lid is brand general illumination, unified specifications, filtration system and appearance, and can prevent some love jumping fish jumped out of the tank, the other part of the finished cylinder (Dan Yugang) will also provide a cover made of various materials, can be used withDisadvantages: Summer fish tank plus lid is not conducive to heat dissipation
Q:How can I get the bottle stopper?
On the other hand the use of knife cut packaging foil. Along the circle of the bottleneck leakproof draw a circle, and then on top of the draw knife can remove foil; operation attention not to turn the bottle;
Q:The lid of the thermos cup fell out of the pit and deformed. How should it be restored?
Usually can not be repaired, unless contact the manufacturer after-sales service replacement.
Q:The thermos bottle filled with hot water, the thermos bottle stopper wouldn't come out? Have good days, who can help me?
Originally, when boiling water poured into the thermos bottle, water vapor to large evaporation, because the cork cork and wear, so the mouth of the friction force decreases, and instead leak. So, water vapor through the gap cork and bottle, issued a buzzing sound, the friction force is not enough, the plug will be water vapor the pressure rushed out.
Q:How do you change the stopper material?
There are two kinds of wine stopper: natural cork and rotary bottle cap. The old world wine countries, such as France and Italy, have been using the traditional natural cork, which is integrated with the traditional grape brewing technology and wine culture. New world countries like Australia and New Zealand are now using rotary caps more and more
Q:How can I plug the stopper when the wine is turned on and the stopper is not returned?
In fact, there is a simple way to plug the oak stopper in the opposite direction.
Q:How about the half of the bottle stopper broken?
It is best to use special tools. The open, if not open normally, can put the bottle in his hands, gently hit the wall with the bottom of the bottle, the cork will slowly out of top, top to nearly half, put the bottle on the table, the bubble disappeared after pulling out the cork. This method is very good

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