Aluminum Foil Lid Coated With PP For Food

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Aluminum Foil Lid
Embossed aluminum foil lids
Die cut piece
Used for sealing PP, PS,PE cups.
Packing for yogurt, milk etc.


Aluminum Foil Lid For Food Container


Die cut sizes: as client's request

Printed: 1-10 colors

Foil thickness: 30-50 micron

Embossed aluminum foil lids are used for sealing PP, PS,PE cups.
Aluminium lidding foil for yogurt,cheese,juice,beverage cups

Properties:Peelable.Meet with FDA or SGS requirments


Lid structure


1, aluminum foil /PP lacquer   (common)

2, aluminum foil /PS lacquer   (common)

3, Al/Heat seal layer

4, PET/AL/Heat seal lacquer


Worm embossing

Pin dot embossing

Thickness of Aluminum foil

From 30 micron to 50 micron

Heat Seals:

PP and PS tubs

PE, PVC, PET also

Paper cups

Lid Diameters (mm)


37, 48, 59, 60, 61, 62, 65,68, 72, 73.5,74, 75.5, 76, 79,81,88,89,

90, 91,95.3, 98, 108,118,121 etc

We also make square lids:

63*63, 75*150, 90*130, 61*141, 93.5*93.5,120*120, etc




1-10 colors


Yogurt, milk, ice cream; butter; jelly

Juice, Water, Jam,

Dry food, dessert, coffee etc


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Q:Why does a cool beer freeze instantly after opening the lid?
Because beer contains a lot of nitrogen, when opening, the bottle of nitrogen out of the bottle, the internal pressure is relatively high, gas external work, their volume expansion can be reduced, the temperature is also reduced
Q:To cover the cooking time?
Indeed, some people refuse to cover the cooking pot, even more than the pot (YU word is not the word did not do research, but does not cover the pot) time, fee and heat, the boiled noodles through, often cooked!
Q:How do you remove the stopper after the bottle opener has been opened?
Should be screwed up, and then unscrew it, and it will not be so simple
Q:How did the cork fall into the thermos?
Easy way: a hot water bottle, head down, shake the bottle, so that the bottle head down, with the hand can pull out;
Q:What kind of wine do you have?
Beer featuresBeer, also called ale. It is a kind of barley and hops as the main raw material, made of fermented wine. It contains a lot of bubbles and special flavor, slightly bitter taste, alcohol content is low, generally at about 4 degrees.At present, all countries in the world to produce beer, but it is mainly divided into German, Czech, Denmark and other three types. According to the process, and draft beer and cooked the beer, ale, stout, red beer. Other more well-known beer brands in Germany Beck, Holland HeineKen Carlsberg, Denmark, the United States Budweiser, Japan's Asahi, Chinese Qingdao and Yanjing.(2) drinking beer;Drinking beer, generally should be used in the triangle or with a beer cup, drink it at the best temperature of about 7 degrees Celsius, so do not ice or long freeze. Drink beer, make great mouth drinkingBeer is not a feast abroad, but at home it has been a frequent social eating party and, in addition, it has the best drink to quench thirst
Q:What are the types of wine stoppers?
Overall atmosphere cork and synthetic plug (plastic plug, high polymer plug). The cork is used in processing the bark of cork oak trees into (note, not only with oak, oak oak, with the plug, never mind) synthetic polymer is plug artificial material, is a kind of plastic foam products.Cork is divided into natural cork (that is, whole is one), polymerization plug (looks like a grain of glue), patch cork (the middle is a grain of two sides with a complete piece of cork). There are several kinds of polymer plug, mainly according to the difference between plastic materials.
Q:Is the wine with a screw iron lid good or a stopper?
At the beginning I just in this industry, I was working in Hongkong, a large chain store Wine at that time, I often find that relatively rotating bottle cork guests more advanced, rich flavor Wine. In fact both good or bad, I will explain for everybody with a easy to understand and simple text:
Q:Why is the lid of Avene's spray so loose?
You can go look at the counters, all of the lids are like this, I own a bottle lid is easily opened this is every brand design problems you see is full of La tight, but Avene is full to send
Q:Is easy opening bottle cap sterilized after opening?
In the course of intravenous infusion, according to nursing practice, usually in the open after the plastic bottle to be disinfected on the surface of the cork, and now the manufacturers are adding a layer of plastic bottles on the aluminum cover, do not need to open, bottle opener, plastic cover can be directly opened, there is no inner contamination from outside.
Q:What if the plastic lid of the jar containing honey cannot be screwed?
Whether it's a glass bottle or a plastic bottle, you put them in lukewarm water that is no more than 40 degrees Celsius. After 5-10 minutes, try to screw it again and unscrew it

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