PS/PP film Aluminum foil yogurt packaging cover/ lid

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yogurt packaging, Aluminum foil seal liner
Applicable for yogurt,cheese,ice cream,etc.

 yogurt packaging, Aluminum foil seal liner

Meet the technical requirement of Environmental Labeling Product Certificate.

It ensures sanitation and safety.


Tight-sealing and easily to be torn off.


Used for Full-auto Filling machines,precise spot distance,boost the rate of  finished products.

Applicable for Germany,Italian,French and Chinese full automatic filling and sealing machine.


 Product Description


9 colors available, 5 fast printing machine, HACCP certificated, GMP workshop



PS/PP film, yogurt packaging, Aluminum foil seal liner






Yogurt/Cheese/Ice cream,etc.

OEM service

YES(LOGO printing)


ISO9001, ISO 14001,QS(Quality safe), HACCP

Price and payment terms


Based on the material, size, thickness, printing, color, quantity



30% deposit and plate making cost, 

70% balance paid before loading with picture of finished product 

(or 70% balance against copy B/L)

Lead time

15 days( Depends on the quantity, can be faster or later)


Shanghai, China



Our Advantage

  1. Vivid and bright printing up to 9 colors 

  2. Moisture proof and prevent leakage 

  3. Competitive and reasonable price 

  4. Fast delivery time 

  5. Prompt service


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Q:What are the materials commonly used in plastic caps?
PE material: used for hot filling bottle and aseptic cold filling bottle, this material is non-toxic, good toughness and impact resistance, but also easy to film, high and low temperature resistance, environmental stress cracking performance is good, disadvantage is the molding shrinkage and deformation. Many vegetable oils, glass bottles of sesame oil and so forth are the materials on the market.
Q:What's wrong with the bottle cap of red wine?
After the general red wine opens, and in the air oxygen contact, needs to drink in 48 hours. If you really need to save it, buy a special bottle stopper instead of the bottle stopper and place it in a cool, dry place.
Q:What are the plastic lids usually made of? Besides, what are the materials made of them?
For example: PP bottle bottle PE, such as ink cans, bottles of mineral water bottles, such as PET, PVC such as lotion bottles, cosmetic bottles, cosmetics bottles of PMMA AS PC five gallon bucket PS medicine bottle and so on, too many varieties of plastic. No write.The lid is the same reason, the daily use of PP, PE mostly.
Q:What's the reason for the loose sealing of the bayonet aluminum cap?
2. sealing glandThe seal formed by the joint of the crown around the crown of the crown and the rim of the bottle is called gland sealing (as shown in figure 11-lb). The seal between the end cap and the bottle liner made of rubber or cork elastic sealing gasket sealing gland sealing. The sealing is reliable, easy unsealing, is containing carbonated drink liquid - beer, soda and wine bottle of glass container packaging common seal form.
Q:How do you open the bottle stopper of the wine bottle?
If the wine cork broken, or stainless steel chopsticks or the rest of the cork are hardcore down, then find a container with filter (filter can not use gauze or a thin dense filter) can be a wine cork is usually made of oak are very clean filtering 0k
Q:How do you plug the wine bottle back
Pour the rest of the wine into a smaller bottle (such as 375ML) and then fill it with a stopper and place it in the refrigerator. Although this approach is somewhat complicated, it is more effective. The first two methods are easier to handle for wine using the new world screw capping bottle.
Q:Is it necessary to make a lid for tea?
Brewing good tea tea should be poured into the sea, and then poured into the cup of tea from the guest (tea cup). The tea is also called fair cup, take the tea Fair.
Q:How to open the tin lid cool oil.
Can not open, mainly due to long time, internal and external pressure imbalance caused by..
Q:How long will the pressure cooker turn off the lid after the fire is off?
About 10-20 minutes, less than 10 minutes, more than 20 minutes to open the cover
Q:How do I open the Chivas bottle cap?
Out of the way.. Leave yourself to drink, to buy to give it, although you can two bottles into one bottle, but knows who will still see traces, do not know if the wine do not send it to buy two bottles of Chivas, the 2 pan head let him drink and go to bed,

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