PS/PP film Aluminum foil yogurt packaging cover/ lid

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yogurt packaging, Aluminum foil seal liner
Applicable for yogurt,cheese,ice cream,etc.

 yogurt packaging, Aluminum foil seal liner

Meet the technical requirement of Environmental Labeling Product Certificate.

It ensures sanitation and safety.


Tight-sealing and easily to be torn off.


Used for Full-auto Filling machines,precise spot distance,boost the rate of  finished products.

Applicable for Germany,Italian,French and Chinese full automatic filling and sealing machine.


 Product Description


9 colors available, 5 fast printing machine, HACCP certificated, GMP workshop



PS/PP film, yogurt packaging, Aluminum foil seal liner






Yogurt/Cheese/Ice cream,etc.

OEM service

YES(LOGO printing)


ISO9001, ISO 14001,QS(Quality safe), HACCP

Price and payment terms


Based on the material, size, thickness, printing, color, quantity



30% deposit and plate making cost, 

70% balance paid before loading with picture of finished product 

(or 70% balance against copy B/L)

Lead time

15 days( Depends on the quantity, can be faster or later)


Shanghai, China



Our Advantage

  1. Vivid and bright printing up to 9 colors 

  2. Moisture proof and prevent leakage 

  3. Competitive and reasonable price 

  4. Fast delivery time 

  5. Prompt service


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Q:The lid of the refrigerator in the mini - fridge is gone. Is that ok?
The refrigerator always has a set temperature, and the refrigerator is usually around 5 degrees.If the lid is broken or the gap leaks out of the air conditioner, the temperature in the fridge must not be up to this temperature.Once the probe has measured the temperature below this temperature, the refrigerator starts to cool.
Q:Can I turn on the air conditioner after the lid is opened?
Yes, the shell dropped can still work in the dormitory.
Q:Red wine with unsealed, useful cork plug, placed at room temperature for a period of time, you can drink?
Red wine, in general, probably after opening the bottle, even in the refrigerator, it is best to drink within one or two days.
Q:Why are plastic lids usually made of PP?
Polypropylene (English abbreviated PP) is an odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, white translucent plastic and chemical properties are very stable, heat resistance, rigidity and high yield strength and high density polyethylene, good toughness, the price is cheap, the injection nozzle, the bottle manufacturing process better.
Q:How do I open the lid of honey grapefruit tea?
Before making use of method at the end of the jar quite effective, but more suitable for small cap, like a big bottle with hot water or bars
Q:Why are the lids of some wines iron and some cork?
So the hot metal screw cap, and got the most new world winery recognized by the state, part of the old world wineries began to follow, but most of the old world wine or love with traditional cork, because they don't think inside or not Wine the cork.
Q:What kind of wine do you have?
Beer featuresBeer, also called ale. It is a kind of barley and hops as the main raw material, made of fermented wine. It contains a lot of bubbles and special flavor, slightly bitter taste, alcohol content is low, generally at about 4 degrees.At present, all countries in the world to produce beer, but it is mainly divided into German, Czech, Denmark and other three types. According to the process, and draft beer and cooked the beer, ale, stout, red beer. Other more well-known beer brands in Germany Beck, Holland HeineKen Carlsberg, Denmark, the United States Budweiser, Japan's Asahi, Chinese Qingdao and Yanjing.(2) drinking beer;Drinking beer, generally should be used in the triangle or with a beer cup, drink it at the best temperature of about 7 degrees Celsius, so do not ice or long freeze. Drink beer, make great mouth drinkingBeer is not a feast abroad, but at home it has been a frequent social eating party and, in addition, it has the best drink to quench thirst
Q:Dove shampoo, press the lid to open after the press can not go down?
A previous shampoo bottle, continue to use the bottle, the new inverted the old empty bottle; this is good.
Q:What is the reason for the loose sealing of the bayonet aluminum cap?
Edge sealA seal formed from the sides of the tank lid and the flange of the tank body is formed by a mutually twisted hook, called a curling seal (as shown in figure 11-1a). Sealed cylindrical cans are widely used in canned food and beverage packaging. In order to make the sealing of the joint part does not leak, usually in the lid put 1 concave edge glue (or rubber compounding material, roll edge tree T) after the clip in the seam to improve air tightness.
Q:Why do some caps need to be pressed down before they can be unscrewed?
The air in the bottle is air pressure. Under the pressure, the air in the bottle can be sunk, and the bottle can not be crowded in the bottle mouth, and the pressure can be reduced to a certain extent, so that the lid can be opened conveniently.

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