Embossed Aluminum Foil Lids for Pet Food Plastic Cups

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1000000 pc/month

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Product Description:

 Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:1000PCS/BOX,and 18BOXES/CARTON
Delivery Detail:15-20 days down after payment.


Aluminium foil packaging
Diameter 37-150mm
Good printing,prevent leakage
Good seal & easy peel off


Product Description

--.Aluminium Foil Heat Seal Lids And Rolls


   aluminium foil + PP easy seal film

   aluminium foil + PP lacquer

   aluminium foil + PS lacquer

   aluminium foil + PS film

   aluminium foil + PE film

--.AL.foil thickness:


--.Total thickness(with embossed):

   110micron - 130micron


   Available for PP/PS/PE/PET and glass cups

--.Size: 39mm - 144mm Outer diameter

--.Printing colors: 0 - 8 colors




Packaging & Shipping


18 boxes/carton,1000pcs/box, inner the plastic bag




Technical Requirements:

Ave. weight

Over lacquer


Printing ink




Aluminum foil

108.4g/m2~ 135g/m2

Heat lacquer


Thickness of embossed


Weight per 1000 pieces



According to clients requriements



Melting point of heatseal lacquer:

Melting Point of Heat Seal Lacquer

<= 80°C

Temperature of Heat Seal

210- 220°C(3kg,1sec.),190- 200°C(4kg,1sec.),180- 190°C(5kg,1sec.)

Hot-seal Strength(PS)


Thickness of Heat Seal Glue

2 micro

Aluminium Tensile Strength


Retain Solvent




Available Diameter for Lids 39mm,47mm,51.2mm,56mm,56.5mm,60mm,62mm,65mm,68mm,70mm,72mm,74mm,



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Q:How to open Tupperware cup saves effort?
Because of Tupperware's product is designed with 5 degrees along the tilt angle, so the flat cover cup when closed and opened slightly a little effort. It's mainly a matter of method. When you open it, you can use the thumb of the thumb to withstand the side of the cup cover, push it 45 degrees above the syncline. This will make it easy to open and won't scratch fingernails and cups.
Q:Does sunscreen have any effect if you don't have a lid for a day?
Influential, but almost negligibleSunscreen shelf life is generally two to three years, the active ingredient in sunscreen in about half a year, in order to truly achieve a sunscreen marked above the SPF and PA effect, must be completed in half a year after opening use
Q:Boil eggs or cover them
To cover the lid, the amount of water to the egg is not appropriate, pay attention to boiled eggs, cold water on the next pot
Q:How do I open the wine stopper without a bottle opener?
The wine bottle bottom to hit the towel, remember at the time of the collision, not to force too much time not too long, otherwise will come out. Just hit it for a while, and you'll see the cork coming out of the bottle. When the wooden plug comes out half, it's easy to pull out and the wine is opened in good condition! However, although the bottle is not too strong to hit, but also regarded as an individual force, so this method of opening bottles, preferably by the male compatriots to complete oh.
Q:Which one of the common wine corks is made of oak bark?
The cork just known as saying, Wine cork is made from a general called oak tree bark, a piece of cut, this is the most expensive, and debris stuck together, cheaper
Q:How long will it take after the beer has been opened?
Beer should be instant drink, open beer too long, carbon dioxide gas ran away, drink it makes people feel bitter and tasteless, tasteless, but also easy to microbial cause spoilage. The most important thing is that the taste will become bad.
Q:Bottle cap wrong direction, slippery silk, how to do, seek tips?
Put it in the freezer, the metal cap shrinkage rate, cold will tighten, so it does not slip silk.
Q:How do open the wine bottle without a bottle opener?
1. Wrap a towel around the bottom of the wine.2, the bottom of the bottle on the wall or trees, bottles and walls or trees to maintain vertical state, according to the bottleneck of the hand, uniform and strong impact on the bottom of the bottle, cork will slowly be pushed out. If there are no walls or trees, you can hit the bottom with a knee or sole.3. Once the cork has been pushed out of the cork, it can be drawn out by hand or by pliers. Or you can continue hitting rhythmically until the entire cork comes out. If you want to open a carbonated drink (champagne or beer, for example), leave it still for 10-15 minutes before opening the bottle.
Q:Why do you always smell bottle stopper when you drink red wine?
The wooden bottle stopper is needed. The wine is kept lying down when it is kept, and the wine is soaked by the cork, and the bottle has an aroma of wine.
Q:How many a bottle of beer?
Why is the 21, is actually associated with the bottle opener, open bottles of beer is also a subject, to emphasize the safety and convenience, because beer contains large amounts of carbon dioxide, so the opening should be particularly careful, if the inside pressure or uneven easy to get hurt, especially violent shaking off beer, open the bottle very easy to burst. So how to open a beer bottle safely and conveniently should be considered in the design process. At that time, designers were able to find the easiest way to open the bottle quickly, so it was easiest and safe to open the 21 sawtooth teeth by constantly changing the sawtooth. So today's 21 jagged caps are formed. But because of this design are recognized, so quickly in some other beverage packaging applications, such as glass bottles of Coca Cola and Sprite bottle, are also used in this standard.

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