Embossed Aluminum Foil Lids for Pet Food Plastic Cups

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1000 pc
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1000000 pc/month

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Product Description:

 Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:1000PCS/BOX,and 18BOXES/CARTON
Delivery Detail:15-20 days down after payment.


Aluminium foil packaging
Diameter 37-150mm
Good printing,prevent leakage
Good seal & easy peel off


Product Description

--.Aluminium Foil Heat Seal Lids And Rolls


   aluminium foil + PP easy seal film

   aluminium foil + PP lacquer

   aluminium foil + PS lacquer

   aluminium foil + PS film

   aluminium foil + PE film

--.AL.foil thickness:


--.Total thickness(with embossed):

   110micron - 130micron


   Available for PP/PS/PE/PET and glass cups

--.Size: 39mm - 144mm Outer diameter

--.Printing colors: 0 - 8 colors




Packaging & Shipping


18 boxes/carton,1000pcs/box, inner the plastic bag




Technical Requirements:

Ave. weight

Over lacquer


Printing ink




Aluminum foil

108.4g/m2~ 135g/m2

Heat lacquer


Thickness of embossed


Weight per 1000 pieces



According to clients requriements



Melting point of heatseal lacquer:

Melting Point of Heat Seal Lacquer

<= 80°C

Temperature of Heat Seal

210- 220°C(3kg,1sec.),190- 200°C(4kg,1sec.),180- 190°C(5kg,1sec.)

Hot-seal Strength(PS)


Thickness of Heat Seal Glue

2 micro

Aluminium Tensile Strength


Retain Solvent




Available Diameter for Lids 39mm,47mm,51.2mm,56mm,56.5mm,60mm,62mm,65mm,68mm,70mm,72mm,74mm,



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