Multi-Function Power Bank Charger Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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1.  Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Three kinds of Bluetooth solution is for choice, including   Bluetooth version
     vertion 2.1 with FM function, version 4.0.

2. 4 Functions are for wireless bluetooth speaker, FM, MIC and power bank charger

3.  Water-proof, Shock resistant, Dust-proof design, fit for outdoor and indoor use.

4.  Built-in 7000mAh big capacity backup battery, used as power bank charging your smartphone, tablet etc.

5.  Design patented.

6.  Built-in sensitive microphone, support wireless to answer and hang up, redial calls functions

7.  Easy-push button controls

8.  Line in with 3.5mm socket, for non-bluetooth audio devices, like computer, laptop, MP3 etc..

9.  4pcs LED indicators shows battery status, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.

10.  Built in bass diaphgram, super bass

11. Play music as well as charging mobile phone.

12. High quality professional super-power loudspeaker, wide vocal range, stereo sound.

Bluetooth portable speaker with paring name "S7720", works for all the bluetooth enabled iDevices.

4 in 1 Multi-Function Power Bank Charger Wireless Bluetooth Speaker/ FM Radio

Bluetooth wireless bluetooth speaker with superb bass sound and power bank charger function

7000 mAh battery capacity allows you to charge your iDevices like iPhone, Mobile phones, iPad, Camera on-the go with portable design.
4 in 1 Multi-Function Power Bank Charger Wireless Bluetooth Speaker/ FM Radio

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