Power Bank Charger Bluetooth Speaker with new Design

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  1. 4 in 1 power bank charger wireless speaker is a creative design starting from the end of 2013, but with the several times quality improved, the bluetooth speaker bass sound is very nice and stable, no nosie sound and charging your any device is possible.

  2. Main three functions are wireless bluetooth speaker, charging in and out, LED flashlight

  3. Unique triangle fresh design with high quality paint makes your life more fashionable

  4. With a capacity 9000mAh, you can charge any of your device on the go, besides, capacity can be adjusted as per customer's different needs

  5. Multifunctional Power bank bluetooth speaker LW-826 is suitable for iPad/ iPhone4/ iphone4s/ iPhone5S/ iPod Apple products (3GS) /Mobile phones/ Smart phones

What's the 4 in 1 functions?

  1. Used as Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  2. Uesd as LED Torch

  3. Used as Power Bank Charger

  4. Used to answer phone call


  1. Do not use the device in the bathrooms with high humidity or where it may be exposed to water    

  2. Do not modify or disassemble the device.

  3. Do not let children to play with the device.

  4. Do not connect input and output in reverse.

  5. Do not throw the device into fire or water.

  6. Do not charge the device in excess of the rating.

  7. Do not connect the device from the USB connector after completion of charge.

  8. Do not touch the device with wet hand.

9000 mAH power bank charger wireless speaker 3W with led flash light

9000mAh 4 in 1 Power Bank Charger Bluetooth Speaker LED Torch

Functions buttons demonstration on the wireless speaker power bank charger
9000mAh 4 in 1 Power Bank Charger Bluetooth Speaker LED Torch
Torch function makes it easy to use in night outdoor

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