Power Bank Charger Bluetooth Speaker with new Design

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  1. 4 in 1 power bank charger wireless speaker is a creative design starting from the end of 2013, but with the several times quality improved, the bluetooth speaker bass sound is very nice and stable, no nosie sound and charging your any device is possible.

  2. Main three functions are wireless bluetooth speaker, charging in and out, LED flashlight

  3. Unique triangle fresh design with high quality paint makes your life more fashionable

  4. With a capacity 9000mAh, you can charge any of your device on the go, besides, capacity can be adjusted as per customer's different needs

  5. Multifunctional Power bank bluetooth speaker LW-826 is suitable for iPad/ iPhone4/ iphone4s/ iPhone5S/ iPod Apple products (3GS) /Mobile phones/ Smart phones

What's the 4 in 1 functions?

  1. Used as Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  2. Uesd as LED Torch

  3. Used as Power Bank Charger

  4. Used to answer phone call


  1. Do not use the device in the bathrooms with high humidity or where it may be exposed to water    

  2. Do not modify or disassemble the device.

  3. Do not let children to play with the device.

  4. Do not connect input and output in reverse.

  5. Do not throw the device into fire or water.

  6. Do not charge the device in excess of the rating.

  7. Do not connect the device from the USB connector after completion of charge.

  8. Do not touch the device with wet hand.

9000 mAH power bank charger wireless speaker 3W with led flash light

9000mAh 4 in 1 Power Bank Charger Bluetooth Speaker LED Torch

Functions buttons demonstration on the wireless speaker power bank charger
9000mAh 4 in 1 Power Bank Charger Bluetooth Speaker LED Torch
Torch function makes it easy to use in night outdoor

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How do you know "T6 HD player randomly matches HDMI line 1.3 version"? Play 3D ISO TV opportunity automatically switch to 1920 X 1080 24Hz (3D video signal). Your TV shows 1920 X 2105 24Hz may be a problem. 3D video signal, the picture is a bit jitter, as long as it is true 3D screen, wear 3D glasses to see, there will be no jitter feeling.
Q:Can the SONY Blu ray player decode the whole area?
SONY Blu ray player in the country, usually only Hong Kong version of the region can be decoded, the domestic sales are unable to decode the region.
Q:What exactly is a blu ray player and what's the difference between HD and HD players?
Blu ray machine is mainly used to play Blu ray DVD high price 20003000 yuan HD player low price of $1000 a can not
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PHILPS (Philips) bdp2182/93 3D Blu ray DVD player, in accordance with the instructions within the applicable line, do not understand, you can dial the instructions on the phone to find after sale.
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Blu-ray Disc, the Chinese version of the Blu ray disc, or Blu ray DVD, is the next generation of DVD disk format. As human beings are becoming more and more strict in the quality of multimedia, high quality video and high capacity data storage are needed. Its former competitor is HD DVD, both of which have different corporate support and are competing to become standard specifications. At 5 pm on February 19, 2008, the Toshiba Co held a press conference in Tokyo, Japan Hamamatsu Xinhua Building 39, Toshiba President Nishida Atsushi announced in the media before, Toshiba's HD DVD products will formally withdraw from 3 at the end of next generation DVD format competition. With the publication of SONY's Blu ray, in fact already realized the next generation DVD format of the world. Blu-ray was named after its adopted laser wavelength of 405 nm (nm), just the blue light in the spectrum, hence its name. (DVD uses 650nm wavelength red light reader, while CD uses 780nm wavelength).Blu ray Disc Association was prepared to release the product at the consumer electronics show in January 2006, and later in the process of technology R & D blue, Sony Corp believes that it is necessary to take additional measures to cope with, and postponed the release date of PLAYSTATION 3 to November 2006. Members of the Blu ray Disc Association will also defer the release of Blu ray technology related products to June 2006.A single layer Blu ray disc has a capacity of 25 or 27GB, enough to burn a high resolution video for up to 4 hours. Double layers can reach 46 or 54GB, enough to burn a high resolution video for up to 8 hours. The capacity of 100 or 200GB, respectively, 4 and 8 layers.In the current study, TDK has announced the development of a 4 - layer, 100GB - sized compact disc.
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But the main function of Blu ray players is to play movies, which is very different from SONY's special CD sound quality. If it's not a music fan, it doesn't matter.
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Download Blu ray player software, you can directly open the Blu ray ISO file. Recommend Cyberlink PowerDVD and Macgo BD Player these two.
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