Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Christmas Diamond Shape

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Product Description:


  • Excellent diamond shaped appearance with a delicate design.

  • Bass stereo sound effect.

  • Supports Bluetooth 3.0 and Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, backwards compatible with Blueooth 2.0/1.2/1.1.

  • Great noise-cancelling function for clear calling and music listening.

  • Remotely switches among modes, play/pause or volume control.

  • Working with most Bluetooth enabled devices,including android & iPhones,tablets,iPods, computers,and mp3 players.

  • Built-in high sensitive microphone for hands-free phone calls. 

Our Advantages:

  •  We are manufacturer of Bluetooth speaker.

  •  Our month production volume is 10,000 pcs.

  •  We export to our products to Europe,America,Asia,Middle East and Africa due to our large 


  •  We can produce new items according to your requirements.

  •  OEM orders are available  

Bluetooth/ TF/  AUX/ MIC wireless speakers with diamond shape, a good choice for 2014 Christmas gift. Private moulded wireless bluetooth speakers 2014
2014 Christmas Diamond Shape Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless bluetooth speaker contents
* One piece white USB charging cable
* One piece white AUX audio cable
* English user manual
* Customized color box
2014 Christmas Diamond Shape Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Working with most of bluetooth enabled devices with 3.5mm jack for PC, Samsung/Apple iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/6/6 plus/ HTC/ Nokia/ iPod/ MP3/ MP4

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Q:Upgrade from a home theater, choose HD HD player or Blu ray disc player
It is recommended to select HD HD player:1, the hard disk player content storage, change and read quickly, suitable for home theater this high-frequency use of equipment2 discs are wear and tear products, easy to wear and tear3, the use of hard disk storage medium, the use of zero cost, while the CD needs to rent or burn, not only expensive, but also very time-consuming and arduousTherefore, it is recommended to use hard disk and HD HD players as the configuration of the home theater
Q:How do I use the Blu ray player to play subtitles in the MKV video?
1. subtitles files and video files the same,.Srt do not add subtitles group name2. subtitles file, if you still can not change the suffix, called TXT, open save as in the code there to ANSI, save in the suffix called SRT3., if not, you can embed subtitles with softwareMore than 2 ways will work
Q:Which brand is recommended for Blu ray players?
The Blu ray player brand is OPPO, the second is Japan's Pioneer Co, and the third is Japan's Sony Corp.
Q:How can I connect the Blu ray player to the power amplifier?
Do not have their own wiring, installation, you directly follow the channel for the interface can be, and it will not be complicated.
Q:Blu ray player and TV set can be connected to WiFi. What do you mean by connecting USB?
Player WIFI, is connected to the network to use the player within the cyber source; and the TV WIFI only use TV in the cyber source if USB is connected, the TV through the TV to read USB, if the USB connection is the player, the player reads.Blu ray TV, simply put, is the Blu ray player function is built in the TV set, can through the computer HD movies downloaded to the storage medium, connected to the TV set, and then through the TV play out, this is the blue tv.Specifically, Blu ray TV can support H.264 decoding, through the USB interface, you can directly broadcast the use of H.264 encoding 1080P HD, this function is also called Blu ray playback function. Blu ray playback downward compatible with 1080I, 720P and non HD image data, almost can be popular in HD and non HD video formats such as AVI, WMA, TS, TP and RM/VB.
Q:Blu ray player can crack the code?
Blu ray player then there is no way ~ ~ if it is blue CD-ROM can change the five area code
Q:What's the difference between Blu ray DVD and HD player? And the line DVD
As a matter of fact, a movie is around 20G, and if you want to see it, Taobao has a lot of people working on "HD movies". Don't you believe in searching for 1GB 10 Fen?.. If you see a 720P mark, 40 Fen is enough. Blue plate online selling 25-40 yuan might as well rushed to the cinema.
Q:Which brand is good for Blu ray player?
At present, OPPO's most popular top Blu ray player, the model is OPPO BDP-105D Blu ray player, Jingdong priced at 10889 yuan.
Q:What is 4k3d Blu ray DVD player?
First of all, what is 4K?4K resolution, that is, the Utlra HD standard. As a standard, the 4K image refers to the horizontal direction, each row of pixel values reached or close to 4096 images, in most cases, especially 4096*2160 resolution. And according to the range of use, 4K imagesThere are also a variety of derivative resolutions, such as Full, Aperture, 4K, 4096*3112, and AcademyThe 3656*2664 of 4K and the standard UHDTV of 3840*2160 belong to the category of 4K image resolution. Today, the common 4K resolution is 4096*2160 and 3840*2160 two, the former is mainly used in the field of digital cinema, the latter is used in 4K TVOr on the 4K monitor. TVs or monitors using 3840*2160 resolutions are also called UHDTV standard products. The UHDTV standard is formulated by the International Telecommunication Union, the full name is UltraHigh Definition Television, that is, super clear tv. Full High Definition with 1920*1080 resolutionCompared to Television (FHDTV, full HD TV), the resolution of UHDTV is just four times that of FHDTV, and it can display more fine images when the screen size is the sameSince the aspect ratio is also 16:9, the UHDTV standard products are also well compatible with FHDTV images and are more easily accepted by consumers. But in the strict sense, 4K TV and ultra clean television is not exactly the same, because the UHDTV standard, in addition to 3840*2160 resolution, but also containsThere is 7680*4320 resolution, and the latter is also known as 8K resolution. Therefore, technically, 4K TV belongs to ultra clean TV, but ultra clean TV is not limited to 4K tv. Now TV or monitor factoryBusiness emphasis will be placed on "4K" rather than "super clear", in addition to the former read a stronger sense of science and technology, one of the reasons is that the future of the "8K" products leave a difference in space.
Q:How can I solve the problem that the Blu ray machine can not plug in subtitles?
General TV supports subtitles. Take a look at it

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