Motor Grader Low Price Gr215 215HP

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Motor Grader  Low Price Gr215 215HP

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Basic Info.

Model NO.:GR215


Other Model:Gr100-Gr300

Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.







Production Capacity:500, 000 Unit/Year

Product Description

Motor Grader of GR215 WITH CUMMINS ENGINE, 

Basic specification
Engine model6CTAA8.3 6CTA8.3
Rated power/speed153kW/2200rpm  160kW/2200rpm
Operating weight(Standard)16500kg
Performance specification
Travelling speed ,forward5,8,11,19,23,38 km/h
Travelling speed ,reverse5,11,23 km/h
Tractive force(f=0.75)82KN
Max. gradeability20%
Tire inflation pressure260 kPa
Working hydraulic pressure16 MPa
Transmission pressure1.3~1.8MPa
Operating specification
Max. steering angle of front wheels±50°
Max. lean angle of front wheels±17°
Max. oscillation angle of front axle±15°
Max. oscillation angle of balance box15
Frame articulation angle±27°
Min. turning radius using articulation7.3m
Maximum lift above ground450mm
Maximum depth of cutting500mm
Maximum blade position angle90°
Blade cutting angle28°—70°
Circle reversing rotation360°
Moldboard width X height4270×610mm


Motor Grader  Low Price Gr215 215HP

Motor Grader  Low Price Gr215 215HP

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Q:Failure and maintenance of laser grader
7. division methodThe segmentation method is the method of "fault segmentation", which gradually reduces the size of a piece of board and shrinks to a certain line and then to a certain point.8. direct observationDirect observation method is the use of human senses, the phenomenon of direct observation of spark, abnormal sound, overheat and burn, make sure that the power supply short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage and plug loose components, corrosion damage and obvious fault.9. isolation compression methodThat is, according to the fault phenomena and the hardware components, some information about the parts is temporarily disconnected, or simplified raw data is used to reduce the search scope.10. program testingThat is to help search failure by using the power on self-test program and senior special diagnostic procedures, diagnostic procedures provide a number of measuring hard drive, floppy drive, CD - ROM and printer detection by the menu form, if the hardware failure display the error and noise so as to obtain the fault point and its causes.
Q:Chang Linzhu grader, gearbox, what's wrong?
This isn't the Chang Linzhu you're talking about, right?Chasing the answerThis is Shandong, Linshu, Chang Linzhu
Q:What brand of grader is good, what's the performance?
Chang Linzhu is good, he works fast, and the price is cheap.
Q:Is the night shift on the grader?
Absolutely not on the night shift. In Xinjiang, the general level of wages in 5000-7000.
Q:When the transmission element of the grader is broken, the car does not work after the car starts. Why?
Hello, the gearbox is through the gearbox oil supply pressure, control of each shift carry shift gearbox, when the filter is blocked or damaged, it will cause the gearbox oil supply is not smooth, which leads to the deficiency of the actuator pressure, realize gear control is not very good, so there will be the phenomenon of weak acceleration of the vehicle, hope can I help you, what questions are always welcome to come to consult!
Q:What is the cause of the oil leakage in the Tiangong 180 grader engine and gearbox?
But it may not solve the problem, but also hurt the car. It is recommended that the majority of car owners use the "free repair and repair" method to solve the problem of automobile oil leakage.
Q:Paver, grader, roller, post responsibility 50
11, rolling on the new road should be rolled from the middle to the sides, and the edge shall be no less than 0.5m when it is rolled. 12, rolling adjacent to the mountain road, should be side to side rolling, from the edge of the roadbed should not be less than 1m. 13, on the downhill, should be selected in advance gear, not on the slope shift, downhill may not neutral sliding. 14, two or more rollers at the same time work, the distance between the front and rear shall not be less than 3m, on the ramp may not column driving. 15, in the operation shall be repaired or fuel, repairs on the bottom of the machine when the engine flameout, with brake and rolling blade large live wheel feng. 16. For a three wheeled roller with differential locking device, a differential locking device is used only when one wheel is slipping, but no turning is allowed. 17. After work, park the roller in a flat and solid place and brake. Shall not be parked on the edge of the dirt road or on the slope, nor shall it be parked where traffic is disturbed. 18, cold season should be stopped when the roller with wooden mats from the ground 19, roller transfer site from a distance, should use the car or flatbed trailer shipment, shall not be used by other vehicles drag and haul. Vibratory roller 1, when operating, roller should start before vibration, the internal combustion engine should be placed in the medium speed, and then tune
Q:How many machines, bulldozers, graders of the three which one month's wages, estimate
I was digging machine, and every place is different, we here almost 500035003500 of such a
Q:How do you set the grader?
It's around fifteen thousand to twenty thousand. I'm the Kaiping local plane
Q:When is subgrade construction done? Twenty
That confused. The first step of subgrade construction is to compaction the pond slag, and the second is to construct the stabilized layer, that is to say, to hit the lime soil. Each level of the basic level should be controlled in advance, with labels. The grass roots must be layered and compacted by rollers.

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