SHANTUI Grader (SG16-3)

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Shantui’s Motor Grader Series has been internally developed, based on the most advanced foreign
technologies. The working devices employ external gears with high torque transference and a linked swing
frame for easy operation. With a large cutting angle on the cutting edges and a strong resistance to external shocks, the working devices are capable of handling high workloads and can operate under the harshest of working conditions.

Engine model: Cummins 6BTAA5.9-C160

Rated power: 118 kW/2200 rpm

Operating weight: 15.4 t

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Q:Learn the grader and the excavator.
Excavators are difficult to operate and pay little. Let's learn the grader
Q:Should the grader insure against heavy insurance?
Definitely. According to the traffic insurance Ordinance, the owner or manager of the vehicle in the territory of People's Republic of China on the road, should be in accordance with the provisions of the "People's Republic of China road traffic safety law" the compulsory traffic accident liability insurance insurance.According to the relevant provisions of the state on motor vehicle safety inspection standards, grader belongs to wheeled self-propelled machinery, and it is a kind of motor vehicle, and should be given strong risk.
Q:Tiangong 180 grader, two, behind the keel, burns,
You don't know the specific to the keel block, if it is that if the brake brake frequent brake disc piece hot normal run or long road, suggested that engineering vehicles don't run long, there is to see how the brake piston return, with little attention, hope to adopt
Q:Why is the half axle bearing of the rear axle of Xugong Grader?
It's probably the quality of the bearingsBecause they are loaded with small factory bearings, the quality is a little worse, but the cost is much lower
Q:What role does the balancing box of the grader play?
In addition to balancing and stabilizing the balancing box, the utility model can also make the transmission more stable and support all the loads at the rear of the grader.
Q:What do you mean by engineering ground leveling and ground leveling?
Grader is divided into two types: tow and self-propelled. The towed grader is driven by special vehicles: self-propelled grader, engine driven, driven and operated. The former is less used because of its poor mobility and low operation efficiency. (L) according to the number of wheels and tires, according to the number of wheels and tires, they can be divided into four wheels (two shafts) and six wheels (three shafts), of which six wheels are the majority of the two. The layout form of flat locomotive wheel is expressed by total wheel number * driving wheel number * steering wheel number, and driving wheel number is more. Work produced in tractive force is greater; the number of steering wheel, flat machine turning radius is small, generally have the following arrangement: 1 wheels) four wheel grader: 4x2x2 type: rear wheel drive, front wheel steering; type 4x4x4: all wheel drive, all wheel steering wheel; 2) six grader: type 6x4x2: rear wheel drive, front wheel steering; type 6x6x2: all wheel drive, front wheel steering; type 6x6x6: all wheel drive, all wheel steering.
Q:How do grader learn?
This exam, or find a school or teacher to learn it!!
Q:What is the mode of construction of Grader?
Subgrade construction because of the roughness requirements are not very high, generally according to the grader and operator construction experience, directly carry out scraping work. The construction of pavement base (i.e. lime soil and two ash crushed stone) is very strict, because it directly affects the smoothness of asphalt surface and the saving and waste of paving materials.
Q:The grader flue injection going on?
Look at the diesel oil or oil, oil might be the turbocharger is broken, and then take the blue smoke, if diesel boring machine,
Q:Xugong 185 grader with 165 operations what's the difference?
The operation is the same, only different is that the power of the engine, transmission type, there is a blade size.

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