SHANTUI Grader (SG16-3)

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Shantui’s Motor Grader Series has been internally developed, based on the most advanced foreign
technologies. The working devices employ external gears with high torque transference and a linked swing
frame for easy operation. With a large cutting angle on the cutting edges and a strong resistance to external shocks, the working devices are capable of handling high workloads and can operate under the harshest of working conditions.

Engine model: Cummins 6BTAA5.9-C160

Rated power: 118 kW/2200 rpm

Operating weight: 15.4 t

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Q:Which is better, the grader, the boring machine and the skimming machine?
Of course the slag machine, choose Kunming mountain machinery.
Q:How do novices see flat blades and ground leveling?
If it is changed, the lower line edge can be used, if you are a novice boot operation, looking for the ground level, most of the machine to see formerly a large shelf level, can also be cooked is sitting at work, with their own feelings.
Q:What's the reason of the low oil pressure gauge in the gear box of Grader?
1. transmission oil level is low; 2. transmission oil filter block; 3. oil pump wear; 4. clutch cylinder leakage; 5. pressure regulator valve fault. Is it a grader, a ZF gearbox?
Q:Shantui grader maintenance what needs attention?
5) clean the cockpit glass and check whether all mirrors are in place.6) also pay attention to check the fuel tank storage capacity, fill the tank on time, when refueling, shall not be added to the fuel tank top, in case the temperature rise, the fuel spill. Check the ball head and the ball cover of the traction frame. Check every 50 hours of work, such as loosening should be tightened, loose should be adjusted. When adjusting the gasket, it should be replaced when worn seriously.
Q:How many days a day is the laser grader hm2?
And land gap, the driver's way of work, experience has a direct relationship, depending on the specific circumstances
Q:What is the reason that the py18o grader does not work?
It's possible that the hydraulic pump is out of order
Q:How much is the rent for the grader? Where's cheap?
Prices vary from place to place, around twenty thousand months.
Q:What do you mean by engineering ground leveling and ground leveling?
At present, most domestic and foreign flat machines adopt 6 * 4 * 2 wheel arrangement and articulated frame. The grader working on a slope, under lateral load, the steering wheel with the tilt mechanism on wheel tilt stability improve work when the grader; steering on the ground, can further reduce the turning radius, implementation of special site operations. (2) according to the blade length or the power of the engine according to the classification of blade length or engine power is different, can be divided into light and heavy, three, as shown in table 4-1. (3) according to the frame structure classification, according to the frame structure is different, can be divided into two types of integral and articulated. The overall frame has a larger overall stiffness, but a larger turning radius, the domestic PY160B grader used this kind of frame. Compared with integral frame, articulated frame has many advantages, such as small turning radius, large range of operation and good operation stability. It is widely used in modern grader. (4) classification according to the mode of operation, according to different modes of operation, can be divided into two kinds of mechanical control and hydraulic control. At present, the working device and walking device of the self-propelled grader adopts hydraulic control.
Q:How much is the 160 Grader?
You can search the peak of heavy machinery limited company, with advanced technology products, absolutely, the first grader is from R & D, is the predecessor of Chinese day, was first introduced from Germany, the digestion and absorption of innovation has formed a series of products, the introduction for the purpose of nuclear test after flat cover radiation polluted soil. At present, all the domestic manufacturers of grader technology are spread out from the factory, and now the company is developing the largest horsepower grader, leading domestic technology, the price of about 2 million Oh!
Q:Leveling machine, the normal gear can be hung,
But a lot of dump trucks go down the reverse gear. Small cars are scarce

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