Hydrodynamic Self-Propelled Motor Grader

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Self-propelled articulated motor grader is suitable for large-scale land leveling in foundation constructions. It can be used for ditching, grading, slope scraping,bulldozing, ripping, virgin land scarifying and snow-removing etc., which is modernized construction equipment of multi-functions and high-efficiency for high-class highway, railway, airport, harbors, dams, industrial ground and farmland.

Main components such as diesel engine, hydraulic pumps, multiply control valve, dividing valve and differentials are made from international advanced companies.

Whole engine hood and spacious operator's cab for good visibility within 1m×1m distance, ease to maintain and operate.

Torque converter and power-shift gearbox is operated electro-hydraulically, all the instruments and warning lights are indicated  on the liquid-crystal screen digitally with flexible and light operations.

Steering system with center articulated joint and tilt-able front wheels, together with oscillating balance case enhance the
maneuverability of machine.
Braking system with single-circuit accumulator brake control, caliper disc brake and mechanical parking brake for more safety and reliability.


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Q:What is the difference between grader and paver? Can you specify the construction process?,
1. The construction efficiency of paver is higher than that of grader.2, the construction effect of paver, flatness and compaction level than the grader.3. The construction cost of paver is higher than that of grader.
Q:What are the modes of operation of Grader? How are they operated?
(1) scraping the soil side shift;In the course of cutting and moving soil, the soil flows along the side of the scraper, and the greater the turning angle is, the stronger the soil and soil removal capacity is. The scraper of lateral displacements should be careful not to make the wheels running on the data stack, should make the material from the wheels on both sides of the middle or through, can be used when necessary oblique method operation, that is expected to leave the wheel farther. Scraping and side shifting are usually mixed with the material. The material to be mixed will be cut off at one end of the scraper and removed from the other end of the scraper. At this point, it should be noted that the size of the rotary angle of the scraper should be of proper size and that the angle of the soil should be larger. But if the turning angle is too large, the material can not be fully rolled and mixed, which affects the mixing quality.When the scraper is moved sideways, it should also pay attention to adopting proper turning angle, and always keep a small amount of material before the scraper, but it is enough material, not only the resistance of running is small, but also the quality of the paving is guaranteed.Flat machine operations, in addition to the front or rear wheel steering machine along the route for homework, often need to manipulate the blade side to achieve trajectory of the shift to auxiliary scraper. When the curve or the boundary of the work surface is irregularly curved, the utility model can control the movement of the steering and the scraper at the same time, and flexibly and flexibly work along the tortuous boundary. When the side encountered obstacles, generally do not use the steering method to avoid, but the scraper side recovery, after the obstacle, then the scraper protruding. This method of operation is mainly used for moving soil, filling embankments, leveling sites, filling ditches and laying bulk materials.
Q:What types of graders are above the 120kw?
Tiangong, PY160G.180G.200G.220G.380G, and H, Q, M series. XCMG, GR165.180.215 and so on. Chang Linzhu PY165.190.718. Liugong 418. 31 PQ190. There ha, Luoyang. Tianjin Jiufeng heavy industry.
Q:Digging machine and Grader? Which high wages? Which one is more promising?
A lot of people digging please, private medium-sized excavator general 120--150 yuan /h, grader is generally site, private hire less
Q:Hydraulic torque converter price 180 flat machines overhaul, more money
Because synchronous ring wear, so there are a lot of iron and copper cut cut and other impurities, and the torque converter and transmission of a common transmission oil pan, the torque converter also has these impurities, not only to clean, clean or replace the filter also.
Q:How many days a day is the laser grader hm2?
And land gap, the driver's way of work, experience has a direct relationship, depending on the specific circumstances
Q:Which is better, the grader, the boring machine and the skimming machine?
Of course the slag machine, choose Kunming mountain machinery.
Q:How much is the receiver for the Tianbao Grader?
Can repair, power board burning, small problems, called repair appliances, 10 yuan to solve
Q:Caterpillar grader 140H whole car without electricity what is the reason?
1: virtual connection or loose wiring head;2: Insurance burn or virtual connection;3: protection switch in protection;
Q:What should I do if the grader does not walk after hanging up the gears?
I wonder what brand and type of grader you are driving,When I opened Xugong 180, the gear wouldn't hang because there was a fuse burned in the gear.You can look around the line below the gear.

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