Modern Office Chair Mesh/PU Leather CMAX-CH138A

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Material: Synthetic Leather,Cold Rolled Steel Style: Modern Usage: Commercial
Color: Black Structure: Unfolded Customized: Customized
Height Adjustable: Adjustable

Product Description:

Modern Office Chair Mesh/PU CMAX-CH138A

Product Code: CMAX-CH138A Manager Chair

CMAX-CH138A is a new generation of work chair made for the modern office.  With the features of multi functional mechanism, cushion support, & high-density molded sponge upholstered, it provides the sitter maximum comfort, and maintain the dispersion of stress after long time sitting.

Chair Display
Modern Office Chair Mesh/PU Leather CMAX-CH138A

Product Features & Specification

Item No.CMAX-CH138A
Product NameModern Office Chair Mesh/PU CMAX-CH138A
ColorOption available
FacingHigh-quality leather/mesh + fabric
MechanismTilt and height adjustable
GasliftKorea gas lift
BaseAluminium 5-star leg
Castorzinc alloy caster
Package2PCS/CTN chair:86*65*60 feet:65*23*65mm
Max Loading Qty20FT40GP40HQ

Modern Office Chair Mesh/PU Leather CMAX-CH138AModern Office Chair Mesh/PU Leather CMAX-CH138AModern Office Chair Mesh/PU Leather CMAX-CH138A


Q1: What's the delivery time?
Depending on your quantity & types of product, usually 15-30 days for 1*40HQ after deposit.
Q2: How is your MOQ and Sample policy?
Our MOQ is 30 pieces and sample fee might be charged yet will be refunded when customers place their formal orders.
Q3: What's the payment term?
It depends on different situations, T/T, LC, DP, DA, OA are all common used ones within CNBM.
Q4: Is OEM acceptable?
It is acceptable.  We have capability for custom-made.
Q5: How do you ensure the quality of products are good?
CNBM has achieved its great success worldwide; we would say the brand itself is a key of quality. In past decades, we've been focusing on systemizing our quality standard and improving the performance of our equipments.

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Q:Banquet chairs for my wedding reception are GREEN. Any creative solutions for covering them up?
Do you know anyone who knits or sow you could make pillow cushions out of some old pretty fabric they don't have to all look alike just have to be part of your wedding theme. You could also tie a beautiful elegant bow around the chairs using old sheets or shirts any fabric you have laying around, or you could go out and find a store that sells cheap ribbon, tie it at the top have it flow to the ground. The dollar store sells floral arts and crafts and so does Walmart you could put together some floral designs and find a way to attach it to the back of the chair. It really depends on what kind of chairs they are plastic, wood, etc. Maybe you could use some old sheets you don't use and throw them over the chair. If money is a big issue the thrift store has some nice shirts and pants you can turn into a cushion I don't know how much time you have left to do something about the chairs but I hope this helps or sparks some ideas for you.
Q:I want my chairs to slide easier?
Nylon chair glides would probably be your best bet. I just tiled our kitchen area and bought these for oak dining room chairs. I don't know if they have them for metal chairs. Check Home Depot or one of the other home improvement stores.
Q:how do u get the blue chair on maplestory?
It's probably gotten from Gacha. There is a chair that looks exactly like that, but with a different name and it's called Warrior Throne. It's easy to get. All you do is finish the following NLC quests: - Subani's Legacy - ReVersal - Cleaning Up the Streets - Featherweights - Welcome to New Leaf City Quiz If you finish all those quests, talk to the NPC Icebyrd Slimm and he will give you the chair as the reward.
Q:I am opening up a salon...HELP!! where can i find big comfy chairs?
IKEA Store.
Q:Why does my computer chair smell like farts?
The urge to squeal with laughter here is enormous but i will retain my dignity and not laugh cos i realise that you are totally serious here♥sorry, not laughing just smiling now♥ you are very entertaining though♥I love being entertained♥ i did bend down and smell my chair for you hun and no, it doesn't smell like farts♥ Perhaps your chair is made of material and is simply absorbing dirt, dust and smells and aromas from just daily living ie ~ perfumes, food smells, cigarette smoke etc.etc.etc. A good way to spritz it up and sanitise it is to go get yourself some pure essential eucalyptus oil from the chemist or local pharmacy. Put a capfull of eucalyptus oil into a spray bottle full of warm water, shake well and spray over the entire surface of your chair and wipe over with a damp cloth or sponge. Eucalyptus oil is a brilliant antibacterial and antiseptic agent and will eliminate all those nasty odors that are bugging you so much♥ It is also an all natural remedy and contains no chemicals or nasties to irritate sensitive bodies♥ Caution: Don't use eucalyptus oil if you have high blood pressure or suffer from epilepsy♥if either is the case simply substitute for pure essential tea tree oil, which is also a great antibacterial and antiseptic♥ Thanx for the giggle, i really didn't mean to offend you ~ your honesty is so wonderfully refreshing♥ CHEERS ♥
Q:What About These Wedding Chair Covers?
I guess it depends on how ugly those chairs really are!! If this is what you want, and you have the time to make them, then, why not? However, I would not make the two layers independantly. Rather, I would cut them out and sew them, two layers at a time. You could even stack a layer of solid, a layer of tulle, a layer of solid, a layer of tulle and then cut them all out at the same time to save time and energy. And, like I said, sew them two layers at a time to even save more time. Make a pattern and one chair cover to try it on a chair first to be sure it fits. Also, it might be wise to ask the venue if they intend to change the chairs before you wedding day. I would hate to see you sew a hundred of these covers and then not be able to use them!! I am not a negative person, but I think you should cover all bases to be sure there are no surprises.
Q:What is the Henry Semat Chair?
Henry Semat
Q:Sound Options on a gaming chair?
Depending on the particular chair you get, and what you actually want to do, the answer is going to vary. Most gaming chairs I've seen at least support stereo audio via the red/white RCA cables. So what you could do is connect your devices to the surround sound system as normal, then run a pair of the red/white RCA cables from the Receiver's 2nd room outputs. I don't know if your receiver has this feature or not, but it would allow you to have the receiver playing audio through its speakers and your chair at the same time. Another option would be to connect the RCA audio cables directly to the device in question. You'll need a set of long cables for this, and maybe a male-male adapter plug (you can get these from Radio Shack.) Another way would be to get a cheap A/V switch (the type for composite video) and just plug your audio cables into that, then plug the chair into the switch. Most devices can output an audio signal on all their outputs at once so this shouldn't be a problem.
Q:Can wheel-chaired person take international flight?
In New Zealand they can. The airline usually seats them in the front seats which can be removed. Not sure re business class.
Q:What moved the chair?
one of you is sleepwalking, or had too many drinks last night, and does not remember going to the bathroom. or your hubby is messing with you.

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