Mini Ultrasonic Cleaners For Watch Jewelry Diamond Blue Color With Stainless Steel Tank

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Product Description:

Mini -Household Ultrasonic cleaner for Watch Jewelry Diamond 600ml

Tipical advantages of ultrasonic cleaning:

1. Rinse Thoroughly include any tiny gap and dead angle.

2. keep intact after cleaning, compared at other cleaning method, it's Physical without chemical reactions.

3. it can clean nearly every solid things you can image except
,and whatever any dirt. The combination of ultrasonic wave and proper solution will enhance the effect to Infiniti.

4. Tests by quarantine department says that ultrasonic cleaner performances great in killing Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus. The antibacterial rate is up to 99.6% with 5 mins of cleaning.


Different kinds of ultrasonic cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaners were primarily applied in industrial area to cleaner parts in bulk,the volumes varied from 3L to 30L. With development of technology and decrease of cost,now, the concept of ultrasonic cleaner comes to home users and becomes an indispensable gadget.

Getbetterlife selected several powerful digital ultrasonic jewelry cleaner for professional and home use.


ultrasonic jewellery cleaner-Steps of cleaning your jewelrys.
·Iflots of jewelries or large pieces are to be cleanered, please add thesolution directly into the ultrasonic cleaner. 8,And put all thejewelries into the tank, keep turning on for 10mins, rinse and dryproperly.

See how powerful the digital ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is
Itis not only an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner, but also an ultrasoniceyeglass cleaner,ultrasonic watch cleaner,ultrasonic CD cleaner,ultrasonic dishes cleaner,and an ultrasonic lens cleaner. And, that'snot all......


Application in home use:
Dailyused Articles such as diamond,jewelry,rings,earrings,bracelets,headdress, Brooches,glasses,watch chain,pens,DVDs, electronic shaverhead,combs, teeth brushes, artificial teeth, tea set, feeder, andfruits like grape, cherry, strawberry, all these can be cleaned andalso sterilized. Besides, ultrasonic jewelry cleaner can also be usedfor wine mixing and automatic mixing egg etc. Anything you can image toclean -- it can even clean vegetables and fruit!


Glasses, Optical Instruments:
allOphthalmic eyeglasses including varies of glasses,contact lens,Aftercleaning by the digital ultrasonic jewellery cleaner, Lens Parts ofdental loupess,telescope,Microscopes, cameras and camcorders,Feeling ofthe world would become so real.


Tattoo studios and beauty parlors:
Ultrasonicjewelry cleaner is highly recommended for sterilization of tattooneedles, machines,inks caps cups, piercing tools,firearms, and otherreusable beauty accessories.

Banks, offices, finance department, arts and crafts, advertising, office supplies:
printers,nozzle, needle pen, pen head, brush and sprayers will often getBlocked, ultrasonic jewelry cleaner can help clean and keep them smoothand clear.


Communication Eq. & Electrical Repair:
PCBsand parts of Mobile phones, interphones, walkmen and mp3, ultrasonicjewelry cleaner with absolute alcohol will get a fantastic dust free,Non pollution, and absolutely cleaning effect.


Medical and labs:
Ultrasonicjewelry cleaner does well in varies of medical instrumentsSurgicalInstrument,dental artificial teeth,impression tray. Laboratory GlassBeakers,test tubes,mixture and chemical reaction of Potions, they allneed to be carefully cleaned in order to Enhance efficiency andaccelerate chemical reaction.


Perfect Gift:
Thissuper powerful digital ultrasonic jewellery cleaner becomes more andmore popular as gift for any occasion, souch as exhibitions, schoolmateparties, awarding ceremonys, or just
For varies of private reasons. It's decent at any aspect, affordable price, Chic
rectangularshape and considerate size and You do not need to worry about whetherhe or she likes it or not, it's almighty either for home orprofessional use. We each received an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner asstaff's award, it's perfect. This powerful unit not only saves time inchoose gifts,but also add a superman to our small electronic devices.

Only$22.58, you can experience another kind of Convenient, Elegant andhealthy lifestyle. Getbetterlife --Leave a healthier and more beautifullife,We tried all the time.


Product Functions:

The transparent top cap is turned over on the automation.

Time can be interposed liberty, the countdown cleaning process time demonstrates,  acquiesces in on-time (180 seconds)

Adopta microcomputer to contrarily of, personalize design, time accumulatedand protecting voluntarily function, washing effect is especiallyobvious.

The patented product (already passes attestation of European Union`s CE, American FCC .)      



Inner slot capacities: 600 ml

Mains input: AC 220~240V  100~120V  50/60Hz     

Operation frequency: 42, 000Hz Power: 35W            

On or Off: from 3 minutes to an hour       

Size: 24.5*17.5*16.5(cm)

Weight: 1107g


 (different plug contact to different country)


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Q:How to choose cleaning fluid for ultrasonic cleaner?
Selecting the proper cleaning solution is critical for effective cleaning of the workpiece and eliminating unnecessary reactions. Sure, the letter can provide you with the best cleaning solution.
Q:How much time does ultrasonic cleaner use?
For example, you buy a small ultrasonic cleaning machine, is inside the tank once punching, generator is a circuit board, placed in the bottom of the groove, the overall adjustment is generally small, placed on the desktop or in the laboratory, while the bottom is a fan, but the heat is not ideal, the equipment of continuous use of time should not exceed 2 hours otherwise, it is easy to bad equipment
Q:Why does the ultrasonic cleaner need to keep the cleaning liquid within the allowable height of the liquid level indicator?
Maintaining the proper level allows the workpiece to be in the optimum flow and protects the heater and cartridge from damage due to overheating.
Q:What about the damage to the ultrasonic cleaner?
After power on, if no power is displayed, no action, the first to see whether the power supply seat damage
Q:What is the working principle of an ultrasonic cleaner?
In this process, the bubble closing instant shock wave, the bubble generated around the pressure of 1012-1013pa and bureau of regulation, such tremendous pressure produced by ultrasonic cavitation can destroy the insoluble dirt and make their differentiation in solution, the steam type cavitation on the dirt directly repeated impact
Q:When does the ultrasonic cleaner change the cleaning solution?
The cleaning liquid should also be changed when the cleaning liquid is obviously dirty
Q:What about the damage to the power tube of the ultrasonic cleaner?
The power board on the main board will cause the short circuit of the power tube because the machine has not been used continuously for a long time or has too little cleaning liquid for a long time
Q:What is the composition of an ultrasonic cleaner?
The automatic ultra wave cleaning machine mainly consists of two parts: ultrasonic cleaning tank and ultrasonic generator
Q:How to achieve the best cleaning effect of ultrasonic cleaner?
There are many conditions that can determine the final cleaning effect, the most important of which is the selection of the appropriate cleaning solution
Q:What are the range of ultrasonic cleaners?
Machinery industry: rust oil removal; measuring cleaning; mechanical parts degreasing, rust; the engine, carburetor and auto parts cleaning; filter, filter dredge, cleaning and so on.

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