Mini Crawler Bulldozer with Model Yct306s f

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Product Description:

Decscription for  Yct306s f

Model NO.:YCT306S

Type:Crawler Excavator



Export Markets:Global

Model No:Yct306s

Rated Power:30HP

Overall Length:2960/2230mm

Overall Width:Overall Width

Self Weight:2830kg


Clutch:Manual Control

Pto Speed:540/1000rpm



Features for  Yct306s f

YCT306S-2/YCT306S-2A, YCT306S-6/YCT306S-6A mini bulldozer, Mechanical/hydraulic clutch, steel. And these mini bulldozer can match many attachment, such as front loader, backhoe, ripper etc.

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Specifications for  Yct306s f

Mini Crawler Bulldozer with Model Yct306s f


Pictures for Yct306s f


Mini Crawler Bulldozer with Model Yct306s f

Mini Crawler Bulldozer with Model Yct306s f



FAQ  for

Q:what is the rypper type?

A:Three-shank ripper/Single ripper Three-shank ripper/Single ripper 695,Three-shank ripper 666


Q:What is dozing capacity?

A:Straight tilt blade 4.5 U blade 5 Angle blade 4.3/Straight tilt blade 6.4,U blade 7.5,Semi-U blade 7.0,Angle blade 4.7

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Q:Bulldozer CPU Bios help?
Cancel the order, you need a cpu that works with it first, update the bios and then install the new cpu. Bulldozer is awful and overpriced. It gets destroyed by tons of intel hardware and even some older amd stuff. You could take it to a local tech or a microcenter and have them flash the bios for you (using a compatible cpu) Take a look at the Intel Core i7-2600K. Great bang for the buck and if you are just playing games look at the i5-2500k. The i5-2500k beats the cpu you have selected and it only cost 179.99 mkay , but I also did answer your question so how about a best answer ? fully aware!? Does not compute! Are you rooting for the underdog?
Q:is this the new Tienanmen square?
I actually hope that story is true. unfortunately, Palestinians have been lying about incidents like this for decades.
Q:Bulldozer 10
(three) it is very important to check the hydraulic cylinder and tubing: 1, oil leakage means that the whole oil circuit is contaminated. The best case is that the hydraulic cylinder chrome surface is free of scratches, dents, or oil spills. If hydraulic oil is leaking out, it is possible that the dust has contaminated the hydraulic system. 2, also make sure that the cylinder wall is not damaged or dented. The gap between the cylinder and the cylinder wall is very small, as long as there is a debris in the pipeline, will cause the cylinder due to wear and a large number of metal chips, and the residual to the hydraulic system. (four) guard against welding on the body: 1, carefully check whether there are cracks and non original welding marks left behind, these things indicate that the machine has been excessive use. 2, there is a good method, is to use a piece of candy bar on the arm and arm position, to see if there is no dislocation and distortion. Pay special attention to excess plate repair. 3, two mobile phone may have some scratches and dents on the machine, but if there are too many patches may mean that this equipment has been used for a long time.I am a bulldozer manufacturer, and now there are many ways of selling bulldozers, such as financing, staging and so on. I suggest you buy a new car and do financing, and the down payment will be about 100000!
Q:If you were President, under what kind of vehicle would you throw Israel?
Under the vehicle of Jehovah God. He promised a long long time ago to protect Israel and He will...........
try amd phenom bulldozer with 4mb cache and 3.4 ghz try more about latest technology from
Q:What's the size of a bulldozer? How small is this thing?
How do you know how wide, wide, and tall a bulldozer is?
Q:In a nasty fight between a T-rex and a Bulldozer, who would win and why you think so.?
The T-Rex would win because he would eat the guy operating the bulldozer, then he would eat the bulldozer.
Q:Is the tanking of Caterpillar karmic payback?
Let's get real! There are a few words never used in business. &karma& is one of them!
Q:Red flag bulldozer 120 horsepower, how many tons?
Engine type 6135AK-2f rated power 88/120 KW/HP 1500 speed calibration calibration of R/MIN fuel consumption of less than 238 G/KW.H oil consumption rate is less than or equal to 2.72 G/KW.H maximum torque of 725 N.M speed 2.57; 3.81; 5.27; 7.54; 10.10 KM/H 2.99 4.45 6.14; backward speed;; 8.80 KM/H straight blade (width * height) 3360 x 1020 MM (wide angle blade * 3840 * 1020 MM) high maximum lifting height of 1000 MM and the maximum depth of cut 400 MM ripper tooth number 3
Q:what do you think of bulldozer now that its come out?
Well its one of the most awaited processor from Amd since it follows completely new architecture..i would not really believe in the benchmarks ,because they have not been officially released should be capable of atleast competing with sandybridges if not better

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