Mineral Fiber Ceiling: Export Packing with Paper Box

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Product Description:

1,Structure of (Mineral  Fiber Ceiling ) Description

Packaging Detail:Mineral Fiber Ceiling: export packing with paper box 7mm 8411SQM/40'HQ 8mm 8281SQM/40'HQ 12mm 5520SQM/40'HQ 14mm 4561SQM/40'HQ 15mm 4561SQM/40'HQ 18mm 3100SQM/40'HQ
Delivery Detail:5-12Days

Mineral Fiber Ceiling
1.Size 600 x 600, 600 x 1200 mm,Thickness 7~20mm
2.Acoustics NRC 0.50
4 Free Samples,OEM

Size:600 x 600, 600 x 1200 mm
Thickness: 7mm 8mm 10mm 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm
Material: Mineral Fiber, Wet-formed asbestos Free
Surface :Finished actory-applied vinyl latex paint
Fire Resistance Type: B1 GB8625-88
Light Reflect: 0.80
Acoustics NRC : 0.50
Insulation Value:1.5 btu
0.26 wat
Weight:2.70 kg/m2 with 15mm
Free Samples

2,Main Features of the Mineral  Fiber Ceiling 

Acoustic Mineral fiber ceiling tiles  
Features:Moisture resistant,therma

Acoustic Mineral fiber ceilingtiles


3,(Mineral  Fiber Ceiling ) Images

Mineral Fiber Ceiling: Export Packing with Paper Box


4,(Mineral  Fiber Ceiling ) Specification

Mineral Fiber Ceiling: Export Packing with Paper Box


5,FAQ of (Mineral  Fiber Ceiling 


1.  Size: the metric system(600mmX600mm, 600mmX1200mm),
             the british system(610mmX610mm,610mmX1220mm)
2.  Thickness: High density(6mm-20mm),Low density(12mm-20mm)
3.  Density:   High density(380kg/m3-420kg/m3),Low density(280kg/m3-320kg/m3)
4.  Surface Finish: Factory-applied vinyl latex paint& holes design
5.  Color:  White
6.  Edge Detail: Square Lay-in, Angled Tegular, Concealed, Shiplap
7.  NRC: 0.40-0.60(based on the thickness and pattern)
8.  CAC: Minimum 30**
9.  Light Reflectance: Minimum LR 80%
10. RH Performance: High density(up to 95%),Low density(up to 90%)
11. Thermal Resistance: ≥0.23(M2?K)/W

Features:Moisture resistant,environmental,thermal insulation,fireproof,elegant,etc.

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Blowing with a hair dryer, one will not stick
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Q:Class B fireproof material which
A class of fire insulation materials, you have to use B-class?

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