Medium-frequency induction furnace 10Ton

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The essence of the furnace is a kind of power supply device rectifying three-phase alternating current power to direct current

Medium frequency furnace

Product specification:

Medium-frequency induction furnace is the power supply device converting alternating current power to intermediate frequency power. The essence of the furnace is a kind of power supply device rectifying three-phase alternating current power to direct current and then changing direct current to adjustable current by inversion device to supply it to resonance circuit composed by capacitance and induction coil. Strong magnetic field is produced in induction coil, which makes metal material in induction coil produce big eddies. The resistance of metal itself can produce large amount of heat when large current passing. Therefore, metal material will become hot quickly.

Our company’s medium frequency induction furnace and power frequency induction furnace are widely used to smelting of non-ferrous metal ( It mainly is used in melting steel, alloy steel,special steel, cast steel and other ferrous materials, as well as the melting of stainless steel, copper, aluminum, zinc and other nonferrous materials. It can operate duplex with blast furnace.) It also widely used in forging heating and tempering heat treatment production line.

Features of medium melting furnace:

(1) The efficiency of melting is high, power-saving effect is good. The structure is compact. And the overload capacity is high.

(2) There is low temperature, few smoke dust and comfortable operating situation around furnace.

(3) Operation process is easy and smelting running is reliable.

(4) Metal components is well-distributed.

(5) Heat of melting is fast. Temperature of furnace is easy to control. Efficiency of production is high.

(6) The usage of furnace is high. And it is convenient to change types.

Features of medium diathermanous furnace:

(1) Fast speed of heating, high productive efficiency, low oxidation decarburization, saving materials and cost of forging dies

(2) Conductive working environment, improving the working condition and image of company, environmental protection and low energy consumption

(3)Evenly heating, extremely low temperature difference of table core, high precision temperature control

Medium-frequency induction furnace

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Q:What is the difference between industrial furnace masonry and ordinary masonry?
Furnace industry is not generally Mason walls, needs to have a professional operation and rich construction experience, high level of industrial furnace is difficult to get.
Q:Heat treatment equipment (industrial furnace), which products generally contain what kind of, which industries need to use heat treatment industrial furnace equipment.
Heat treatment furnace is mainly for the mechanical processing and casting industry workpiece annealing, quenching, carburizing, quenching and tempering, heat treatment equipment.
Q:What's the role of anchor bricks in industrial furnaces?
These layers need to be joined and anchored. Anchor brick is this role. The heat insulation layer at the horizontal section of the flue is mostly a narrow cavity.
Q:What is the difference in structure between industrial furnace and boiler?
From the way: industrial furnace (electricity, natural gas, gas, induction heating is considered electricity), boilers (coal, all kinds of hot exhaust gas, a variety of gas, seemingly less electricity).
Q:What is the difference between industrial furnaces and boilers?
Hot water or steam generated in the boiler can directly provide necessary energy for industrial production and people's life, but also by the steam power device is converted to mechanical energy, or through the generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Hot water boilers are called hot water boilers. They are mainly used in daily life, and are also used in industrial production. Steam generating boilers are called steam boilers, often referred to as boilers. They are used in thermal power stations, ships, locomotives and industrial and mining enterprises.
Q:Why does the burner of industrial furnace burn occasionally?
The general process for burner ignition, blowing furnace, electric spark ignition, solenoid valve, open the gas in case of delayed spark ignition, detection device detects the flame, the controller accepts signal so that the solenoid valve open, gas continuous normal combustion. However, if the ignition fails or the burner fires, the detector cannot detect the flame, which causes the solenoid valve to close and the burner flameout.
Q:How many kinds of industrial electric furnaces are there?
Industrial furnace according to the heating mode is divided into two categories: one is the fuel furnace, combustion heat with solid, liquid or gaseous fuel in the furnace for heating the workpiece; the second is in the furnace, the furnace converts electrical energy to heat the heat.
Q:Brief introduction to repair of industrial furnace
Although the number of industrial furnaces in general machinery plants is not large, the number of large repairs per year accounts for 16%-20% of the total number of repairs for all equipment, and the large repair costs account for about 18%-25% of the total repair cost of all equipment.
Q:Should the industrial furnace shell cool down?
Normally, the furnace shell temperature of an industrial furnace is below 50 degrees, so there is no need to cool down.
Q:Selection of heat preservation material for industrial furnace
Ceramic fiber blanket can be used.Ceramic fiber blanket color white, regular size, set fire, heat insulation, insulation in one. Free from any binding agent.

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