Long use life PVC Window Handle

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Product Description:

Type:Door handle

Material: Zamac / Zinc alloy

Finish: SN, PC, AB, AC, PB, PVD, etc

Spindle: 8x8x100(For 35-55 mm door thickness); thickness door option is available

Screws: with wood screws and fixing through screws

OEM: Accepted

Origin: China(Mainland)

Character:  zinc alloy door handles

a)Regular packing: Color box, then carton

b)Foam packing: avalaible
c)Double blister packing: available

Size: (mm)
Rose: dia 54 mm

handle: length 125 mm


  • Accept small quantity of multi-style.

  • OEM Quality.

  • One-stop service : we can help in mould design, mould manufacturer, production, shipment.

  • Highly skilled manufacturing process.

  • Well-trained staff for quality control and packing.

Order process:

  • Customer provide drawing or sample.

  • Discuss product function and other special request.

  • Quotation .

  • Mould design and manufacture.

  • Mould test and send sample to customers until confirmed ok.

  • Customers gives the plastic products purchasing order.

  • Mass production  and quality control.

  • Pack and shipment.

1 year against manufacturing defect

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Q:Normal 1.7 meters high adult use, wardrobe flat open door handle which height is appropriate?
Height of 1.2 meters on the right course, of course, can also be based on their own habits
Q:How do the bike handle and pole rust?
If it is chrome place rust, it is best to forget this thing, do not forget the next time do not let the car rain
Q:Electric car controller and handle the controller of the three turn the line and turn the hook after the connection regardless of how to turn the wheel will not move, but the red or green line
1. The color of the transfer line is generally red, black, blue (blue line may also be other colors), the controller then turn the line is red, black, blue (blue line may also be other colors), below Of the controller to the above transfer between the wires only for reference, when wiring to ensure that the handle and the controller (black docking, red docking, blue and blue) docking Caixing. 2. red and red docking, blue and blue docking does not accept the black line, the controller is running at full speed is normal (because the ground is not). 3. When the wiring should be black, red, blue order of the line. 4. If I said after the line after the motor is still not turn, that is turned bad (the controller is nothing)! 5. turn if the replacement in rural areas, then the general price of 5 to 20 yuan or so, if there is no price in the city (black).
Q:In the dry winter conditions, when you touch the door handle, or shake hands with people, often have the feeling of being shocked. Please explain why is this?
With the tip discharge, the fingertip contact with the object, the contact area is small, according to the tip of the charge density, resulting in discharge
Q:How to remove the new Santana back door handle
First open the door handle that small, that is, and the main driving side there is a small piece with a lock heart, open the door, the side of a screw, loose head, find a small word screw pry down, and then pull the handle line, Go out of a pull handle, down or the front seat shift back, you can see two screws, unloading. Then the seat forward, see two beige plastic demolition exposed two screws to remove if not, then the best to the repair shop to find professionals demolition, the new Santana is not as good as the previous old Santana so good demolition. It is not worthwhile to break up their own things.
Q:Bedroom door handle bad can not open the door. The
With a tool to lock down down to find a special master on the whole handle together
Q:Motorcycle throttle handle is very tight, it is difficult to restore after the rotation?
Pull the switch to add some oil grease
Q:Broken bridge aluminum door and window handle installation method
This is certainly not good for outsiders to find professional people is no problem and you are not necessarily the handle is good is not bad ah? The The
Q:On the step Yang anti-theft door of the problem: for the door is not matching the lock did not change the lock cylinder will not affect the security of the security door?
It is not safe to pry open the handle. People say, the master will not break the door to open the core. Destroy the handle and put the door open. Consider yourself. This is a simple logic.
Q:Would you like to ask the wooden door in the store to do the door handle also use their shop to buy it?
It is best to use the store lock, because each set of doors need to open another keyhole, the store will have a dedicated hole mold and professional hole tool.

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