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PVC Window Handle,Window Hardware
*Material:Aluminium alloy
*Application:PVC casement window & top-suspension window

PVC Window Handle,Window Hardware


Item No.Options
DescriptionInward Opening Luxury Handle
ApplicationPVC casement window & top-suspension window
MaterialAluminium alloy
ColourRAL colour system,all colours are available
Surface treatmentPowder coating
Ctn quantity80pcs


*  Easy to install

*  Prevents the burglary

*  Available in left and right hands.

*  Operational life test:50000 times at least.

*  Excellent quality and durable

*  OEM service is offered.

 *  Reliable suppier

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Q:The handle of the car hand window so removed ah?
Hello, there are two, one is the handle on the outside, by your side, is a decorative cover, you can use a word screwdriver pry, to see the screw, the other, between the handle and the door trim Card spring, which can be wrapped around a cloth to pull back and forth. I hope to help you.
Q:Is the car door handle very bright, the handle is plastic or metal material? Is the surface chrome or what is called electrolytic film?
At present, the domestic independent brands of automobile plants are basically in the use of chrome-plated inside and outside the handle, from the sales point of view, you can take "chrome" as a selling point to enhance the quality of the car. However, personally think that to enhance the quality of the car, not only from the appearance of the start, but also from the overall performance of the car, such as power, fuel economy, security and other considerations. Like the European cars, the use of "chrome" craft handle models are relatively small, but the overall quality of the car is good. Adopt oh
Q:Volkswagen Pineapple back door handle how disassembly
The door has a space, empty 20 screws on the line. [Car problem, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To
Q:Electric car controller and handle the controller of the three turn the line and turn the hook after the connection regardless of how to turn the wheel will not move, but the red or green line
1. The color of the transfer line is generally red, black, blue (blue line may also be other colors), the controller then turn the line is red, black, blue (blue line may also be other colors), below Of the controller to the above transfer between the wires only for reference, when wiring to ensure that the handle and the controller (black docking, red docking, blue and blue) docking Caixing. 2. red and red docking, blue and blue docking does not accept the black line, the controller is running at full speed is normal (because the ground is not). 3. When the wiring should be black, red, blue order of the line. 4. If I said after the line after the motor is still not turn, that is turned bad (the controller is nothing)! 5. turn if the replacement in rural areas, then the general price of 5 to 20 yuan or so, if there is no price in the city (black).
Q:Bike cushion, handle should be high? (1 meter 74)
People stand up. The height of the seat is 1-2 cm from the crotch. Sit on the seat. Toes touch the ground. Followed by 1-2 cm from the ground. The handlebar. High point comfortable
Q:Wuling light door handle from the ground how high
What is the use of tangled? [Car problems, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To
Q:My mother today hit the door handle static, plastic things will be electricity, touch my hand also have electricity, which is why ??
I have had, perhaps because of the static bar, such as plastic comb comb hair, winter wear sweater are ah
Q:Anti-theft door handle double live handle can use double fast handle? Is the original double live, replaced by double fast what impact?
I think the safety of living alone as a single live.
Q:Whether the lock outside the door can be twisted
If your door is already able to lift up the lock door, but the handle is not. There may be with the wrong handle, you can find the door of the people to change the handle.
Q:Anti-theft door handle is a single live, from the outside when the key is very difficult to open. Can you change to double live? Are you safe?
Double live unsafe, open the door to open the upper and lower insurance to remove the oil

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