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PVC Window Handle,Window Hardware
*Material:Aluminium alloy
*Application:PVC casement window & top-suspension window

PVC Window Handle,Window Hardware


Item No.Options
DescriptionInward Opening Luxury Handle
ApplicationPVC casement window & top-suspension window
MaterialAluminium alloy
ColourRAL colour system,all colours are available
Surface treatmentPowder coating
Ctn quantity80pcs


*  Easy to install

*  Prevents the burglary

*  Available in left and right hands.

*  Operational life test:50000 times at least.

*  Excellent quality and durable

*  OEM service is offered.

 *  Reliable suppier

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Q:Bike cushion, handle should be high? (1 meter 74)
Support jennydrift answer those who said that standing on the ground measuring the height of the cushion you did not think that the wheel size and the height of the shaft from the ground and the length of the crank can affect the efficiency of trampling
Q:Pressure cooker handle this valve in the stew when the leak, how to deal with?
There are two possibilities for this phenomenon, one is the float valve float pad failure, there is a handle of the slide is broken, first of all you will check the lid after the handle at the front of the round hole whether the float valve Core exposed If so, OK, handle problems can be ruled out. Will the lid in turn, look at the bottom of the float valve float pad (that is, set in the small metal rod above the small pad) is not damaged? If so, for a set of float valve can be. If the float valve is too dirty will leak, you need to thoroughly clean the job. I am a pressure cooker senior R & D engineers, please please ask
Q:Solution feng shui! Anti-theft door handle and the door inside the direction of the handle is not the same, will not bad?
The problem is not, the key is the direction of the door must be right. All the doors should be opened by the left, the so-called left Qinglong right white tiger, dragon in the left should move, white tiger in the right to quiet, so all the doors should be from the left open for Kyrgyzstan, that is, from the inside out, On the left side. Open the door if left and right easily lead to family disputes.
Q:How does the mountain bike turn the handle from the other?
On the demolition, you have to do two things: 1. Loosen the handle: turn the left and right ends, near the end of the stand (that is, inside), usually a circle, around the circle to find, there is a hex The screw, usually 3 mm to 4 mm between. Can not find, put the handle of the handle a little lift up, certainly have .2. To solve the turn to pull out the horizontal, the speed line is not long enough: Off, put the vertical and the bike is connected to the pole .----------- demolition time, do not pull hard, to comply with the pull. The speed line and the brake line as far as possible not to fold This is negligible .------- Installation order: 1. If you put the vertical and the installation is not covered, is set into the need to put the first set into the horizontal 2 . Install the handle 3 Install the brake lever 4 Hold the stand to the bicycle 5 Keep the vertical and the horizontal between the fixed .-------- Adjust the angle of thinking: According to ergonomics, the angle of the brake handle is: sitting Riding on the bike, holding the handlebar, the hand and arm is a line.Therefore, usually the brake to the front 20 to 30 degrees below (according to personal height, front, cushion different, no standard, as long as a Line can be)
Q:Do you want to get your hands when you run a treadmill?
Do not need to start the speed of a little smaller, after the habit of their own exercise and then increase the speed.
Q:Electric car controller and handle the controller of the three turn the line and turn the hook after the connection regardless of how to turn the wheel will not move, but the red or green line
1. The color of the transfer line is generally red, black, blue (blue line may also be other colors), the controller then turn the line is red, black, blue (blue line may also be other colors), below Of the controller to the above transfer between the wires only for reference, when wiring to ensure that the handle and the controller (black docking, red docking, blue and blue) docking Caixing. 2. red and red docking, blue and blue docking does not accept the black line, the controller is running at full speed is normal (because the ground is not). 3. When the wiring should be black, red, blue order of the line. 4. If I said after the line after the motor is still not turn, that is turned bad (the controller is nothing)! 5. turn if the replacement in rural areas, then the general price of 5 to 20 yuan or so, if there is no price in the city (black).
Q:Door handle is generally on the left side of the door, but my bathroom door handle on the right, this is not wrong, how to solve?
Do not be too deliberate on this issue, as long as convenient enough.
Q:How to remove the new Santana back door handle
First open the door handle that small, that is, and the main driving side there is a small piece with a lock heart, open the door, the side of a screw, loose head, find a small word screw pry down, and then pull the handle line, Go out of a pull handle, down or the front seat shift back, you can see two screws, unloading. Then the seat forward, see two beige plastic demolition exposed two screws to remove if not, then the best to the repair shop to find professionals demolition, the new Santana is not as good as the previous old Santana so good demolition. It is not worthwhile to break up their own things.
Q:The battery car did not turn the handle to open their own how the matter?
1: the handle line bad occasionally may be shorted. 2: personally think that the quality of the motor controller is bad, the possibility of false triggering greater.
Q:What is the general lock made of alloy?
The lock cylinder is made of copper or copper alloy (white copper), zinc alloy and low carbon steel, because these materials are more resistant to corrosion, easy to process into a complex lock core structure are made of steel

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