Bathroom Hinge

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China Main Port
Payment Terms:
TT or L/C
Min Order Qty:
50 Piece/ Pieces pc
Supply Capability:
50000 Piece/ Pieces per month pc/month

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Product Description:

1)Specifications of Bathroom Hinge

Product Name

Bathroom Hinge


Stainless Steel 304/316 or  Brass


Satin / Mirror Polished or  Electric Galvanizing



Min Order

50 Piece/ Pieces


2)Features of Bathroom Hinge


 To the Glass Door

Maximum Door weight


Glass Thickness

8mm ~ 12mm


Inner Box  +  Outer Box

Supply Capacity

50000 Piece/ Pieces per Month

Delivery Time

10~35 Days after Deposit

Export Market

Asia, America, Europe, Africa, markets.


3)  Usage of Bathroom Hinge

Match with

Glass door

Using Position

Hotel,  Shopping Mall,  Residential Building on Glass door


4) Terms of purchasing Bathroom Hinge

Trade Term


Payment Terms 

T/T  Or L/C


5) Pictures  of Bathroom Hinge

We could also help to choose suitable products for per customer;  or manufacture as per customer's requirement.

 Bathroom Hinge


Bathroom Hinge



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Q:This kind of plastic steel door hinge how to dismantle?
First split the hexagon
Q:Cabinet door hinge type
Hinge, also known as hinge, the official name for the hinge. Often composed of two fold, is to connect the two parts of the object and can make the activities of the parts.
Q:Window hinge air leakage what treatment
Hinge position air leakage is a common bridge aluminum doors and windows common shortcomings, but sealed a good broken bridge aluminum doors and windows can effectively slow down the barrier, if it is broken bridge aluminum doors and windows handle position air leakage, it only need to debug hardware can make more stringent seal The
Q:The difference between windows and doors hinges and folds
Hinges and folds are used almost but with attention
Q:What kind of hinge specifications are installed in the interior door?
See what the door, and now most of the use of letter hinges, usually 3 mm enough
Q:What are the hinge types of hinges?
Search spring hinge with adjustment screw, can be up and down, left and right adjustment plate height, thickness. It is a feature that can be based on space, with the door to open the angle. In addition to the general 90 degrees angle, the 127 degrees, 144 degrees, 165 degrees, etc. have a corresponding hinge match, so that a variety of doors have a corresponding degree of stretch. Door hinge: it is divided into ordinary and bearing type, ordinary type has been mentioned earlier. Bearing type from the material can be divided into copper, stainless steel. From the current consumption situation, the choice of copper bearing hinge more, because of its beautiful style, bright, affordable, and equipped with screws. Other hinges: glass hinge, table hinge, flip door hinge. Glass hinge for the installation of frameless glass door, requiring glass thickness of not more than 5 to 6 mm.
Q:What is a good hinge? What kind of hinges are on solid wood doors?
1, good hinge is the form of bearing, generally one inside there are four bearings. 2, good hinge inside there are damping oil, if you will be a hinge level to start, hinge is neither fixed, it is not all of a sudden fall, but slowly slide down, this benefit is you The future closed, neither effortless, and will not hit the door door door. 3, good hinge with brass and stainless steel, brass hinges generally more yellow and better, which shows that copper content is high, generally able to use 62 copper (which may be copper content) do hinge is very good The. 4, poor hinge will cut corners, the general hinge is 76X102cm it, poor hinge will do a little smaller, in order to save costs. 5, another way to cut corners is the hinge thickness is not enough, good hinge can do 3mm thick, poor pages on the thin. 6, good hinge of the damping oil will not leak, which is not good observation, can only ask the dealer. I found my home Fang Lin hinge in the use of six months after the exposed oil, so that Fang Lin is not equal to the best, but it is inexpensive.
Q:Aluminum alloy doors and windows hinge good or good hinge
1, the location is different. The slide is different from the position of the support. In the case of the above hanging window, the slide is used in the corner of the window and is supported at the lower corner of the window or in the middle and lower parts. The hinge (hinge) is different from the position of the shoe. The hinges are mounted on the side of the door of the door and window, and the slide is attached to the upper and lower sides of the sash (flat) or left and right (hanging windows). The slide is not used to install the aluminum alloy door. 2, different functions. Support and slide the function of different. The slide supports the movement of the sash and remains open, which is an important force bar throughout the process, and the support only works when the window is opened, and its force is generally small (the force can be balanced Obtained). The same orange window, slide the installation position is relatively fixed, and the support can be in the window below a wide range of adjustment, support the length and installation location, determine the scope of the opening angle of the sash. 3, hinge (hinge) in the doors and windows during the opening process and slide the same function, but the use of hinge (hinge) when the sash only rotation, and the use of sliding window shots both at the same time turn. Many times hinges and hinges can be replaced, but in some special cases it is necessary to use hinges (hinges), such as flat windows or hanging windows, using hinges, It is generally difficult to meet the force requirements, then need to use multiple hinges (hinges) common force.
Q:Installed wooden doors, hinge with a few good?
Home door two hinges enough. Home with a tube of grease, used for hinge and hinge rust lubrication. Meikailong and other well-known hinge brand with tiger hotolube or Krupp's hinge hinge grease, colorless and transparent, good adhesion, good durability. Panther has 130 grams of tube packaging, but also for sliding doors and so on. Grease directly applied to the hinge gap, will slowly penetrate into the hinge inside. The maintenance period is four to six months. Should not use the oil or ordinary butter, easy to lose or low temperature freeze, there will be harmful odor volatilization. Vegetable oil will soon rancid produce odor, loss of lubrication.
Q:What is the general use of doors and windows hinge?
Hardware accessories model, specifications and performance should be consistent with the relevant provisions of the existing national standards.
Researching, designing, manufacturing and marketing construction hardare for 18 years. Professional technician service, with 300 domestic patents, and 50 oversea patents. Envolved in famous projects around the world, such as Beijing National Stadium,Burj Khalifa; High quality with competitive price.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Dongguan City, China
Year Established 1995
Annual Output Value Above CNY ¥1.7 billion
Company Certifications Certificate of Registration; ISO9001:2008; China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessent- Laboratory Accreditation Certificate

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3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Yantian Port; Chiwan Port; Shekou Port; SunGang Port
Export Percentage 0.4
No.of Employees in Trade Department 1000
Language Spoken: English; Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 200,000 ㎡
No. of Production Lines 9 manufactural departments
Contract Manufacturing Technician service; pre-sales service; after sales service
Product Price Range + average