PVC Window Sliding Handle

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PVC Window Handle,Window Hardware
*Material:Aluminium alloy
*Application:PVC casement window & top-suspension window

PVC Window Handle,Window Hardware


Item No.Options
DescriptionInward Opening Luxury Handle
ApplicationPVC casement window & top-suspension window
MaterialAluminium alloy
ColourRAL colour system,all colours are available
Surface treatmentPowder coating
Ctn quantity80pcs


*  Easy to install

*  Prevents the burglary

*  Available in left and right hands.

*  Operational life test:50000 times at least.

*  Excellent quality and durable

*  OEM service is offered.

 *  Reliable suppier

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Q:Nissan sun inside the door can not open the door which parts are broken
Front door or back door, then look at the door is not a child lock, and the front door is no handle bad [car problems, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To
Q:Home decoration, aluminum window handle is like this, what is this brand? Logo is a hexagon, a middle vertical
You are to be equipped with aluminum window handle it, such a handle on the market everywhere, personally think that this is not necessarily a logo
Q:What is the general lock made of alloy?
Aluminum alloy, ah, of course, some locks more detailed, for example, recently very fireman Manchurun smart lock, the knob is aluminum, the cylinder is copper
Q:Bedroom door handle bad can not open the door. The
With a tool to lock down down to find a special master on the whole handle together
Q:Why some of the door handle stickers
Hello, according to your situation, the door handle stickers are mainly to prevent the car door scratches, because often need to open and close the door, the door handle will have a lot of scratches, paste the stickers, you can avoid scratches. Hope that my answer you can be happy to wish you a happy car. [Car problem, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To
Q:The name of the front door handle that rubber button is why use
Lock car with ~ ~ keyless, so lock the door when click
Q:Supor electric pressure cooker on the handle of the handle does not move, resulting in the lid off is not up.
1 to see if there is no foreign body under the lid of the pot; 2; a lid like a piston-like things (can move up and down) is not active. 3 whether the entire lid is deformed. 4 whether the deformation of the liner.
Q:Anti-theft door inside and outside the handle can open the door
You may buy a double handle, that is, inside and outside can open the kind of. You go for a single job.
Q:Anti-theft door handle is a single live, from the outside when the key is very difficult to open. Can you change to double live? Are you safe?
You can change the double live. Double live safety. Actually safe at the level with the lock cylinder. Out of the lock is a very safe. With the key to open very strenuous, that your lock is a problem, need to repair, not to change the double live can be resolved.
Q:Is the window locked and locked?
What is the lock on the window? The window lock is easy to bad, but there are a lot of people do not know its name, it is not good to buy, here we introduce how to repair the door lock how to repair?... The Tools / raw materials screwdriver, crescent lock method / step window lock is the most commonly used crescent lock, installed in the aluminum alloy or steel window frame docking place, usually the handle is damaged, the easiest way to go to the hardware store to buy a replacement. First, you need a screwdriver to remove the damaged crescent lock from the window. If only the handle part is broken, you can not remove the lock on the other window frame. General crescent lock the size of the basic are the same, even if not buy the same can also be used. It can not be used and can not buy the right place only mobile hook. Install the new crescent lock in the original direction, tighten the screw with a screwdriver, and re-punch if the screw hole is not aligned. After the installation of the window closed, pull the handle to see if the hook with a good, if it can not lock the need to adjust the location of the hook or replace the new hook. END CAUTION Observe the direction of the old crescent lock and do not reverse the new lock

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