PVC Window Sliding Handle

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PVC Window Handle,Window Hardware
*Material:Aluminium alloy
*Application:PVC casement window & top-suspension window

PVC Window Handle,Window Hardware


Item No.Options
DescriptionInward Opening Luxury Handle
ApplicationPVC casement window & top-suspension window
MaterialAluminium alloy
ColourRAL colour system,all colours are available
Surface treatmentPowder coating
Ctn quantity80pcs


*  Easy to install

*  Prevents the burglary

*  Available in left and right hands.

*  Operational life test:50000 times at least.

*  Excellent quality and durable

*  OEM service is offered.

 *  Reliable suppier

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Q:Kitchen cabinet hanging cabinet with a dark handle or a good handle?
This depends on your design, if you want to select the handle, then the color must pay attention to, once the handle with the fancy, will affect the image of the cabinet, choose a simple and easy to clean better. I usually use the kitchen in the most open handle is the aluminum alloy goes on, simple and generous, do not plan beautiful, choose the kind of European-style retro Han, the above set with stones, as well as carved Han, as after Once the oil into the difficult to clean, it will become very ugly. I personally tend to dark handle, so even if there are small children, just walk that will, the following cabinet handle will not be easily hit the head. There is also a simple and generous on the one hand, do not consider with the good-looking and other issues.
Q:Why some of the door handle stickers
Hello this is to prevent the door when the door on the door handle inside the door wrist caused scratches! Hope to help you, I wish you a happy car! [Car problem, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To
Q:Nissan Qiao customer how to dismantle the door handle
1, and the door contact with a black screw cover, buckle down, with the inner plum to remove the screw 2, with a screwdriver open the outer handle behind the small paragraph 3, the front handle in front of a pull back, and then pull out Yes. Car door is generally composed of doors, door accessories and interior cover three parts. The door includes the interior door, the door outside the board, the door window frame, the door reinforcement beam and the door reinforcement plate. Door accessories include door hinges, door opening limiters, door locks and internal and external handles, door glass, glass lifts and seals. Interior cover, including fixed plate, core board, interior skin, internal handrails.
Q:In the dry winter conditions, when you touch the door handle, or shake hands with people, often have the feeling of being shocked. Please explain why is this?
With the tip discharge, the fingertip contact with the object, the contact area is small, according to the tip of the charge density, resulting in discharge
Q:There is a security door after the handle removed, the two springs fall, and now do not know how to go up and hope that professionals can accurately answer
Important area, it is recommended to spend money please people. Anti-theft door handle is not easy to remove and restore
Q:Is the window locked and locked?
With the broom stick can be slanting the window, the next day Jiaoren repair.
Q:Hyundai Veracruz handle handle can not be locked
There may be a door did not close [car problems, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To
Q:What is the handle inside the wok?
Auxiliary force ... ... because the pot itself is relatively heavy. Two hands will be a good point
Q:Anti-theft door handle can change direction, Zeyang change
You change the finger is the left to open the right to open, right to open left to open it? If it is, it is difficult to change, if changed, and then do a box almost
Q:Encountered a very strange thing, I would like to open the door when the door handle actually have electricity, and called other people actually feel no electricity, but I determined that there are electricity
Static, it is a quiescent charge. In the dry and windy autumn, in daily life, people often encounter this phenomenon: undress in the evening to sleep, the dark often hear the crackling sound, and accompanied by blue, meet the handshake, the finger just a touch The hair will often "floating" up, the more chaos chaos, pull the door handle, when the faucet will be "electric shock", often issued by the hair, "Snapped, snapped" sound, which is happening in the body of static electricity.

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