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1.Competetive price&good design
2.Easy to install&used install
Professional manufacturing, experienced manufacturer

1.Name:window handles/window locks/window accessories

2.Material:zinc alloy



5.Packing:1pcs/pollybag,2pcs/inner box,100pcs/carton,or upon your request

6.Delivery Term:By air/By sea/By Train

7.Port:China Maine port

8.Advantage: .a.suitable for all kinds of window

                      b.competitive price with our best service

                      c.verious of style and unique desinge

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Q:Whether the lock outside the door can be twisted
There are three kinds of: 1. The outside handle is dead, the door closed as long as the key to open the door. 2. Outside the handle and the inside of the same, you can press down but can not put up, this lock must go out with the key lock, otherwise there is no door with no door difference 3. Just like your home, outside The handle on the mention but can not under pressure, on the mention of your home when you look at the lock body is not a lot of pillars pop up, this situation is called on the lock door, do not have the key to lock the door of the situation,
Q:Plastic window handle loose how to tune ah
Please elaborate on what kind of handle you said the handle is. What does it work?
Q:Can the security door handle be changed to a single open?
What kind of security door do you have? What is your meaning for your singles? Is it a double door? Or is it only allowed to open it?
Q:Volkswagen Pineapple back door handle how disassembly
Door inside the side of the door near the door handle with a black mat covered with a small empty space with a T20 flower screwdriver screwdriver to remove the screw gently pull the door handle small end removed after the door lock outside the pull line from the door handle big end unloaded in the light pull The door handle on the evil of the door handle, pay attention to the demolition of the door should not be inside the door handle to break up the door handle can not be installed [car problem, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To
Q:How do the bike handle and pole rust?
The school taught us to use dilute acid can be, but the acid is not so easy to use.You can use sandpaper, if afraid of badly bike, you can use more coarse fabric polished several times, and then use a small cloth soaked with a dry cloth Like, will not rust later, I was so I have to keep the car
Q:Anti-theft door handle loose how to do? That is, inside the door to open the live pressure to open the door to open the door
New room to stay, please change the lock cylinder 1, most of the developers with the door and the lock cylinder are engineering doors, engineering a subcontract down, they have to control the cost is generally very cheap lock. This lock is A-level cylinder, a minute to the technical open. 2, the most primitive have a decoration key, developers, decoration workers, property, etc. are likely to prepare their own decoration keys, the decoration key may still be able to open your door. 3, experienced people can be based on the decoration key with the main key. 4, if you think the original door is not good, the economic conditions are particularly allowed, it can consider changing the door. But still have to consider changing the door after the lock. Big to buy a few thousand, a dozen people carried home, installed up, the results of the door with the lock or developers with the same type or the same level of lock. When the thief saw it, he laughed. Upstairs downstairs on a door for you, especially conspicuous. Change the super B-class lock cylinder, to ensure foolproof if it is indeed a fault, it is called lock it. Called lock the lock of a super B-class idle lock cylinder, said in advance that a little problem called him a little free way to solve that is to improve the anti-theft security performance, but also solve the practical problems. If the developer with the door lock, it is very anti-theft lock. The market penetration rate is high, universal key, tin foil unlock, and so on, others on his research to a very thorough. Decoration keys to others, and experienced according to the decoration keys with the original key.
Q:How can the handle become better, more slender, more beautiful
Apply skin care products carefully massage hands, can accelerate the growth of nails, make your fingers thinner, delicate skin. Massage method is to use one hand fingers massage the other hand, start from the back of the hand, gently draw the spiral until the fingers, activities, every finger, especially the joints, painting a spiral massage until the fingertips, and then massage the finger, massage More than 10 times; with one hand thumb massage the other hand of the palm, from the palm to the elbow to draw a spiral massage. With hot water handle soft, and then rub the amount of massage cream, two hands rubbing each other fingers joints, although very simple and effective Oh
Q:My mother today hit the door handle static, plastic things will be electricity, touch my hand also have electricity, which is why ??
I have had, perhaps because of the static bar, such as plastic comb comb hair, winter wear sweater are ah
Q:Honda xrv door handle on the black point what role
Hello, a key lock car [car problem, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To
Q:How to remove the ball door handle ah, to be completely removed
Spherical door lock method: 1, in the opposite direction of the lock inside the handle, in the handle of a small part of a small hole, with hard thin things (such as nails) inserted into the hard to withstand, and pull Handle the ball out of the pull out. 2, the card in the door that disk turned counterclockwise, you will see there are two screws, with a cross dice knife to remove, from the outside to be able to pull out the ball. 3, lock the heart from the door to get rid of the two points can be pulled out.

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