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1.Competetive price&good design
2.Easy to install&used install
Professional manufacturing, experienced manufacturer

1.Name:window handles/window locks/window accessories

2.Material:zinc alloy



5.Packing:1pcs/pollybag,2pcs/inner box,100pcs/carton,or upon your request

6.Delivery Term:By air/By sea/By Train

7.Port:China Maine port

8.Advantage: .a.suitable for all kinds of window

                      b.competitive price with our best service

                      c.verious of style and unique desinge

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Q:How to remove the spherical door handle
Remove the spherical door handle as follows: 1, the use of spherical lock accessories with a special removal of the grip of the iron, insert the grip under the hole. 2, in accordance with the previous steps, you can easily cut off easily. To continue to remove the ball lock steps are as follows: 1, in the removal of the handle on the basis of the use of a word screwdriver will grip the rear gasket pry. 2, the use of cross screwdriver or electric screwdriver will be fixed within the spherical lock screw loose. 3, from the other side of the ball lock the ball lock out. 4, the use of electric screwdriver or cross screwdriver will remove the bolt. 5, in the direction of the relative look at the lock handle, in the handle of a small part of a small hole, with hard fine things (such as nails) inserted into the hard to withstand, and pull the handle out of the ball The And then stuck in the door that disk counterclockwise out, you will see there are two screws, with the cross dice knife to remove, from the outside to be able to pull out the ball.
Q:Anti-theft door handle is a single live, from the outside when the key is very difficult to open. Can you change to double live? Are you safe?
Double live unsafe, open the door to open the upper and lower insurance to remove the oil
Q:Do you want to get your hands when you run a treadmill?
When running on a treadmill can help hand, but it is best not to help. In the use of treadmill, if not used, you can help a little bit. Gradually used, it is recommended not to help. Treadmill is a machine to replace the natural running. This can reduce the running on the site, the environment requirements, but also reduce the external weather on the run or runners influence and restrictions. Running on the treadmill as much as possible to do and run on the natural site, arms swing on both sides of the body naturally. For some elderly people, or the body is extremely weak, need to use the running to gradually restore the physical fitness of the people, can help treadmill handle. When you start using a treadmill, if you are not used to you, you can hold your hand for a short period of time, but do not develop your habit. At the beginning, you can adjust the speed of the treadmill slower. The use of speed can refer to the 2014 Spring Festival Evening Huang Bo in singing "my request is not high" when walking and running speed. I hope my answer will help you. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------- ● The above content is based on "stupid do not know" personal experience to write, only on behalf of personal views and opinions, no one shall arbitrarily modify, It is forbidden to plagiarize. Please refer to the source.
Q:Security door handle broken, good change it? specific method
You can not change the lock cylinder, buy a set of the same door handle on it, the general inside and outside the kind of handle, it is easy, remove the screw, both sides pulled out on the line, pull out you will know how to change of.
Q:Car handle on the R, L, FR, RR is how to express it! The meaning of left and right!
That is outside the rearview mirror electric adjustment
Q:I would like to know the door handle exports to Europe, the United States, the Middle East and Africa, need to do what certification? ME!
Do the chemical test, the European ROHS, REACH, the United States FCC and so on
Q:Hand on the mouth of the whistle there are several, how to blow? The The
1, mouthwash, wash your hands; 2, with both hands fingers any two fingertips (according to personal habits to choose their own convenient two) close, leaving about a centimeter distance (by people only); 3; mouth slightly open, 5, the air flow directly from the abdominal cavity to the throat, blowing from the gap between the two fingers, put the tongue into the mouth, You can speak out. The above steps are not necessarily done, because of people only, as long as the sound can be made, the success of the half
Q:Electric car speed handle handle structure
Inside is a linear Hall of the original, the magnetic field changes when the Hall will output the corresponding voltage, the Hall is 3 feet original, electric car 5v power supply, output, ground, turn the stick on a small magnet turn the handle when the magnet with the Hall Position changes, the output pin corresponding to the output 1-4v voltage, the controller according to the received handle to the motor power supply, to achieve the speed control purposes, which is the principle, the structure part see porters
Q:The working principle of the car seat handle
A two-tooth ratchet, the order of rotation were achieved stuck and put down
Q:Kitchen cabinet hanging cabinet with a dark handle or a good handle?
This depends on your design, if you want to select the handle, then the color must pay attention to, once the handle with the fancy, will affect the image of the cabinet, choose a simple and easy to clean better. I usually use the kitchen in the most open handle is the aluminum alloy goes on, simple and generous, do not plan beautiful, choose the kind of European-style retro Han, the above set with stones, as well as carved Han, as after Once the oil into the difficult to clean, it will become very ugly. I personally tend to dark handle, so even if there are small children, just walk that will, the following cabinet handle will not be easily hit the head. There is also a simple and generous on the one hand, do not consider with the good-looking and other issues.

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