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1.Competetive price&good design
2.Easy to install&used install
Professional manufacturing, experienced manufacturer

1.Name:window handles/window locks/window accessories

2.Material:zinc alloy



5.Packing:1pcs/pollybag,2pcs/inner box,100pcs/carton,or upon your request

6.Delivery Term:By air/By sea/By Train

7.Port:China Maine port

8.Advantage: .a.suitable for all kinds of window

                      b.competitive price with our best service

                      c.verious of style and unique desinge

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Q:Door lock security door what is open and outside open? Is not to see the anti-theft door outside the handle toward the left to open the key to the left. Turn right at right. Is so
Outside the opening is inside and outside can open,
Q:Motorcycle throttle handle is very tight, it is difficult to restore after the rotation?
Pull the switch to add some oil grease
Q:There is a security door after the handle removed, the two springs fall, and now do not know how to go up and hope that professionals can accurately answer
Figure no, and then have a map to be professional to build it!
Q:Electric car speed handle handle structure
Turn the electric car is the speed control components, usually located in the right side of the electric car, both riding the right hand direction, electric car turn the degree of rotation in the range between 0-30 degrees. Turn the handle is a linear speed control parts, a lot of style but the working principle is the same, divided into direct speed and indirect speed control type, indirect speed control type has been rare, the following describes the direct speed The indirect speed control type and direct speed control type can be used. The internal structure of the transfer structure is divided into two types according to the magnet: divided into one type of magnet type and split magnet type, which is made up of magnetic steel wire spring pieces of spring and plastic parts, as repair and assembly Industry personnel as long as the internal structure can know, do not get to the bottom. The following are the main lines of the turn: The lead wire of the turn is the lead of the linear Hall device, and the three are: + 5V power cord (red) negative line (black or yellow) signal line (green) line color Is based on the general type of summary, the specific circumstances of the specific analysis. Turn the handle to turn the method is divided into: A purpose type: first detect the polarity of the controller leads, +5 V line connected to the red line, the negative line then turn the black line, then the rest A line can be connected. B blind connection: first find the turn of the positive line and the signal line and the controller leads any arbitrary, until the motor rotation, then turn the negative connection, the motor stops, if the non-stop exchange of positive and signal lines that Can, turn the handle to debug.
Q:Home decoration, aluminum window handle is like this, what is this brand? Logo is a hexagon, a middle vertical
You are to be equipped with aluminum window handle it, such a handle on the market everywhere, personally think that this is not necessarily a logo
Q:Car handle on the R, L, FR, RR is how to express it! The meaning of left and right!
Auto rearview mirror with electric adjustment knob
Q:Aluminum door mounted handle
General aluminum doors are equipped with the kind of no key lock, only buckle. A rotation can be opened. The aluminum door of the shop can be fitted with the long handle of the glass door that you said. But beautiful, practical is not practical, then you weigh yourself.
Q:Hyundai Veracruz handle handle can not be locked
Hello there! You can try the next driver's seat door handle on the button to try, if not locked, there may be a smart key battery voltage, you can change a battery to try, the price of about ten yuan, the car's key module And the line is rarely a problem. If the co-pilot door handle button can normally open the door, then the main driver door handle is not good. I hope my answer will help you. [Car problems, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To
Q:Can the security door handle be changed to a single open?
See you before the double fast or double live if it is a double live can be directly for the handle if it is fast fast to change the lock body and handle
Q:Security door handle broken, good change it? specific method
1, first of all to the old door handle to be removed, and anti-theft door handle is removed from the room inside, because the fixed handle of the two screws on the inside, as long as the screw demolition of the The 2, when the demolition is very simple, open the door, with four fingers on the outside, the thumb according to the inside (you can also help press this outside), with a screwdriver to remove the screws, pay attention! When you are about to remove the time to press the point, because there is a spring, do not accidentally pop out. 3, the screw slowly after the handle to get down, and then open the handle with the opening clamp on the clasp, take out the handle, do this step must pay attention to safety, not anxious to slowly. 4, the new handle to plug up, the card ring card, this time on the basic completion of the savings is installed up to them. Put the handle of the original position installed. Enough

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