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1.Competetive price&good design
2.Easy to install&used install
Professional manufacturing, experienced manufacturer

1.Name:window handles/window locks/window accessories

2.Material:zinc alloy



5.Packing:1pcs/pollybag,2pcs/inner box,100pcs/carton,or upon your request

6.Delivery Term:By air/By sea/By Train

7.Port:China Maine port

8.Advantage: .a.suitable for all kinds of window

                      b.competitive price with our best service

                      c.verious of style and unique desinge

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Q:Encountered a very strange thing, I would like to open the door when the door handle actually have electricity, and called other people actually feel no electricity, but I determined that there are electricity
Static, it is a quiescent charge. In the dry and windy autumn, in daily life, people often encounter this phenomenon: undress in the evening to sleep, the dark often hear the crackling sound, and accompanied by blue, meet the handshake, the finger just a touch The hair will often "floating" up, the more chaos chaos, pull the door handle, when the faucet will be "electric shock", often issued by the hair, "Snapped, snapped" sound, which is happening in the body of static electricity.
Q:The working principle of the car seat handle
I do not know the specific, but it is estimated that with the automatic ballpoint pen or plug the same button switch the same principle. You can go and remove a row of plug to see.
Q:Would you like to ask the wooden door in the store to do the door handle also use their shop to buy it?
This matching comparison, if you do not like can change ah, replaced a little security! To the decoration city hardware store, a lot of locks
Q:Volkswagen Pineapple back door handle how disassembly
Door inside the side of the door near the door handle with a black mat covered with a small empty space with a T20 flower screwdriver screwdriver to remove the screw gently pull the door handle small end removed after the door lock outside the pull line from the door handle big end unloaded in the light pull The door handle on the evil of the door handle, pay attention to the demolition of the door should not be inside the door handle to break up the door handle can not be installed [car problem, ask the car master. 4S shop professional technician, 10 minutes to solve. To
Q:What is the general lock made of alloy?
Aluminum alloy, ah, of course, some locks more detailed, for example, recently very fireman Manchurun smart lock, the knob is aluminum, the cylinder is copper
Q:Aluminum door mounted handle
Yes, you use a long screw on the line.
Q:In the dry winter conditions, when you touch the door handle, or shake hands with people, often have the feeling of being shocked. Please explain why is this?
With the tip discharge, the fingertip contact with the object, the contact area is small, according to the tip of the charge density, resulting in discharge
Q:On the step Yang anti-theft door of the problem: for the door is not matching the lock did not change the lock cylinder will not affect the security of the security door?
It is not safe to pry open the handle. People say, the master will not break the door to open the core. Destroy the handle and put the door open. Consider yourself. This is a simple logic.
Q:Is the window locked and locked?
What is the lock on the window? The window lock is easy to bad, but there are a lot of people do not know its name, it is not good to buy, here we introduce how to repair the door lock how to repair?... The Tools / raw materials screwdriver, crescent lock method / step window lock is the most commonly used crescent lock, installed in the aluminum alloy or steel window frame docking place, usually the handle is damaged, the easiest way to go to the hardware store to buy a replacement. First, you need a screwdriver to remove the damaged crescent lock from the window. If only the handle part is broken, you can not remove the lock on the other window frame. General crescent lock the size of the basic are the same, even if not buy the same can also be used. It can not be used and can not buy the right place only mobile hook. Install the new crescent lock in the original direction, tighten the screw with a screwdriver, and re-punch if the screw hole is not aligned. After the installation of the window closed, pull the handle to see if the hook with a good, if it can not lock the need to adjust the location of the hook or replace the new hook. END CAUTION Observe the direction of the old crescent lock and do not reverse the new lock
Q:Anti-theft door handle loose how to do? That is, inside the door to open the live pressure to open the door to open the door
If only by the handle that loose, then, is the use of a long time caused by the expansion of the looseness. It is recommended to buy a handle on the line! The The The The The Xing Xin door industry for your satisfaction! The The The The

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