Long Range rfid / Smart Card Reader

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Long Range rfid / Smart Card Reader


2) Supports EM technology,125kHz
3) Comprehensive interface
4) Build-in antenna
5) Permanent reading and sending of ID number
6) Electronic potted, weather proof
7) Robust casing for harsh environment
8) LED and beeper indication
9) Pigtail for easy installation
10) OEM and ODM are welcome
11) Application: car parking, person / item tracking

1) Interface: Wiegand (26 / 34 / 42-bit), Magstripe, clock and data, RS232
(9600, n, 8, 1), EIA and TTL levels
2) RF frequency: 125kHz
3) Technology: EM technology, EM4100 cards supported
4) Antenna: integrated antenna
5) Power: 7.5 - 13.6V DC, 300mA typical (200mA at 7.5V)
6) Response time: 200ms
7) Dimensions: 240 x 240 x 50mm
8) Material: ABS
9) Operation temperature: -20 to 60C 
10) Reading distance: 90 - 110cm, depending on transponders
11) Cable: 10-way, 1m long


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Q:my card reader cannot read my memory card?
go to the hp/compaq website and download the drivers for the c700's card reader they're free, easy to find (labeled), and quick to download just run the application and it'll install for you your reader should work after this i also believe that the producer of the card reader is realtek, if you want to google other solutions
Q:How can I get a card reader for Bank of Scotland (Halifax)?
Bank of Scotland and RBS are different banks.
Q:Nintendo R4 DS Card Reader?
you can either use a micro sd card reader or a micro sd card adapter, which slides into a regular sd slot on a computer.
Q:Do micro sd cards come with readers ?
Yes, Evan sharp will touch for money. Or nuts, only walnuts though.
Q:can a card reader, read school ideas?
I've seen a regular card swipe reader that plugs into a USB port. You would have to open up Notepad or Word and then swipe the card, and you'll see the info on there. Only things I've swiped are Driver's License and a credit card, most of the info is easily seen but some is gibberish on the screen.
Q:How do I fix my card reader?
Through your description of your card reader may be a switch position there is a problem, if you handsome, then you can open their own maintenance, if there is no warranty, then it is not recommended to repair their own, you can find aftermarket.
Q:does any know of a card reader than can connect to a portable hard drive via usb?
No, the external drive is a USB slave device, not a USB master device. It has to attach to something that has a USB host controller, such as your computer. As pointed out above, there are stand alone devices with card readers for the purpose you describe, but they have a host controller built in so that they can read memory cards. They are also much more expensive than a standard external hard drive, although the units without a display are less expensive than the units that also have a large LCD to view your pictures.
Q:Is it necessary to buy a memory card reader for my digital camera?
You can do that, but if your camera doesn't have enough memory you may only be able to take a few pics. You can by a pretty check SD card and hold a lot of pics. I think you'll be happier that way.
Q:What about the status of the card reader?
So the type of external storage devices are more and more, the first ZIP, and later there are external hard drives and so on. But their volume is not small enough, carry it
Q:What are the classification of the card reader?
The first two card readers because the interface is slow or inconvenient to install has been basically eliminated.

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