Led Pixel mapping displays for KTV/Bar/Events

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Product Description:

Led Pixel mapping displays for KTV/Bar/Events

Product descroption

One-meter bar that sets up in minutes with minimal technical know-how.

Each bar houses 160 tri-colored SMD 5050 LEDs,

and has a pixel pitch of 25 millimeters and 120-degree viewing angle.

Pixel mapping displays are achieved in minutes using multiple

control options-industry standard Art-net abd Arkaos Kling-net.

Product specifications

Control ProtocolDMX Art-Net,Kling-Net
Art-Net Channels480
Light Source160 LEDs(tri-color) SMD 5050,50000 hours life expectancy
Pixel Pitch25mm
Viewing Angle120°
Illuminance2586 NITS(clear filter),2160 NITS(frosted filter)
IP RatingIP20
Weight7.6 lb (3.5kg)
Dimensions39.4x4.2x4.6 in (1000x107x117mm)

Pictures for the features

The lifting yoke of led pixel video bar

The slide of back panel

You could use lifting yoke to hang.

There are three covers for your reference:

The top one is milky cover,the middle one

is frosted cover and the bottom is clear cover.


You could design any programs you want by the professional sofeware.

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Excitation electronic is a manufacturer of beam lamps, with excellent performance and performance!

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