Best choice ! Led white brilliant dance floor

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Product Description:

Best choice ! Led white brilliant dance floor

Technical parameter

Input Voltage36V
Power Consumption300W


7 programs

Consumption per panel

4W(2ft*2ft) 8W(2ft*4ft)

LED Quantity

16pieces(2ft*2ft) and  32pieces(2ft*4ft)

FunctionsTwinkling Effect,Speed adjusted by remote controller

Arylic(Surface), ABS board(middle of the panel), aluminum(undersurface)

LED Color

High-quality W/R/G/B/Y.Single Color

Size per panel

2ft*2ft(604*604*30mm) and 2ft*4ft(604*1210*30mm)


7kg(2ft*2ft) 13kg(2ft*4ft)

With a pure gloss finish and twinkling lights dazzing you and your guest,

you can be sure to make a huge impression with this style of dance floor.

-Suitable for weddings,party,event,and other special show.

-No cables and tools required while setting up.

-Quick and easy to lay.

Signal receiver

Wireless remote

2x4ft panel,2x2ft panel:

Flight case for packing:

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Q:I am a light novice, ask a master of the people,
It's not difficult, but it can be programmed. Stage shows and weddings are enough. White point is cross storage.
Q:How can I make the beam light shining one by one?
Output from the Q side of the cd4017. Just fine. Peripheral components meet shock conditions. Adjust the vibration frequency, change the moving speed of the lamp.
Q:What brand of beam lamp is good?
I bought the 230W beam light of the Ya Ya, feel not bad, his family's temperature control is particularly good, I use this not to explode to soak the bad board, that is, when come, the shoulder of the lamp has squeezed one, say to change,
Q:Notebook control light beam software
Connect the signal line, electrify, adjust the address code, you can control on the console above, carefully look at the instructions of the channel table.
Q:Why did the 300 Watt beam light start at once, but it went out again?
You first power up, observe the light bulb and lighting device (electronic ballast), and then according to the following conditions for symptomatic treatment.1: the light bulb cannot arc (liner, light bulb reflector through the observation of electricity can't see any light green color) only partial weak light flashing, about 3 seconds after stop, restart after a power outage and flashing: ballast for timeout triggers automatic shutdown.
Q:What is the difference between the 230W shake beam light and the 200W shake head beam light?
Hello。 Light and lighting are different, a beam of light beam effect, while computer lighting just hit the main effects, but in a small scene mainly to see the site layout of the budget if I suggest you can use light better as what problems can consult Guangzhou special lighting and sound equipment Limited
Q:What's the effect of this beam of light below?
Hello, I think the first step is to create a new layer, filling the color you need, (filter - distortion wave, numerical generator number 1: repeat edge pixels)The second step: use the pen to draw the area you need, and properly add the eclosion value, which is the outermost layer of the light, and change the transparencyThe third step: on the outermost layer, use the pen to draw the area you need, and properly add the eclosion value. This is the second outer layer of the light, and change the transparencyFourth: and so onThe fifth step: the innermost layer can draw the path with a pen and draw the gradient in it,Note: the color of each layer is different, the transparency is different, and no reply
Q:Which brand is good for a beam lamp?
There are other manufacturers also have some production, depending on what you want.
Q:How to make the beam lamp play beautiful stage effect?
As the irradiation angle of oblique pattern, the prism effect, change the color a little bright
Q:How to fix the beam light on the aerial framework quickly and efficiently?
The truss is lowered, the lamp is hung, and the truss is lifted up, basically the same

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