LED car headlamp -12V 35W-AC HID ballasts-Big ballasts,HID bulbs-H1,H7,H11,9005,9006,880

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Product Description:

100% Shockproof

100% Waterproof

Model: AC12V/35W

Working Voltage Scope: 9-16V DC  9V-32V

Rated Voltage/Current: 12.5V/3.2A -+5A   3.5A

Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 105°C, ≤3000M Altitude

Store Temperature: -40 ~ 150, ≤3000M Altitude

Max. Start Voltage: 23kV

Switch Time : >100000 Times

Working Output: 35W±3W

Working Efficiency: ≥97%

Working Load Output Voltage: 85Vdc±10Vdc

Luminous Flux: 2500-3500LM (3X More Luminous Flux Than Halogen)

Lifespan: Above: 2500h (Up To 5 Times Longer Than Halogen)

Power Consumption: Saves You 57 Over Halogen

H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H11, H13, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, 880/881, H4L, H13L, D1S, D2S, D4S etc. Are the types of our bulbs. We just listed one model

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Q:Increase the car headlamp bulb wattage to change the brightness of the car what hurt?
Ordinary car light bulb maximum power is 100W, if the original 60W light bulb into 100W, then the feeling is bright, but the high-power bulb heat is also large, after a period of time will make the reflective surface yellow, thereby reducing the reflective efficiency, The brightness of the headlamps has been reduced. Another high-power bulb operating current is also a lot of big, easy to cause the socket connector burned, as well as the risk of fire. So do not blindly replace the high-power light bulbs.
Q:Harley Running Lights?
The system will handle the load. I got one of those HD plug-ins back in '06 when the bike was new. I intended just to get the added brake lights, but grabbed the only (and wrong one) from the shelf and got the one for turn/brake/running lights. It failed one day after the one year warranty expired. Other than my preference for red lens turn signals, it made NO difference to traffic behind me. Your mirrors and brains are still your best protection. For front lights, you just ought to get some that help YOU see better. Too much light is worse than one or none. I'm personally against that stupid '70s law that made us keep lights on at all hours. I find that drivers who see one light get confused and either gravitate towards it or climb the shoulder. Added to this confusion is the FACT that a bright light creates a fuzzy effect that blurs the outline of the bike and rider. Most current riders don't consider or understand this. Many run their high beam during the day, without realizing that it still blinds drivers. There is nothing worse than a blind car coming at you.
Q:The difference between the two - lens and double - lens
Double light lens in the variable light blank, with a lens can be achieved near light and high light, a car mounted pair of dual lens can be (such as the Audi A5), save space, variable speed fast, but there are mechanical parts, High cost, relatively short life, but in the car's life, generally not bad.
Q:What is the height of the car headlamps?
I have space
Q:How can the price of car headlamps?
A few should die a few dollars a
Q:What is the best brand of automotive light bulb brand
Philips bulb is done professionally.
Q:How do car lights and wipers switch? To be detailed oh
Your car headlamp switch is the steering wheel on the left side of the joystick, forward twist a grid is a small light, that is, to show wide lights, and then one is to open the headlights, open the headlights, press down Is the low beam, up to mention the high beam, steering wheel on the right side of the playground pole is the wiper lever, down to play the first time is slow, the second is mid-range, hit again is the largest file, if the rain Very small, you can also do not pull the rain in the case of pulling up the pull up (up when the release of the handle after the lever will automatically return to the wiper) will automatically stop the next two, the joystick also has a function Is the water to wash the glass, hand up (that is, to the disk position) hooked, then the sprinkler will work.
Q:What is the meaning of the car lights icon?
The same lights have different meaning Oh! There are headlight high beam, headlamps near light, before the fog lights, after the fog lights all.
Q:Why do car lights choose vacuum plating
To prevent oxidation, improve service life.
Q:WHAT IS A emission system in ajeep or car?
If okorder.com okorder.com okorder.com/index.asp

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