Manufacturer of HID xenon kits- HID power supply bulbs and HID ballasts,12V 35W ,Ultra bright.AC ballasts and AC big ballasts

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100% Shockproof

100% Waterproof

Model: AC12V/35W

Working Voltage Scope: 9-16V DC  9V-32V

Rated Voltage/Current: 12.5V/3.2A -+5A   3.5A

Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 105°C, ≤3000M Altitude

Store Temperature: -40 ~ 150, ≤3000M Altitude

Max. Start Voltage: 23kV

Switch Time : >100000 Times

Working Output: 35W±3W

Working Efficiency: ≥97%

Working Load Output Voltage: 85Vdc±10Vdc

Luminous Flux: 2500-3500LM (3X More Luminous Flux Than Halogen)

Lifespan: Above: 2500h (Up To 5 Times Longer Than Halogen)

Power Consumption: Saves You 57 Over Halogen

H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H11, H13, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, 880/881, H4L, H13L, D1S, D2S, D4S etc. Are the types of our bulbs. We just listed one model

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Q:I have a 97 acura intergra and i want blue lights. do i need just bulbs or a whole new light system?
Bulbs are needed. Most auto parts stores carry them. They come in different shades of blue and even white. They do cost more than regular bulbs but are great for seeing at night. I had them in my Sentra and I could see the lines in the road better especially when it rained.
Q:H1 car bulb minutes away?
Only on the H1 bulb model is concerned, is a unified standard, the global general, from the role of speaking, both can be used in the far light can also be used in the near light. In other words, H1 regardless of far and near light, or if the distance is the use of H1, then the distance of the light H1 bulb is the same
Q:Some car lights why there are two headlights? Is a near light far? As well as near light is the same light?
There is ah: headlight bulb is H4 is just a light light
Q:What is the meaning of the car lens?
You find a Passat, climb the lamp that look to know what is the lens
Q:Harley Running Lights?
The system will handle the load. I got one of those HD plug-ins back in '06 when the bike was new. I intended just to get the added brake lights, but grabbed the only (and wrong one) from the shelf and got the one for turn/brake/running lights. It failed one day after the one year warranty expired. Other than my preference for red lens turn signals, it made NO difference to traffic behind me. Your mirrors and brains are still your best protection. For front lights, you just ought to get some that help YOU see better. Too much light is worse than one or none. I'm personally against that stupid '70s law that made us keep lights on at all hours. I find that drivers who see one light get confused and either gravitate towards it or climb the shoulder. Added to this confusion is the FACT that a bright light creates a fuzzy effect that blurs the outline of the bike and rider. Most current riders don't consider or understand this. Many run their high beam during the day, without realizing that it still blinds drivers. There is nothing worse than a blind car coming at you.
Q:1997 Ford Ranger XL Battery Light on?
are you pulling the positive from the battery or from somewhere like the interior fuse block? If you pull from the fuse block you may be limiting how much current the other items can get, causing the light to come on. Does the light come on even when the stereo is off/unhooked? If so this may be an unrelated problem.
Q:Does the car headlamps hurt the baby's eyes?
Not just car headlamps, other strong light are harmful to the baby, the baby's eyes are not fully developed
Q:General car headlamps (far and near) and the ground angle
General headlamps recommended irradiation distance of 50 to 60 meters, far from 100 to 120 meters, 20 meters at the width of about 2 lanes wide, if the central overlap of the larger models can be re-adjustable width of about half a lane width , The attention is not too high because it is too high will be exposed to the other owners of the eyes caused by driving on the danger, the actual distance you have enough to step on the brake, so the car is not adjusted to the angle should be based on the manufacturers in order to facilitate production The angle of the production line and vehicle inspection required. Please adjust to pay attention to their own and the owner of the safety of the owner is more important.
Q:How do car headlights distinguish?
Day driving lights from the EU to China, early in North America. Daytime warning, can reduce the incidence of accidents, the EU has its laws and regulations, color gamut temperature and color boundaries are required, but also the total area of ​​the luminous body, like a small light or wide light. Hernia lamp has also been popular through the golden age, in this not elaborate, on the HID I can tell you a morning are endless, lighting with, how do you no longer ask what is the halogen headlamps, A tungsten wire is a power of inert gas is 28000KV high voltage electric shock through the arc light heating, the former power consumption of large color temperature low life short but low cost. LED is the advantage of light-emitting diodes, color pure high energy and energy is still low heat, LED headlamps and the whole LED no difference, but the luminous body area is used for, such as 08-year AUDI A4 B8 headlights in two Kind of low with no LED daytime running lights, high with the band, so as long as the headlamps as long as there are LED luminous tube people popular call LED headlamps, high with the B8 headlamps with LED driver module to control Daytime running lights, turn signals. Full LED headlamp cost is the highest, and a pair of Audi A8D4 full LED headlamps can buy a Jetta avant-garde, open the inside after the structure and process comparable to all the crafts, LED driver module has five groups, also with Long life cooling fan, in addition to normal functions can also automatically achieve the highway lights, follow the turn lights, all-weather lighting, etc., the most cattle is the 22 light grid for turning to a daytime running lights can also convert color , Is not the switch signal is turned off
Q:Battery Charging System' on 2008 pontiac torrent?
No warranty? Is it Charging or over charging? Volt meter while running should be 13.5 to 14.6 volts DC even when reved up. If out of range, alternator is suspect. Cars control units hate the wrong voltage, especially over charging and make systems, like the lights, go haywire. Hope this helps.

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