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Product Description:

Product Description

1-Main specifications:

2.Surface treatment:Acrylic mirror+ABS+PC
4.Product dimension:8.6*8.6*1.4cm
5.Output charging time:2-3 hours,input charging time:4-5 hours  
6.Suitable to charge Iphone,mobile phones,PDA,MP4,PSP,
 GPS and other device compatible with its output current.
2.Product Usage:
External power bank allows charging at homel in the carlon the road or anywhere you want.
the power up your devices via USB connection,simply plug in the adapter cable to connect the power bank and your devices.
3.Standard accessories:
-Adapter cable*1
-Standard connector*4*(Micro 5P/Mini 5P/Iphone/NOKIA)
-User book*1

4.Main features:

--It is safe and reliable, uses American DC-DC intelligent chip and high performance control circuit.
-High conversion,the power conversion rate above 85%, the product has the function of charged, discharge,
short circuit protection,safe and environmental protection.
-LED lamp shows power function and quantity of electricity percentage.
-Long cycling life, recharge cycles are not less than 500 times, the normal use of above 5 years/intelligent charging control.
-Full of electric equipment after charging process or unplug would automatically shut off equipment.
5.Device Compatibilities:
Suitable for iPhone, iPod, iPad, PSP,Bluetooth product, MP3, MP4, PDA,
digital camera, and other digital products
6.Operation Guides:
1.Please take away the protective film on battery before you use them.
2.Always plug in the connector to your mobile phone first. Then plug
  the other head of connector to charger carefully. And it charges your
  phone Battery automatically.
3.This Mobile Rescuer must be used together with the battery pack
   properly installed to the mobile phone.
4.Talk time: 30-50 minutes depends on brand/model.
2014 Latest 5000mAh Portable Power Bank (NSPB-J19)2014 Latest 5000mAh Portable Power Bank (NSPB-J19)2014 Latest 5000mAh Portable Power Bank (NSPB-J19)

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