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100: Discharge Diameter
K: Kingda
S: Slurry Pump
G: Gravel Pump
H: High Head

Series KSG gravel pumps are designed for transporting big particle slurries.They can continually deliver most abrasive slurries. They are suitable fordelivering slurries from mining, dredging from river and explosive sludge frommetal melting and other fields. Series KSG pumps are high head gravel ones.


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Q:What is the difference between a cutter suction dredger and a trailing suction dredger?
The work of a cutter suction dredger works through an agitator in the head of a straw and straw.
Q:Who knows what's the name of the biggest dredger in China?
Guangzhou Waterway Bureau has the largest grab ship, the maximum bucket capacity of 50, but the efficiency is not as good as the Shanghai Waterway Bureau fighting capacity of Xinhai 27 party round clam.Most of the ships I've seen before, as well as a dredge called a chain bucket dredger, are now out of date.
Q:What are the crew members on the dredge?
The tonnage of dredger is large and small, and the dredging method is also divided into many kinds, so it can not be generalized.
Q:Does dredging dredger need relevant qualification?
But if the local government regulations must be legitimate formal dredging project, estimated to need to apply for a ship's certificate, it is equivalent to a person's identity card! If you need Qingzhou Wynn mine, you can go through the whole process, the relevant costs to consult manufacturers.
Q:How much dredging can the 4000 side /h suction dredge dredge in one day? Soft silt
The "4000 party" per hour he refers to is under design conditions. If you are digging soft mud, the hourly rate is higher than 4000, and I now ship according to Holland IHC, originally designed to be 3500 parties, we call the 4500 party. In fact, if the excavation of soft silt, pipelines in 5 kilometers or so, we can produce more than one hundred thousand per day. The instantaneous yield can reach 7000 square hours per hour. I wonder what the power of your so-called 4000 party pump is
Q:The famous type of cutter suction dredger
The famous famous suction dredger is China's sky whale, (Tianjin River Navigation Bureau), sky Navigation Bureau, 5000kW and so on. At present, the world's largest is Luxemburg, Jan, De, Nul dredging group JDN8069.
Q:Classification of trailing suction dredgers for trailing suction dredger
Suction dredger is flexible, high efficiency, strong wind waves, suitable for coastal ports, the wide river and ship anchorage operation in large waves and without the cover of coastal and estuarine areas, should choose the self-propelled trailing suction dredger. Soil works suitable for loosening and less than clay hardness.
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of trailing suction dredger for trailing suction dredger
Therefore, the utility model is very suitable for the construction of canals and canals in ports or navigable ships. The disadvantage of a trailing suction dredger is that the bottom of the dredger is hard to dig
Q:Who has the construction plan of dredger dredger after dredger dredging and dredging with dredger barge?
Is it a filling scheme for dredger? How about a suction dredger on the side of Qingzhou? Customer feedback is also OK, you can come and have a lookSpecific contact, see user name, basic data
Q:3800m3 cutter suction dredger
Should be the hour efficiency of 3800 cubic meters, 3800 cubic meters of water or flow, I feel your problems are wrong, some 3800 type dredger, Holland IHC company, but refers to the total installed power. So I think it is type 3800, not 3800M3.

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