HST Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

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The electromotor leads the eccentric sleeve to rotate by the V-belt, drive shaft and drive gear. The movable cone does rotary and pendulum movement under the leading role of eccentric sleeve which makes the movable cone and fixed cone close and far away from time to time. The raw material is crushed in the crusher chamber by squeezing and striking continuously. The crushed stone discharges from the bottom.

  1. High efficiency: The hydraulic cone crusher has support on both ends of the spindle, which is able to bear greater crushing force and greater stroke, coupled with the special shape of crushing chamber adapted to laminated principle, the machine has higher crushing efficiency.
    2.Large production capacity: The hydraulic cone crusher has the perfect combination of design with crush stroke, crushing speed and crushing chamber shape, which make the machine's moving cone big end diameter in the same circumstances, the output is 35% ~ 60% higher than the old spring cone crusher.
    3.High quality stones: The hydraulic cone crusher adopts special crushing chamber and laminated crushing principle, resulting in inter-particle crushing effect, so that the finished product significantly increased the proportion of the cube, flake stone needles reduced and grain is more uniform.
    4.Just replacing the fixed cone can achieve a variety of cavity shapes for fine crushing.
    5.Double insurance controlled hydraulic and lubrication system can ensure the machine's overload protection and good bearing lubrication.
    6.Easy maintenance: The structure of cone crusher is simple and compact.It has the features of stable performance, not easy to fault and convenient maintenance.

The HST series hydraulic cone crusher is a high efficiency cone crusher designed by introducing American technology and combining the metal nature on the world market. It is widely used in metal mine, metallurgical, chemistry, construction, cement, sand and stone production industry. It applies to the primary and secondary crushing of various of mines and rocks, the Protodyakonov hardness of which is f=5-16, such as iron ore, nonferrous ore, granite, limestone, quartzite ore, sandstone, pebble and so on.

ModelCavitiesMaximum feeding size(mm)Minimum discharging size(mm)Maximum install power(kW)
HST100S1 Extra Coarse2402290
S2 Medium Coarse20019
H1 Fine13510
H2 Medium Fine658
H3 Extra Fine384
HST160S1 Extra Coarse36025160
S2 Medium Coarse30022
S3 Coarse23519
H1 Fine18513
H2 Medium Fine9010
H3 Extra Fine506
HST250S1 Extra Coarse45035250
S2 Medium Coarse40029
S3 Coarse30025
H1 Fine21516
H2 Medium Fine11013
H3 Extra Fine708
HST315S1 Extra Coarse56041315
S2 Medium Coarse50038
H1 Fine27516
H2 Medium Fine13516
H3 Extra Fine6513

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Q:Technical parameters of 135 hammer crusher
PC series of hammer crusher rotor disc hanging hammer under the driving of the motor, to drive the hammer in high speed motion, when the material into the crushing chamber, by high speed rotating hammer blow at the back plate material in high speed after impact, high flying friction between the materials and the impact crushing, meet the size requirements of materials discharged by the provisions in the sieve. The material that fails to meet the requirements after crushing is broken again as the new material is broken by the hammer. When a big material into the crushing chamber, was at a pre placement block in the crushing cavity to be broken into small pieces in the upper part of the material after falling into the lower part of the crushing chamber, to prevent damage due to other parts of the material into the sudden increase of load, is broken more safe and stable.
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Q:What is a dry hammer crusher? Who can tell me?
Drying hammer crusher is used for crushing hammer breaking drying, and drying it soft and non abrasive materials, such as gypsum, chalk, clay slurry, filter cake, such as industrial by-product gypsum and FGD gypsum are scattered, drying and calcination, the machine has high production efficiency and low energy consumption that has the effect of scattered and broken in the drying time.
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