HST Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

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The electromotor leads the eccentric sleeve to rotate by the V-belt, drive shaft and drive gear. The movable cone does rotary and pendulum movement under the leading role of eccentric sleeve which makes the movable cone and fixed cone close and far away from time to time. The raw material is crushed in the crusher chamber by squeezing and striking continuously. The crushed stone discharges from the bottom.

  1. High efficiency: The hydraulic cone crusher has support on both ends of the spindle, which is able to bear greater crushing force and greater stroke, coupled with the special shape of crushing chamber adapted to laminated principle, the machine has higher crushing efficiency.
    2.Large production capacity: The hydraulic cone crusher has the perfect combination of design with crush stroke, crushing speed and crushing chamber shape, which make the machine's moving cone big end diameter in the same circumstances, the output is 35% ~ 60% higher than the old spring cone crusher.
    3.High quality stones: The hydraulic cone crusher adopts special crushing chamber and laminated crushing principle, resulting in inter-particle crushing effect, so that the finished product significantly increased the proportion of the cube, flake stone needles reduced and grain is more uniform.
    4.Just replacing the fixed cone can achieve a variety of cavity shapes for fine crushing.
    5.Double insurance controlled hydraulic and lubrication system can ensure the machine's overload protection and good bearing lubrication.
    6.Easy maintenance: The structure of cone crusher is simple and compact.It has the features of stable performance, not easy to fault and convenient maintenance.

The HST series hydraulic cone crusher is a high efficiency cone crusher designed by introducing American technology and combining the metal nature on the world market. It is widely used in metal mine, metallurgical, chemistry, construction, cement, sand and stone production industry. It applies to the primary and secondary crushing of various of mines and rocks, the Protodyakonov hardness of which is f=5-16, such as iron ore, nonferrous ore, granite, limestone, quartzite ore, sandstone, pebble and so on.

ModelCavitiesMaximum feeding size(mm)Minimum discharging size(mm)Maximum install power(kW)
HST100S1 Extra Coarse2402290
S2 Medium Coarse20019
H1 Fine13510
H2 Medium Fine658
H3 Extra Fine384
HST160S1 Extra Coarse36025160
S2 Medium Coarse30022
S3 Coarse23519
H1 Fine18513
H2 Medium Fine9010
H3 Extra Fine506
HST250S1 Extra Coarse45035250
S2 Medium Coarse40029
S3 Coarse30025
H1 Fine21516
H2 Medium Fine11013
H3 Extra Fine708
HST315S1 Extra Coarse56041315
S2 Medium Coarse50038
H1 Fine27516
H2 Medium Fine13516
H3 Extra Fine6513

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Q:What crusher would you like to break the quartz stone?
It is recommended to use hammer crusher, Shanghai A Rui rui.
Q:How can a cone crusher achieve the optimum crushing state?
Do the daily maintenance of cone crusher: such as bearing and horizontal axis lubrication, triangle belt adjustment, thrust bearing, gear clearance inspection inspection, the body part of the bolt fastening, lubrication and adjustment of tubing protection, as long as seriously according to the requirements of the inspection, adjustment, lubrication, fastening, replacement, cleaning door, can ensure the best performance of the crusher work
Q:What's the difference between jaw crusher and impact crusher?
Crusher (back breaking) can handle a variety of side length is not more than 500mm, 350MPa compressive strength is not more than the coarse, medium and fine materials (granite, limestone, concrete, etc.) are widely used in all kinds of ore crushing, railway, highway and construction of artificial aggregate production. Counterattack crusher (counterattack broken) is our company in the absorption of domestic and foreign advanced technology, combined with the domestic sand and gravel industry specific mining conditions and development of the latest generation of counterattack crusher. The crusher is mainly used in mining, construction, chemical, electric power, metallurgy and other industries, breaking strength less than 350 MPa ore and limestone, slag, coke, coal, this machine is not suitable for surface water more than 8 - 10% of the ore or viscous material crushing.
Q:What is the difference between the jaw crusher and the jaw crusher and the counter crusher?
Jaw crusher is often used in the first grade crushing, counterattack crusher used in the two stage crushing, in the stone production line and sand production line used more, more crushing machine can refer to the Great Wall heavy industry to understand.
Q:What's the difference between a jaw crusher and a hammer crusher?
Working principleThe PE series jaw crusher three-phase asynchronous motor machine through the belt drive rotor eccentric shaft rotation speed according to the regulations, hanging on the eccentric shaft and the lower jaw head push toggle plate on the eccentric shaft eccentric support, drives the movable jaw plate along the trajectory of movement, relatively fixed plate extrusion, shear movement in order to achieve the material, crushing, crushing less than row trajectory of feed helps to lower bulk materials, long elliptic trajectory makes the higher yield and grain size is more uniform. The sudden increase of load into the crushing chamber can not be broken in foreign material, toggle through their own fault protect other parts from damage.
Q:What is the function of the toothed plate of the crusher?
It must be the crushed plate of the crushed stone. The stone is squeezed without teeth. The stone will crush it
Q:How does the impact crusher maintain? How long does it take to maintain it?
Before starting the sand machine, it is necessary to check the whirling chamber of the equipment, whether the door is closed or not, and prevent the material from rushing out of the vortex chamber to observe the danger. In the boot device, should pay attention to open order equipment sand production line, should first open the discharging device, then the sand making machine, finally open feeder, and sand making machine must start load until the sand making machine normal operation after the opening in the feeder, however the equipment shutdown sequence and the sequence is completely the opposite. In order to reduce wear sand making equipment, strict demands on the feed particles, prohibition is greater than a specified material into the sand making machine, otherwise, will cause the impeller imbalance and excessive wear, and even affect the normal operation of the sand making machine, when discharging equipment to stop operation, and should stop feeding. Otherwise, will damage the impeller and the motor burned.
Q:Crusher knife and spiral knife which is good
This crusher is suitable for a variety of industries of different types of tools, can also be used for high speed tool steel open oblique mouth etc.. The machine is mainly composed of a machine body, table, plate, motor, electric grinding head, six parts. Each part has the advantages of compact structure, reasonable layout and beautiful appearance, at the same time grinding 4 blades, grinding tool with automatic cutting, uniform smooth, to ensure that the tool of higher weight play its unique advantages.
Q:Should the crusher run or stop and refuel?
It's dangerous for the crusher to refuel during operation.All mechanical equipment can be supplied only when it is static.Refueling in operation can cause a lot of accidents. See the news in detail.
Q:Cone crusher is generally used in what place?
And standardize three standardized style fees

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