Hotel Banquet Chairs

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Feature of Stackable Banquet Chairs

Material:Steel and Fabric



Package of Stackable Modern Banquet Chairs

Inside packing: glass and leather parts are covered with foam or plastic bag, chromed and spraying parts are enwind with fabric outside packing cartons.Or as requesed.

Normally 15pcs per stack. 820pcs for 1x20'GP while 2000pcs for 1x40'GP.

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Q:What is the whole wardrobe good material?
The main body of the whole wardrobe is divided into: multilayer solid wood waterproof plywood, particleboard, MDF
Q:What should I notice when I buy a wardrobe
Should the internal quality, to observe the wardrobe from some hidden place such as: the observation sheet section from some holes, sheet section of good color and uniform color light, fiber length and dense, poor white sheet section in a mixture of black impurities, deep color, short fiber and loose; the sheet edge is smooth, smooth, dense and uniform proof workmanship of the product is fine, on the other hand, appear coarse, tilt, edge cracks, rough and so on, not only shows that the products work rough and use also easy to scratch clothing or skin;
Q:Is it possible to put two wardrobes in the bedroom?
Secondly, the bedroom should be in bed as the center, in general, can agree with the earth sits beds north of strong magnetic field, this is the most ideal location, sit West to East Ying times east Ziqi bed, sitting in bed of the south to the north again, sitting east to west is not the most ideal position. At the same time, there are exquisite wardrobe settings.
Q:Can you make a wardrobe for trees in your mountains? Do you buy wood or cut trees?
It is recommended to sell your own tree, take the money to the market, buy the finished wardrobe, or buy the right wood to find the carpenter's own style.Freshly chopped trees are not available and must have a dry period of more than two years.
Q:How about the square meters of the wardrobe?My wardrobe is 1.6 meters high, *0.6 meters deep, how many square meters does it count?
According to years of experience: width * high * base (2.6~3.2) = expansion area, this base is about, and the internal structure of the wardrobe complex is proportional to
Q:Wardrobe and wall still leave a crack, how to fill?
Apply 108 glue at the gap, and then attach a glass cloth or a leather note.4, scraping 821 putty 2-3 times, with the original wall smooth, dry with sandpaper polished flat.5, configuration metope coating, after coating configuration, brush a model first, after dry and metope color contrast, the color is close, chromatic aberration is not big, ability besmear brush
Q:Is it good to buy a wardrobe or a solid wood wardrobe?
The custom closet is mainly to replace the wood to play wardrobe, most of the material are the custom wardrobe with melamine plate, so most of them are of course type wardrobe, closet door can also be used to make molded door convex shape.The price is different according to the brand, the plate, the hardware and so on. Because they are factories, machine production, professional designers and installers and after-sales workers, in these areas than the general carpentry stronger.
Q:What about a lot of white powder in the closet?
Wardrobes are furniture, but some people classify him as home furnishingsFurniture generally include beds, wardrobes, wine cabinets, desks, chairs, etc., on the categories, furniture is smaller than household items.
Q:What is the size of 4 doors of ordinary solid wood?
The internal partition set more convenient closet size: in general, each storage space of the wardrobe is all about the size, can be divided into the clothes hanging area, hang pants area stacked area, storage area and drawers, each storage area according to different functions, there are different size requirements. Inside the wardrobe, the size of the frame depends on the user's personal habits and the size of the room. Only the actual use is the proper size of the wardrobe.
Q:Is the projected area of the wardrobe the same as the size of the hole?
Is not the same as the projection area is a grotesque wardrobe selling whole wardrobe fudge consumers using the word, it is all closet plate area.

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