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Material: Melamine Faced Particle Board

Size: 550*400*418mm

CBM: 0.04m3

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Q:What is the difference between wood board, fir board and melamine board? Which wardrobe is better?
The upper and lower two surfaces are three plates, with rectangular wood filling in the middle. Three plate and the filling layer using adhesive, this plate is not easy deformation, high strength, low cost, and other basic wood skeleton is very suitable, the disadvantage is adhesives containing formaldehyde, later to do finishing, will be used to paint, such as Boeing film cause two pollution impact on environmental protection.
Q:How about the price of the custom-made wardrobe?
Master custom wardrobe calculation price, there are three methods of measurement, respectively, according to the plate opening area calculation, according to projection area, calculated by the meter. According to the plate expansion area calculation, is the latest popular calculation method, the price is transparent.The price of the wardrobe mainly depends on the area. After the area is well calculated, it depends on the plate. The plate has a large selection of space and a large price span. Determine the number of square meters and sheet metal, followed by hardware accessories, hardware parts to choose better, increase the useful life. After all the above is good, there is still some brand value to be added to it. The well-known furniture companies are certainly more expensive than ordinary carpentry.
Q:What's the best way to buy a wardrobe hinge and a guide rail?
These two can adjust the clearance between the door panel and the vertical plate. Hinges vary from several to dozens. Huashan Meiju has huitailong stores, the specific price can be door-to-door consultation.
Q:Now titanium alloy with titanium alloy sliding door wardrobe is true? How often do you look at the price?
The price depends mainly on the thickness of the selected glass. As for what you are asking is not really titanium alloy, this I do not have that technology to test, but you know, titanium alloy is aviation materials, rockets used, very expensive, civilian significance. Generally speaking, the alloy is made of steel with a small amount of titanium.
Q:Wardrobe sliding door, children pull open what method?
Do not use grease and ordinary butter on the sliding doors and slides. The oil will soon drain away. Common butter has a harmful odor that is harmful to the human body.
Q:Family wardrobe sliding door, push and pull when there is a piercing squeak, I would like to ask you great God, how to repair?
Pay attention to lubrication, skid and pulley resistance, abnormal sound, poor movement, or even grinding the chute.Our general use sliding door and window lubrication grease, colorless and transparent, good adhesion and good durability. Tiger hotolube or Krupp can have food safety certification, suitable for home. There are one hundred and thirty grams of tubules in the sheath. When applying, apply directly to the slide rail and pulley, and switch the sliding door several times.Do not use grease and ordinary butter on the sliding doors and slides. The oil will soon drain away. Common butter has a harmful odor that is harmful to the human body.
Q:What size and height do you need for a wardrobe?
The height of the wardrobe and pants rack is the net space of the pants rack and the pipe. The wardrobe rack is designed to keep the trousers free of creases, and to save space, the wardrobe is usually placed under a drawer or trellis. In general, the drawer of the trellis in height between 160 and 200MM, so the net space required chest pants, trousers rack is the tube below, at least 600MM, then the chest pants height of at least 700MM, because the pants is a double hung up, then you will encounter a small floor. Installing wardrobes and pants racks is more practical.
Q:What kind of wardrobe material is good?
Regular manufacturers of particleboard and MDF: the same material produced particleboard more than MDFPaul, in fact, the reason is simple: forming wood, without glue, environmental protection must be nothing to say. If cut into 1 pieces, and the amount of glue used in the 5 is not the same, the less glue, the more environmentally friendly. MDF is density board, is made of wood powder molding, flatness is better, more suitable for engraving and milling, molding, usually do other doors, such as paint, molding (plastic). In addition, the MDF material is softer, the edge banding is not easy to appear "explosion" phenomenon, and more easy to process, so many small factories use medium size. Moisture resistance point of view, shaving board relative to moisture-proof board of poor moisture resistance, less green core moistureproof agent, if long-term in a humid environment, wood easily moldy corruption. MDF raw material is wood powder, the MDF will soak in water, it will expand like a cake.
Q:Black wardrobe, want to add a little color, stickers what color looks good
If you want to have a better visual effect, you can refer to the following:1, black and white (classic masterpiece);2, black and red (red);3, black and purple (potentially subtle elegance);4, black and gray (intellectual generosity) and so on.
Q:What can be used to quickly remove the smell of a new wardrobe?
Tea dispel peculiar smell. For furniture with a strong paint flavor, you can put two plates of salt water in the wardrobe, so that the paint will be removed.
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1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong, China
Year Established 2003
Annual Output Value US$1 to US$ 2.5 Million
Main Markets North America; Oceania; East Asia; Western Europe;
South America; Domestic Market
Company Certifications

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3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin
Export Percentage 51-60%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 1-3 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 3
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
Product Price Range Average