Wooden Bedroom Furniture Set KF044

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Poplar Wooden Bedroom Furniture Set

Material: Poplar Wood

Bed Size: 216.5 *196*140


Dresser table

Dresser stool

End bed stool

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Q:Does the steel pipe support cabinet contain formaldehyde?
The volatilization time of formaldehyde in furniture is very long, far longer than a week. However, any harmful gas, if it is very small, does not harm people. If the family's wardrobe quality is better, and they can not smell any peculiar smell, there should be no problem. Attention should be paid to the clothes, but also to keep indoor ventilation often, in time to disperse the accumulation of volatile gases. If not assured, you can buy a small household air purifier, can effectively remove the decoration odor, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, radon, TVOC, and other harmful substances.
Q:Why should the back of the wardrobe and cabinet be slotted / slotted?
The back panel is open and slotted:1, the installation time can be simplified.2, do not let the backboard touch the wall directly, can moistureproof.3, wardrobe cabinets are cube structure, more reasonable and convenient installation slot, side wall contact area is small, uneven wall adjustment.
Q:How high does the wardrobe fit?
2.2 meters high, the thickness of sliding door if you do the best in the 65 cm, door 60 is enough, if the above top cabinet, below 12 cm and 244 cm above the platform cabinet more practical experience, below 210 cm above the cabinet, 46 or 48 cm top cabinet, avoid the whole 244 or 246 cm high the above cabinet is too small,
Q:Is it possible to put two wardrobes in the bedroom?
First of all, the choice of bedroom wardrobe and layout, depending on the direction of the bedroom orientation. If the bedroom windows and doors north, lighting and ventilation poor, it is best to choose light colored wardrobe. Wardrobe should be placed in the dark corner of the wall, not placed in the window or bedroom door next to. This prevents the wardrobe from blocking the light and makes the bedroom darker. If the bedroom lighting, ventilation is good, the wardrobe tone is not too much stress, but it is best not to choose the surface inlay too many reflective metal and glass wardrobe.
Q:How to calculate the size of a customized wardrobe
The wardrobe door plate width: single sliding doors suggest that the width should not exceed 1200mm, high in 2400mm.Solid wood wardrobe door width: single sliding doors suggest the width should not exceed 1500mm, high in 2600mm.
Q:How to move an overcoat cabinet?
The wardrobe can take things out, and if heavy words or can not take out, with the lever principle the wardrobe Alice a corner, put the following cylindrical things, such as a piece of wood to mop, and the other end up, put on something like this, below four you can stick, then push out, behind the stick put in front of the human, this method as early as thousands of years ago when Pyramid built by the Egyptians
Q:Family wardrobe sliding door, push and pull when there is a piercing squeak, I would like to ask you great God, how to repair?
There are two common reasons for the sliding of the slide rail. 1, due to the deformation of the cabinet, the slide is not parallel, or parallel, but about the same height. 2, slide itself lubrication problem. If it's the first one, it's impossible to adjust the skid only. The second reason is simple, with a little cooking oil (similar to light lubricating oil), with a cotton swab painted on the slide in the ball, pull back and forth a few times on it. So, whether the method is simple or not depends on your problem.
Q:What is the iron pipe used for the wardrobe, please explain it to your professional friend. Thank you
Generally speaking, stainless steel generally rust, too high purity stainless steel tube to do the wardrobe, then the cost is too high
Q:Ask the cloth closet what are the good brands?
In fact, there are many wardrobe brands, such as guandaxing, space master million silver cloth wardrobe, wardrobe, wardrobe and so on Jiabu billion. So, which brand of wardrobe should I choose?. This is a few Daqian cloth cabinet brand are the characteristics of the. This is the leading guandaxing wardrobe industry leader, its quality is obvious to people and everyone, please Ruby Lin, Chen Hao, Fan Bingbing endorsement. Space masters, they are mainly doing small furniture industry, incidentally produced some wardrobe, the quality is also good. Silver billion, Meiyijia also is a new wardrobe production house, they do wardrobe newly invented wooden shelves now gradually become the new darling, currently on the market is relatively hot guandaxing.
Q:Who knows the wardrobe password box? Please let me know. Thank you very much
Drawer type password box imported motor drive, easy to open, no keys, no need to enter the password closed, gently push to close. The utility model is more convenient than the traditional safe box and the locked drawer.4, drawer type password box tailor-made, that is, buy and install.
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Location Beijing, China
Year Established 2003
Annual Output Value US$1 to US$ 2.5 Million
Main Markets North America; Oceania; East Asia; Western Europe;
South America; Domestic Market
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Nearest Port Tianjin
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Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 3
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