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Feature of Stackable Banquet Chairs

Material:Steel and Fabric



Package of Stackable Modern Banquet Chairs

Inside packing: glass and leather parts are covered with foam or plastic bag, chromed and spraying parts are enwind with fabric outside packing cartons.Or as requesed.

Normally 15pcs per stack. 820pcs for 1x20'GP while 2000pcs for 1x40'GP.

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Q:What spices can you use to make your wardrobe dirty?
Hello. You can try the following method:Cheap and good way, buy your favorite smell of soap, put it in the wardrobe, if you like the aroma, you put a few pieces;2. jewelry stores, shop selling (sachet, sachet) and even shopping malls also sell. Buy you love Fragrance Sachet, such as roses, lavender, jasmine fragrance flavor and so on, can also be based on the number of preferences or sachet of their own.I don't know if I can help you. Have a nice day.
Q:How many kinds of boards do cabinets and wardrobes have? What materials are they?
There are several kinds of board, generally speaking, there are fire boards, moisture-proof bamboo plywood, moisture-proof density board, carpentry board, as well as plug board, pine board, etc., it is recommended to do with plug boards, practical, and cut prices are not high
Q:What kind of material is not easy to mold the wardrobe?
In humid conditions. Density boards are most susceptible to mildew. Followed by wood skin (such as oak paste leather), the most difficult to moldy material is logs.
Q:Custom sliding door wardrobe, the overall width can do 55CM, can you use it?!
550mm the depth of the cabinet, no problem!If you do the door wardrobe (sliding door), because the two rail groove has about 80mm of space, the backplane is generally 5mm or 9mm,
Q:Custom wardrobe with solid wood laminates, okay?
The development of the overall wardrobe, also appeared a lot of custom wardrobe materials, from the big core board, early particleboard and fiberboard (MDF), particle board, to now a new wo Xiang board and ecological board, wood laminate materials etc.. This custom closet plate for consumers have more choices, but also brings consumers confused, just clear MDF, particleboard, and wo Xiang board, and multilayer wood immediately appear on the market.
Q:Wardrobe, clothing, deodorant, moisture, mildew, what kind of good ah?!
The moisture absorption bag: confined space best principle and moisture absorption packet box similar, but the contents to the main water absorbent resin to absorb the moisture, it becomes jelly like, not easy to fall. The scope of use is also more extensive, in addition to clothing, leather goods, stamps, cameras, pianos, computers, audio-visual equipment, etc., can find it to help dehumidification. If placed in confined spaces, the moisture absorption effect is better.
Q:How high does the wardrobe fit?
Plate is 2.44, but after treatment of 2.2 of the more reasonable, beautiful and generous, ha ha, tailor-made, more reasonable, you can come to see us Heng
Q:Carpentry boards and boards, would that be better?
Integrated board: not easy to deformation, the use of high-quality imports of large diameter logs deep processing, such as fingers interlaced splicing board, the environmental advantages of this board superior, blockboard is allowed to contain formaldehyde amount of 1/8.
Q:The advantages and disadvantages of the built-in sliding door wardrobe and the sliding door
Flat door is generally necessary to pay attention to hardware, flat door wardrobe is a pipe, hinge, link door panels and cabinets of a traditional way to open the wardrobe. Grade is mainly the door board materials, hardware quality of two aspects, that is, hinges, hinges directly affect the quality of life of the door. The advantages of the flat door is that the tightness is better, and it is much cheaper than the sliding door and wardrobe. The disadvantage is that the door height is limited, and the door is split because of the height, so the overall effect will be greatly reduced.
Q:What is the iron pipe used for the wardrobe, please explain it to your professional friend. Thank you
Don't use iron pipes, it will rust. I suggest you use stainless steel pipe

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