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BED 1.8m           2100*2200*1470  0.702
NIGHT STAND          586*432*685  0.076x2
DESSER+MIRROR  1584*552*825/1077*80*1081 0.325

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Q:How do you know the installation plans of furniture and wardrobe?
First of all, wardrobe roughly divided into: side, top, bottom, side door, door, backplane, five pieces of goods. Of course, different manufacturers have different packing numbers, mainly depending on the package number. If it's the first installation, I don't think it's very useful because I can't tell the details of the hardware and the screws. The installation sequence is: first base, middle side, back panel, top plate, side plate, and finally door panel. Usually with black plastic screws in the edge of the board position, the middle side is generally only a row of black rod behind the screw, the middle part is usually a short metal color barrier nails.
Q:What is the size of the wardrobe door?
Generally, the skirting line of the cabinet is 5mm higher than the skirting line. When the skirting height is unknown, the general design is 100mm. Some decoration company in order to achieve the integrity of the wall, often used to do a cut OTC design than the high ceiling, some baseboard, so that the entire cabinet height control in less than 2400mm. It makes a whole wardrobe to the door, and not divided into two sections, but this high door, his family generally do not work, can not guarantee the deformation, is outside the door must be customized, customized alloy frame of the door, in order to ensure the same shape, of course, the price will be more expensive.
Q:How much money the authentic Lushuihe wardrobe.?
Is it true that there are signs on the board? I've seen several signs, but the prices are different, so I still don't understand
Q:Wardrobe always mildew, how to do ah?
In winter, as temperatures rise, a damp feeling of home, sweating, floor tile, toilet closet get damp, mildew, so this time should be timely start pumping air conditioning function. Specific operations are as follows: first closed doors and windows, and then open all kinds of cabinets inside, and then open the air-conditioning dehumidifier function to the room dehumidification. Usually, you should pay attention to clothes that are not dry. Do not put them in the wardrobe. In fine weather is dry, open the wardrobe ventilation, regular cleaning closet, with a dry cloth to clean the wardrobe inside and outside, also can use a wooden furniture care wardrobe oil rub mildew proof function.
Q:Custom wardrobe is a particle board, multilayer board, finger board, as well as solid wood board, which is good?
Is the particleboard, various branches, small logs, wood, wood and other fast-growing material cutting into a certain size pieces, dried and mixed with glue, curing agent, waterproofing agent, a man-made board is pressed on a certain temperature and pressure, because of its profile similar to a honeycomb, so called for particleboard.In addition the particleboard internal moisture factor "or" moistureproof agent "and other raw materials, has become the people usually speak moistureproof particieboard, referred to as the moisture-proof board, a moisture barrier function is itself because particleboard moisture resistant, small coefficient of expansion after the moisture absorption, is widely used for cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other environment. But in reality, has become many inferior particleboard more impurities cover internal tools. Green pigment is added to the shaving board to form the green particleboard, so many manufacturers use it to mislead the green board. In fact, there is no scientific basis. Particleboard of top brands both at home and abroad is actually the base material of natural color.
Q:How do you measure the area of a wardrobe carpenter?
Wardrobe area calculation: First: expand the area, the composition of the wardrobe each board area added. Area is much, unit price is cheap.
Q:What should I notice when I buy a wardrobe
From the environmental point of view, the first departure. E1 will be enough, do not blindly pursue E0, first look at the merchant's test report, and then carefully observe the details, smell the taste, look at the edge.
Q:What is the normal size of the wardrobe door
(1) if the reasonable size of wardrobe space is not particularly nervous, I suggest that the choice of 60 cm deep, and 55 and 60 cm manufacturers charge is the same, but your clothes will not feel like a. (2) open door width of 45 - 60 cm between the best sliding doors in the 60 - 80 cm width between the best; hinge bearing capacity than the track, so to open the door, the door should not be too heavy. (3) the coat hanging height of 140 cm is sufficient; through our practice, the long gown hanging height less than 140 cm, 130 cm long down jacket, suit storage is 120 centimeters long after bagging. Previously, the design version said that the height should be between 140 - 160 cm, I think it is best to do just the right thing, with the storage space is different, hanging space is too much to waste. (4) the height of the hanging coat is between 85 and 95 centimeters; the height of my house is 90 centimeters, and the space use is more adequate. If you want to relax a little more, it will be about 95 centimeters. (5) the height of the pants is between 80 and 90 centimeters; my height is 80 centimeters; all pants are folded up and hung up. No problem. Here to say one more thing, I had always wanted a pants hanging trousers rack is arranged in the space, then listen to the advice of others only to dispel the idea, because the general also can hang trousers rack seven or eight pants, beautiful but space utilization is not sufficient, the most practical way is to use the clothes hanging rod, and the hanger hang pants. Now I have more than ten pants in my wardrobe, and there is plenty of room on both sides. It feels good. (6) deposit quilt height is relatively flexible, about 30 cm can be stored; the space is mainly the season without the quilt, usually at the top of the wardrobe.
Q:3 meters long wardrobe is not a cabinet, a cabinet to do?
No matter how big the cabinet is composed of a small cabinet, each cabinet is composed of different sizes of small cabinets, 3M cabinets are generally composed of 4-5 group of small cabinets, do not believe it, can Home Furnishing 100 ask designer will know
Q:Is it good to buy a wardrobe or a solid wood wardrobe?
Under normal circumstances, finished wardrobe is the 3 most beautiful inside, you can have a variety of wood, style choice. The problem is that it can not be customized, and the finished furniture is mass produced by fixed style, fixed size and factory. More suitable for furniture style requirements of a more unified family, you can buy a complete set of finished furniture.
Our company is a professional manufacturer that specialized in original modern leather sofa, leisure chairs, and coffee tables. Our products are well-positioned to European and American markets.. We focus on top-notch products at reasonable price as well as excellent after-sale services, whereby we gain reputation among the customers worldwide. Aiming to create a contemporary, coziness, elegance and prominence home atmosphere through our people-oriented principle.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Beijing, China
Year Established 2003
Annual Output Value US$1 to US$ 2.5 Million
Main Markets North America; Oceania; East Asia; Western Europe;
South America; Domestic Market
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Nearest Port Tianjin
Export Percentage 51-60%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 1-3 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
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Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 3
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
Product Price Range Average