Hot Sale Transparent Pvc 2 Core Speaker Cable

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5000 Meters pc
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Product Description:

Hot sale 2 core tranparent speaker cable   



General feature:


1.2-core cable type

2.BC and tinned copper wire
3.Flat speaker cable

4.Transparent PVC insulation
5.For Audio device,  speaker cable

6.Low Voltages U0/U:  300/500V 

7.Max. permissible continuous operating temperature of the conductor: 70°C

8.Transparent apperance,sheath



Flat speaker ,audio cable
No.Core number XConductor structureThe beam pitchConductor resistance at 20°CInsulation thicknessAverage Overall Dia.Conductor resistance at 70°C
Cross section(mm2)NO./mmmmMax value(Ω/km)mmmmMini Value(MΩ/km)
12*0.6050/0.1229.0 35.560.70 2.9*6.20.010
22*0.8070/0.1238.0 25.40 0.80 3.35*7.10.009
32*1.15100/0.1241.517.781.00 3.7*7.90.008
42*1.70150/0.1252.0 11.851.00 4.25*9.00.007
52*2.30200/0.1259.0 8.891.20 4.75*10.70.006
62*2.80250/0.1266.0 7.111.30 5.25*120.005
72*3.40300/0.1272.0 5.931.40 5.75*13.20.005



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