Hot Sale Transparent Pvc 2 Core Speaker Cable

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Product Description:

Hot sale 2 core tranparent speaker cable   



General feature:


1.2-core cable type

2.BC and tinned copper wire
3.Flat speaker cable

4.Transparent PVC insulation
5.For Audio device,  speaker cable

6.Low Voltages U0/U:  300/500V 

7.Max. permissible continuous operating temperature of the conductor: 70°C

8.Transparent apperance,sheath



Flat speaker ,audio cable
No.Core number XConductor structureThe beam pitchConductor resistance at 20°CInsulation thicknessAverage Overall Dia.Conductor resistance at 70°C
Cross section(mm2)NO./mmmmMax value(Ω/km)mmmmMini Value(MΩ/km)
12*0.6050/0.1229.0 35.560.70 2.9*6.20.010
22*0.8070/0.1238.0 25.40 0.80 3.35*7.10.009
32*1.15100/0.1241.517.781.00 3.7*7.90.008
42*1.70150/0.1252.0 11.851.00 4.25*9.00.007
52*2.30200/0.1259.0 8.891.20 4.75*10.70.006
62*2.80250/0.1266.0 7.111.30 5.25*120.005
72*3.40300/0.1272.0 5.931.40 5.75*13.20.005



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Can pass point on the back, such as reversing plug-in power, start reversing camera, this you certainly can not get, to study, the best place to the professional do not burn the body computer burned
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VV is a copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed cable, usually laid in the room, tunnel and pipeline, long-term allowable working temperature shall not exceed 65 degrees Celsius, cable laying ambient temperature should not be less than 0 degrees Celsius, the use of cable environment The temperature is not less than -40 degrees Celsius
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That is, in the construction process, what is the meaning of the protection of the cable, is wrapped with concrete (cross the road when used). Drawings should be accountable, such as thickness and concrete label, package length and so on. There are two main ways: . for the pre-buried cable protection pipe, you can directly wear the cable in the tube, and then make the cable head or cable terminal head; . for the pre-laying of the cable, would like to add Protection tube, for the circular closed cable protection tube to die, you can use the profile cable protection tube, two pairs, and then screw fixed, avoid damage to the cable body.
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Make a good remember to give points Oh is not out of the network line? Extension signal 12 is a pair, 34 is a pair of 56 is a pair of 78 is a pair of outside is the same

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